Sanjay Shah Talks About Philanthropy and Business

The founder of Solo Capital Sanjay Shah recently had an interview to discuss his latest activities. These activities included his participation in philanthropy. Sanjay has a charitable organization called Autism Rocks which helps provide funding for autism research. After finding out that his son has the condition, he decided to help find ways to eliminate this condition. Therefore he started up his foundation to help his community by helping people suffering from this condition cope as well as look for a cure. In order to raise awareness and funding, Shah holds a concert which will be held in April of 2016. The event will be very family friendly and therefore give people an overall pleasant experience while contributing to a meaningful cause.

Shah is active in philanthropy but has also experienced a high level of success in business. After building his financial services firm Solo Capital, Sanjay provided some advice to prospective business owners. One of the things he advised to future business owners is to never take the amount of capital you need for granted. Many businesses fail due to not having sufficient capital and therefore Shah advises business owners to make sure they have sufficient funding to put themselves in the best position to succeed. He also advises business owners to have other people help them do certain tasks. With help, business owners will have the ability to more easily overcome difficulties and make their company a very successful one.

Sanjay Shah is a entrepreneur and philanthropist. He founded his financial services firm Solo Capital and built it into one of the most successful firms around. While he founded a highly successful financial services firm, he started his career as an accountant. However he was laid off from his last job and had difficulty getting another one. Therefore he decided to start up his firm and he prospered from that point. Sanjay originally wanted to become a physician but soon realized that it was not the right career for him so he decided to get into finance. When not running his business, he actively participates in charitable causes pertaining to Autism.


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