iFunding Boss Named as Member of Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders

William Skelley has been appointed as the member of the entirely ‘Next Generation of real Estate leaders’. His naming followed the extensive experience in crowdfunded project in real estate that paves the way for identifying investment opportunities by applying the structure of disruptive innovation. He was requested to feature in a dinner organized by Michael Stoler, CEO of Madison Reality Capital and the host of a program dedicated to real estate owners that have been on the air for 15 seasons.

One of the most impressive business platforms is the iFunding, originally covered by CNBC, an investment firm that allows accredited investors to make investments in prime real estate using on an online podium. Alongside his company blog, William Skelley is in charge of business development at iFunding and under his management the company made more than 250 investments producing prominent returns for many endowments, pension funds, and foundations.

His management professional enabled him to oversee his customer’s close deals more than $2B of the company’s Capital structure. This was because of skills in crowd funding that earned him reward back in the year 2012. Most of the deals are real-estate related specializing in fundraising for a family home, to a business, and residential property.

William is based in New York and also resides in Boston where he worked as a consultant for Skelley associates in a period of four years and at the same time acted as an executive intern to Mitt Romney where he introduced the value added investment approach that oversaw the development of a great business. He speaks English and Spanish fluently. Apart from working as interim to Mitt, He headed Rose Park Advisors, Olympus, and General Electric as chief Consultant Advisor.

Customers enjoy investing at iFunding, this is because of the startup amount that is leveraged at $5,000. Thus makes it easier for individuals to invest in homes at a family level. The company makes it possible by extending these opportunities to individuals institutionally through crowdfunding. It also creates in advantage for operates and developers raise funds and as well build long term relations through taking care of administered projects.

It is most preferred by investors when in comparison with the old ways of investing that used to permit heavy investors to access capital. This concept of crowdfunded projects made possible for one to have minimum investment amounts. One of the most interested methodologies of crowdfunding is that it oversees and monitors each deal in its entire lifespan to deliver the expected financial returns.  Be sure to check out iFunding on Facebook, Skelley himself runs the account, where they post updates as they happen for the company and investors.

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