Eric Pulier And The Disruptive Software Plans

Sometimes when things don’t go as planned you simply need to find the new up and coming wave of trends and grow it. That’s what Eric Pulier is currently doing after a plan to take a company platform he founded to the big stage failed. He’s now running vAtomic Systems, a company focused on finding disruptive apps that employ gaming technology into real world economics. Pulier has said he believes block-chain technology is going to spur economic growth and is excited about what new millennial app developers are bringing to the market.


Pulier has been known as one of the US’s top software developers and was named in 1998 as a top eVisionary at VAR Business. He began his background in computers at his Teaneck, NJ elementary school where he began programming. By high school he was already running a database system on the school’s computers. He majored in literature at Harvard University, though he took pride in saying he was the only literature student who was also taking advanced computer science courses at the same time. He graduated magna cum laude in 1988.


Pulier met up with many grad students in different fields when he moved to Los Angeles in 1991, and he brought them together to start People Doing Things. PDT became the foundation for Digital Evolution, an interactive media and advertising agency that served many high profile clients including Disney and Warner Brothers. It was also the company that then President Bill Clinton chose to run the Presidential Technology Exhibition. In 1998 US Interactive merged with this company and promoted Pulier to chairman.


Eric Pulier began developing service-oriented architecture programs with US Interactive throughout the early 2000s (Read This Page). His platform Desktone was bought out by VMware, a virtual machine solutions company, and his cloud enterprise software ServiceMesh was also sold to the Computer Sciences Corporation. Pulier became an executive vice president with the CSC and during that time he formed the Enterprise Leadership Council. He also joined Peter Diamandis’s XPrize Foundation where he currently serves on the Board of Innovation. His charity work has included contributions to Starbright World and the Painted Turtle camp.

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