Month: July 2016

Enjoying Medicate Advantage Plan Benefits

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Many people with Medicare get their insurance from Original Medicare; nonetheless, some choose from a Medicare Advantage Plan. It works with the federal state where the customer benefits are paid on a personal basis on Bloomberg. Even when you enroll in this plan, you will still have your Medicare, which means you still pay your…

Securus: It’s all in the Statements

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The power of the written word is a magical thing when in the right hands. It can change lives, make an impact, and really do something for the greater good. After all, we should all strive to do something good in our lives, each and every day. The better that we do, the better off…

New York Retains Its Market Allure

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2016 is looking to be a year when all bets on world stability are off. Europe is facing serious instability right now in the wake of the shocking “Brexit” vote, which has left the leadership in Britain shaky at best. The migration crisis in Europe is also ongoing, which is doing little to calm the…

How Effective are Coworking Spaces?

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  In this day and age, people are looking for unique experiences. Even in business, people are getting to see the value of diversity in environments. Among the new types of business environments is co-working spaces. A study on employees which have lasted for years have discovered that workers thrive in co-working spaces more so…

Ways To Manage Online Reputation

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Due to the information highway we all know as the internet, it has never been easier for consumers to openly share their thoughts and experiences about a product or service. Those in business who are not taking note of this might find themselves heading down a troubled road. There are a number of unique ways…

Stephen Murray: Helping Those Who Need it Most

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In today’s world, helping others is more important than ever. With economic uncertainty and other factors hindering the ability of families to make ends meet, it seems as if tough times will never end. However, with people such as Stephen Murray CCMP Capital stepping in to lend a helping hand when it was needed most,…

The Legacy of Stephen Murray, Former CEO of CCMP Capital, lives on

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After a 26-year long career in the private equity firm, Stephen Murray CCMP Working was able to create an unprecedented influence in the CCMP’s culture. In working for CCMP Capital since its inception in 1989, Stephen Murray had become a decisive force in the dealings of the firm. A tribute read by Greg Brenneman, Murray’s…

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