Jennifer Walden’s incredible career

Jennifer Walden is the Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with the American Plastic Surgery Board. Jennifer is previously fellowship-trained in surgery of cosmetic. Jennifer recently relocated her well known cosmetic surgery practice to Austin, Texas from New York City so that her twin sons can grow up near their family. Jennifer is a prestigious American Society for the Aesthetic plastic surgery member and also American Plastic Surgeons Society member. Also, she is a fellow of the American Surgeons College.

Currently, Dr. Walden is serving on the Directors Board for American Society for Aesthetic and plastic surgery. Additionally, she is the vice commissioner of communications in the same organization. She holds the distinction of working as a media spokesman for both of the organizations that she serves.

Dr. Walden is a native Texan who was raised and born in Austin. Jennifer got her first degree from University of Texas from Austin after she studied Bachelor of Arts in Biology and graduated with a honors. Dr. Walden went ahead to attain her Medical Doctorate with a honors and graduating from the University of Texas as the Salutatorian as well as being the selected president of Texas Alpha Honor Medical Society. Dr. Walden on LinkedIn.

Dr. Walden currently owns the Walden Cosmetic Surgery center. She operates it in her accredited office at the Westlake Medical center. It is worth noting that her team is dedicated to maintaining the greatest standards of patient care and safety. She also performs other duties at Seton hospital, Westlake medical center, central park medical center, Hill Country Memorial Hospital in the Marble Falls and St. David’s North Austin medical center, where she recently opened a cosmetic surgery clinic.

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