The Role of Daniel Taub as an Astute Diplomat

There is an agreement among various professionals that Daniel Taub was an accomplished diplomat. For quite some time, he was able to serve as a diplomat acting for the state of Israel. For instance, he was able to serve in various capacities including representing the state of Israel as the Ambassador to the United Kingdom.

Daniel Taub served in that capacity between the years of 2011 and 2015. Currently, he is working for the Yad Hanadiv foundation as the director of strategy. It is also important that he is responsible for all the planning that happens in the foundation.

His success in the capacity as a diplomat can be attributed to his background. The diplomat has had the opportunity to attend Oxford University in London as well as the Harvard University.

In the year 1989, Daniel Taub decided to relocate to Israel. After relocating to the country, he has had the opportunity to work for the Israel Defense Forces where he worked as a combat medic.

Daniel Taub has also served in the IDF especially in the international law division. In his diplomatic career, he has been able to serve the Israeli Foreign Ministry in various capacities. Over the world, he is recognized as an expert in matters of international law.

It is also important to note that he has specialized in various areas including the laws of war and issues to do with counter terrorism. During the time he was serving as the foreign minister of the state of Israel, Daniel Taub has been able to represent his mother country in different multilateral fora.

For instance, he has played a very significant role in the peace process involving Israeli and Palestine. During the deliberations, he has been able to negotiate numerous agreements involving the two sides. Read more: In conversation with Reverend Nicky Gumbel

At one time, he volunteered to travel to North Ireland with a view to learning from the experiences of that country. During the trip, he was also accompanied by his Palestinian counterpart. It is also important to mention that he played a very significant role in negotiations between the states of Israel and Syria.

During his Tenure as the Israeli ambassador to the United Kindom, a lot of achievements were realized. For instance, there are findings which have reported that trade between the two countries increased two fold. For instance, there are more than three hundred Israeli businesses that opened shop in the United Kingdom.

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