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Sending a child to college is expensive. There is no getting around it. Still, the children are our future, so we are obliged to teach them everything we know. In that spirit there are a few tips for saving money that any college freshman could use.

This is a big one. Supplies. Obviously, there are many items which your college student requires. Our first instinct is to go out and buy whatever they need. But, what if many of your student’s necessary supplies are right in your house? That’s right! That junk drawer you never think about? Half of your shopping is already done!

The most important thing is establishing a budget. And what is even more important is sticking to it. You know best what your family can afford. You set the rules. You won’t end up with your head under water if you decide where the water ends. Clothes, books, even the internet! Everything costs money; being sure that all the bills are being paid is an unimaginable relief.

Another great way to cut expenditures is to do meal prep. For the price of dinner at your closest restaurant, you could buy a meal for five from the grocery store. If you spend thirty minutes making a pound of tuna salad, you can save enough to pay for graduate school.

Going to college is about learning. However, there are some lessons in life that are better learned early. Frugality is one of them.

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