Month: January 2017

Bob Reina Is Ready and Has Been Ready

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A lot of people gets chances in life to do something really, really powerful. It is just a matter of if they are ready to rise to the occasion and if they take full advantage of it. That has never been a problem for Bob Reina of Talk Fusion. When life gives him the chance…

Human Rights Activism and the Foundational Role of Thor Halvorssen

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Thor Halvorssen is an outstanding and dedicated advocate for human rights issues around the globe. He established the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) in 2005, a non-profit organization based in New York City with outreach programs globally. Thor Halvorssen is also the founder of Oslo Freedom Forum, an international organization formed in 1999 to unite human…

Know Your Hair Type

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Certainly, it is important to know your hair type in order to provide the right type of hair care that keeps your hair healthy and strong. According toWikipedia, generally, if you have a dry scalp, you also have dry hair. Those with an oily scalp tend to have oily hair. Of course, other factors weigh…

The Genius Wealth Manager and Investment Consultant

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The Capital Group’ Board of Director announced Timothy Armour as the newly elected chairman of Capital Group, an internationally acknowledged investment management company that harbors American Funds. Tim will work with the other top members of the Capital’s management committee, including Capital Group’s president, Phil de Toledo, and Capital Research and Management Company’s president, Rob…

Vijay Eswaran Explains How His Business Plan Has Changed Over the Years

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Vijay Eswaran is the executive chairman and founder of the renowned institution known as the QI Group. Just recently, Vijay revealed the approaches he has been using to establish the direct sales company in the past. Eswaran also explained how his methods had changed with time to suit the needs of the consumer. The QI…

EOS: From A Start-up To A Household Name

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In her Fast Company published article, Elizabeth Segran takes us through the journey of EOS, from being a start-up company and to date, being one of the world’s renowned lip balm companies. The company entered a saturated market that had already established the bigwigs, and still, didn’t give up. The leaders knew what they wanted…

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