Hippos Return To The Dallas Zoo Thanks To James Dondero

The Dallas Zoo, with the major help of James Dondero, has reinstalled its beloved state-of-the-art Hippo Habitat. The zoo has not seen these large creatures in over 15 long years. Millions of individuals visit the zoo throughout the year and The Hippo Habitat is sure to be the new favorite exhibit.

James Dondero’s investment firm, Highland Capital Management, donated a large sum of one million dollars to aid in the installation of the Hippo Habitat. Mr. Dondero is the co-founder and President of the Highland Capital Management investment firm. He is a widely popular philanthropist in the Dallas and Fort Worth communities.

Dondero has devoted time and money into constructing educational institutes and many other key attractions throughout the Dallas and Forth Worth areas. Mr. Dondero is a major contributor and activist for the Highland Santa Barbara Foundation, the Kansas City Foundation, and the Dallas Foundation. These charitable organizations are in charge of distributing money, acquired from philanthropists like James Dondero, to the community’s many education, veteran, and youth development centers.

The Hippo Habitat features two adult hippos, Adhama and Boipelo. The habitat stretches across 2.1 acres and houses a 120,000-gallon waterhole. The waterhole provides a unique viewing experience for spectators as they can watch the submerged hippos in their natural wet environment.


According to the Dallas Zoo management officials, zoo spectators have increased in numbers since the introduction of the Hippo Habitat. Both local residents and travelers are enjoying the awe of these 3000-pound ‘river horses’ up close. Thanks to Mr. Dondero and other contributors, the zoo was able to construct the 14 million dollar Hippo Habitat that has sparked interest by many willing viewers.

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