Jeremy Goldstein – Highly Preferred Attorney in New York on Compensation Matters

Jeremy Goldstein is known to be one of the most prominent lawyers practicing in New York and has years of experience in the corporate sector. He is also the founder of one of the most reputed law firms in New York today, Jeremy Goldstein & Associates LLC. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein:

The law firm of Jeremy Goldstein has represented many of the top companies in the country and has successfully won the cases for its clients, which has helped the company become a preferred choice in the corporate sector. Jeremy Goldstein supervises the cases the law firm handles and provides his expert advice on the many issues that the law firm manages on a legal front for the clients.

As an expert on the compensation issues, Jeremy Goldstein recently spoke about the issue of whether the companies should provide stock options or not. Jeremy Goldstein said that giving out stock options is like gambling because it can hit the jackpot or vice versa, and it is hard to guess as well.

Jeremy Goldstein says that as the competition in just about every field is increasing, and the trend of a start-up is catching up worldwide, many of the experienced professionals are just looking for high salary rather than working for peanuts and in return get a stock option that may or may not work in the future.

Jeremy Goldstein says that it is hard at the firm as well to provide stock options because it would certainly add tax burden on the company. He stated that the computation involved with providing stock options would increase work load as well as tax burden, which is not worth it for many of the medium sized firms.

Jeremy Goldstein says that the company needs to have a good strategy if it wants to provide its employees with stock options, and the best strategy is to embrace the approach of integrating knockout option.

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