MK Ultra: Celebrities Under Mind Control


Shia Labeouf

In his youth he was known for classics like Even Stevens and Transformers, but Labeouf has changed as a figure in ways many people simply find odd. He’s become much more aggressive and he has a strong tendency to speak out against various political figures. His recent rants against Donald Trump have led many to believe he may have been influenced by something sinister. MK Ultra celebrities have been around before such as the Unabomber. Shia Labeouf might just be a modern case of this old experiment coming back to haunt us.



Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus was once the poster child for wholesome entertainment and family values. However, her squeaky clean Disney image changed overnight after she became an adult. Now, people now Miley Cyrus as a rebellious, pot smoking, diva. Some would chalk this up to adolescent rebellion, but so many people believe there is so much more involved. It is believed that there are covert forces using Miley Cyrus to rally support for unsavory values represented in her recent musical entries and her new aesthetic. This might seem insane to some but the difference between the old Miley and the new Miley are far to obvious to ignore.  It’s hard to tell if there are other controlled people, or celebrity clones out there, but keep your eyes open.

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