Securus named the Winner of the 11th Edition of the Gold Stevie Award for sales and customer service

Securus is one of the leading providers of criminal justice and technological solutions to the correctional facilities. The company has been in operations for the past four years and during this time, they have managed to really expand their customer base and improve on their service delivery. As a result of their exemplary work in the field, they have been receiving numerous awards, with the latest being the Goldie Stevie Award for sales and customer service.

The awards were established to be giving recognition to businesses that show exemplary performance, especially in the areas of customer relations. This year’s awards were presented at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas on the 24th of February. There were more than 650 business executives in attendance from around the world.  This marked a 10 percent increase from the number that had been nominated in 2016.

There were 53 categories of awards at the event. These included customer service and contact center achievements. Speaking about the awards, Danny de Hoyos, the Senior Vice President in charge of operations at Securus stated that it was a true honor to receive recognition from a group that was independent from all their operations. He added that the team that he has been engaged with has learned the importance of empathy towards their customers and this was the attitude that made them achieve such excellent results when serving their customers.

When the judge was announcing the results, he stated that the role of Securus in the society could not be undermined. He stated that the improvement the company had shown, despite the tough environment was a real inspiration.


  1. Daniella

    The nominations, which had attracted more than 2,300 candidates, were organizations and companies of all sizes. He stated that the company’s willingness to learn showed that they would get even better with time. That is exactly how has preferred everything to work out well even though a whole lot of transformation is required to accomplish such.

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