Why Cancer Treatment Centers of America Partnered with Allscripts and Nanthealth

Allscripts and Nanthealth are now at the top of the list for Cancer Treatment Centers of America as they launch their new system, Clinical Pathways. This custom oncology platform, put together with the input of some of the top oncologists is now helping more doctors plan with their patients for the future. Data collected from other oncologists regarding treatment and patient outcomes is helping to pave the way for the future of cancer treatment. This data rich platform gives oncologists an edge in hopes that they can give their patients better options, and those that are more likely to give them the results they desire.

Clinical Pathways integrates eviti and Allscripts Sunrise, which is a clinical support decision platform. Clinical workflows, essentially those that produce medical records, is designed to help provide information without interrupting the process for doctors and patients. The cancer care data, that inside the NantOS, or operating system is essential to eliminating the guesswork that patients often face. New data and oncology research is always cropping up, but more than that, this data is essential for making more informed decisions early on in the process, resulting in a better outcome for the patient and the doctor.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has a unique approach to treating cancer, including integrating conventional medicine, holistic medicine, and the spiritual man for a plan that will treat the whole person. The latest cancer research is a critical for every decision that CTCA makes when working with doctors and patients with a more evidence-based approach. CTCA is now using a treatment known as precision-focused treatment, and they are offering a clinical trial to patients that are interested. CTCA currently has hospitals located in five major cities across the country, and offers a hotline around the clock to answer questions.

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