How Medicare Advantage Plan Works

Majority of people with Medicare use health care cover from their Original Medicare package. However, some people prefer to get their benefits from Medicare Advantage Plan. The most common types of Medicare Advantage Plan include Health Maintenance Organizations, Preferred Provider Organizations and Private Fee-For-Service.

A person with Medical Advantage coverage can substitute some features of the Original Medicare. However, the Original Medicare still covers hospice care even if you have Medicare Advantage Plan. The plan can ignore costs of services that are not necessary medically. Medicare advantage may also provide additional coverage such as vision, hearing, dental and some wellness programs.

One does not lose his original Medicare plan if he joins Medicare Advantage plan like InnovaCare Health. You are still required to pay the monthly plan B premium. Each Medicare Advantage should provide both part A and B services offered by the Original Medicare.

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Medicare Advantage Plan will charge a premium on top of the Part B premium. The plan also charges a fixed amount whenever you receive a service. Those who are eligible for Medicare Advantage Plan must have Medicare plans A and B, live in an area where the plan is available and should not have end-stage renal disease. Also, those who belong to unions may be automatically enrolled in Medicare Advantage Plan. In such cases, you can choose to stay with the plan or switch to Original Medicare.

If you are not sure how Medicare Advantage works, consult with your service provider before you make a decision. One of the companies that have been on the forefront to help people access Medicare services quickly and easily is InnovaCare Health. It is one of the largest providers of managed healthcare with over 275,000 Medicare clients originating from different parts of the United States. InnovaCare mainly focuses on Medicare Advantage Plans care. It controls two types of Medicare Advantage plans providers. The first is MMM Healthcare Inc, and the second one is PMC Medicare Choice Inc.

InnovaCare is controlled by a team of brilliant individuals who got the skills and expertise to deliver their duties. At the top of the company’s leadership is Rick Shinto who is the President and Chief Executive Officer. Dr Shinto has a lot of experience in clinical and operational healthcare which spans more than 20 years. Another individual who helps the company operate and grow is Penelope Kokkinides. She is the Chief Administrative Officer of the company. She also has more than 20 years of experience in health care programs. Other important figures in the company include Daniel Straus, Stephen Baker, Jonathan Kolatch, Stuart Altman and David Nathan.

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