How Sawyer Howitt’s Expertise is of Benefit to Meriwether Group

Oregon-based Meriwether Group is involved in helping entrepreneurs to accelerate their businesses. The firm offers a variety of business solutions to clients throughout the United States. Its success is largely attributed to the hands-on and judicious management team. To achieve its business objectives, Meriwether Group has brought on board experts in different aspects of business and finance. Sawyer Howitt is one of these experts.

Sawyer joined the firm in 2015 after being employed as its Business Strategy Analyst. He held this position for one year within which he had overseen the rollout of strong business strategies that helped the firm expand its client portfolio. His technical skills similarly came in handy since he was able to mastermind the development and implementation of RFID checkout solutions on behalf of the firm’s clients. This has been the hallmark of Meriwether Group’s success.

Project Management

In January 2017, Sawyer Howitt was promoted to the position of project manager at the firm. In this role, he oversees all the company’s expansion projects. He is similarly in charge of clients’ mandates. In this role, he is expected to expand the market outreach of Meriwether Group’s RFID efforts. Since retail businesses form the core of the firm’s client base, it is expected that they will implement technology solutions such as RFID. This will help the firm record higher turnovers.

Howitt is committed to improving retail technology because he believes it will change the way commercial transactions are undertaken. His career objectives are in tandem with Meriwether Group’s vision, which is to support entrepreneurs in the retail industry. Besides offering his business technology experts, Howitt is equally committed to providing his expertise in areas such as sourcing and manufacturing, brand building, and international expansion.


Besides its corporate headquarters in Oregon, the Meriwether Group has an office in the technological hub of San Francisco. This is a strategic office, which enables it to keep in touch with the latest technologies in the retail industry. The firm was established by David Howitt who also serves as its Chief Executive Officer. Sawyer has created an enviable reputation for himself due to his commitment towards ensuring that the family-owned business solves retail challenges that face modern-day businesses.


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