Focus on Ricardo Tosto and Law Practice in Brazil

Brazil has a high number of lawyers thanks to the numerous law schools present in the country. In 2010, the country emerged as the third country in the list of countries with the highest number of lawyers worldwide. Only India and the United States surpassed the number of lawyers that Brazil has. The law schools in Brazil are more than all the law schools found in other countries of the world combined. The estimated total number of lawyers who have been approved after sitting for the Brazilian bar examinations stands at 800,000. If all law students in Brazil were to be approved then the country would have about three million legal professionals.

A Popular Profession

In Brazil, becoming a lawyer is seen as a step in the right direction due to the popularity the profession enjoys in the country. Secondly, the legal system in Brazil is quite complex and only a few people can navigate their way through it. This has attracted a high number of persons to study law in a bid to navigate through the system as well as assist others.

Ricardo Tosto’s Legal Practice

In Brazil there are a large number of law firms present. One of the most highly specialized firms in terms of litigation is a firm linked to Ricardo Tosto referred to as Milk, Tosto and Barros. It is recognized in the industry for its involvement with high value and complex litigation, which has earned the firm a huge reputation. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is the firm’s most prominent attorney and is heralded as a leader in the market.

Ricardo Tosto is highly respected due to the efficient and organized manner in which he conducts his litigation. Ricardo Tosto’s firm is lauded for its great dedication, efficiency, agility and skilled technique when handling matters on behalf of clients. Ricardo Tosto has in the past represented a number of high profile clients including politicians in the country, which catapulted his career to the top. He has also mentored a lot of young and upcoming lawyers to become the accomplished legal professionals they are today. There are some partners in his firm that he took in as interns and guided them to where they are presently.

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