Thor Halvorssen Shows Support For Sanders In The White House

Bernie Sanders is a man who wants to be the next President of the United States. However, he has a few socialist views that people like Thor Halvorssen doesn’t agree with. Halvorssen recently gave his views on a socialist government and Sanders during an interview on Fox News.


Halvorssen believes that socialism is a violation of basic human rights. There are socialistic governments that do have a separation of power, but they still give the human rights that people deserve. There are other countries that mask behind socialism, taking away the freedoms of the people by increasing prices and making demands of following various views of the government.


One of the major objections is the looting of personal property. Venezuela sets prices, which leads to massive shortages. This leads to a crisis among the people who are in the country. Thor Halvorssen did state that he made a large contribution to the Bernie Sanders campaign because he wants Sanders to be the democratic front runner instead of the other person who is in the running. The republican candidate has done some of the same things that the democratic front runner has done as well in the way of taking money from diplomatic countries. Redistribution of wealth is not the way to end poverty. The way to end poverty is to create more wealth. Halvorssen ( believes a socialist, like Sanders, in the White House would be a better choice than someone who takes money from diplomatic countries who want to take over the country.


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