FreedomPop Expansion Funding

FreedomPop has gotten even more funding for its expansion. There are many new international markets that it is looking at for the goal. As of right now, a new global hotspot was launched by FreedomPop. This network is called SIM, which takes all of the networks i the world and puts them together for a connection that customers can enjoy. The U.S. and U.K. are the first to enjoy this new type of connection. As of right now, FreedomPop is looking to expand coverage to 40 countries from the 25 it has started with. Among the countries that it is planning to reach before the end of the year is Latin America and Asia.

As of right now, the global hotspot can be gained at just under $50. The projected rise of price is going to be close to $100. For the global SIM, the customer just has to pay $10. The SIM will be updated by FreedomPop as it adds countries to its coverage. FreedomPop has proven to be a very innovative carrier for customers because it allows them to stay connected for free. Customers also have the option of paying for more service so that they could use their devices more. Fortunately, one does not have to pay money in order ot use the service. They can also pay for more minutes and texting by taking part in certain activities.

Anyone that is interested in this service cab take part in it by buying some refurbished and used devices from the Sprint carrier. As of right now, FreedomPop is going to get a new phone that is designed for use with the carrier. FreedomPop is proving to be a very valuable part of the Sprint Network. They have run plenty of promotions and incentives for people to sign up with their services.

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