JHSF the High-Risk, High Profit Company

JHSF is a real estate company that operates in the high-end towns of Brazil. Fabio Auriemo who has since become the king of real estate in Brazil founded it in 1972. The founder has the intention of doing risky this in real estate that the common investor avoids; he knew that his profits lay in that path. Consequently, the firm has taken several risks that have become very profitably making JHSF the envy of many investors who shied away from the opportunities. Nevertheless, this does not mean that JHSF takes careless and uncalculated steps in its investments; no investor does that. Instead, the firm seriously considers the risks against the profits and decides to take on a venture.

JHSF mainly deals with the areas of management, development, and acquisition of rental and commercial projects. The main choice of investments within the company is international and executive airports, shopping centers, and hotels. As earlier mentioned the company develops the estates in the high income are since the management identified this as the niche. Any opportunity that arises in these areas is embraced and this attracts many clients to the company. Moreover, since not many investors could take the chances, JHSF becomes a market leader and it recipes high profits from its projects. The main locations where the company projects are include Sao Paolo, Manaus, Salvador, and other Brazilian capitals. Click here to know more about JHSF.

José Auriemo Neto

José Auriemo Neto is the chairman and CEO of the JHSF Company. He took the position from his retired father who was the founder and president of the firm since its foundation. José is described as a king of luxury as he is behind the foundation of the luxurious Fasano Hotel and Daslu Boutique.

The position of CEO was not always reserved for José, as the father did not consider him responsible enough for the post. However, this changed five years back when he suggested a business idea to the father, which has turned to make the company highly profitable. He recommended that the company should develop some projects in Marginal Pinheiros but Fábio Auriemo was not for the idea. However, José insisted and that has turned to be highly profitable to the firm.

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