Month: May 2017

Why Cancer Treatment Centers of America Partnered with Allscripts and Nanthealth

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Allscripts and Nanthealth are now at the top of the list for Cancer Treatment Centers of America as they launch their new system, Clinical Pathways. This custom oncology platform, put together with the input of some of the top oncologists is now helping more doctors plan with their patients for the future. Data collected from…

Lip product with a Difference- EOS Lip Balm

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For an extended period buying a lip balm was a daunting task for many individuals. One had to visit several cosmetic, wholesale, and retail stores to get a lip balm which most of the times did not meet their requirements. If they wanted to change the taste of what they are applying on their lip,…

Despite Being a Mathematics Genius in College, Anthony Petrello Took up Law and Succeeded in it

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Anthony Petrello joined the administrative team of Nabors Industries in 1991 as the President and COO. The same year, Petrello was picked to join the board of directors as well as the executive committee of the board. Anthony was appointed the deputy chairman in 2003. He assumed a higher role of the chief executive officer…

Rick Smith: Transforming The Corrections Industry

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Rick Smith serves as the chief executive officer of a private company known as Securus Technologies. Smith acquired this position in the year 2008, and he has worked hard to bring positive changes in the corrections department. Many people say that Rick is the best person for the job because he is focused, experienced and…

The Brave Undertakings Of End Citizens United

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End Citizens United are firm supporters of Archie Parnell’s bid to run for Congress. Archie is huge fan-favourite, having won the preliminary nomination in his native South Carolina by a massive 70%. Tiffany Muller, the chief at End Citizens United, said that his group endorsed Archie due to his enormous popularity among the voters. Muller…

Beverly Hills Auto: Used Luxury Vehicles Have Benefits

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When a high-quality vehicle that not only provides the driver and passengers with comfort but also performance, value and style is preferred, most drivers tend to go with a BMW. Buying a certified BMW, or a used BMW, will give the owner all of the same benefits that are associated with with any BMW purchase….

Jeanmarie Guenot’s Historic Career Achievements

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JeanMarie Guenot is the president of Amphivena Therapeutics Inc, located in San Francisco. The company specializes in the development of cancer treatment immune therapies. She has over 20 years experience as a business administrator, which makes her a great leader. She has served in both the public and the private sector. She deals with venture…

George Street Photo & Video Of NYC Will Make The Wedding Awesome

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Why settle for subpar wedding photographer when the best in town is already affordable. They are currently offering $500 off their wedding video and photo packages. The team works much like a Hollywood video shoot to make your wedding look out of this world. Every girl deserves to capture her special day in a way…

EOS Lip Balm Flavours: Most Exotic Across The Universe

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When it comes to flavoured lip balm, let’s be honest. You have tons of choices, but unfortunately, not every brand is the same in healthy, natural ingredients. Once you swipe on an EOS lip balm, you will taste, smell and feel the distinct difference. We all need to wear lip balm daily at every age,…

How EOS Made It To The Top

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The Evolution of Smooth was launched nearly a decade ago and has quickly become one of the best selling lip care products in the nation. Selling over a million units per week, veteran lip balms such as Chapstick and Blistex have officially been outdone. The signature spheres have been spotted in countless beauty magazines and…

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