Fabletics Becoming Even More Fabulous

According to Elite Daily writer Emily Arata, Kate Hudson’s fabulous athletic line, Fabletics, is launching affordable swimwear in a range of sizes. The new line is not only beautiful, but it is made from recycled fabrics, making it an environmentally friendly option.

In the article, it is also mentioned that JustFab, the online clothing retailer, will be producing dresses to compliment the new Fabletics swimwear line. In the press release for the new line of swimwear, Kate Hudson states that summer is her favorite season and because of that she was extremely passionate about the new dresses and swimwear designs.

Fabletics was started in 2013 by actress Kate Hudson in an effort to bring the fun and beauty into workout clothing. The company quickly became competition for other athletic brands such as Nike and Lululemon by offering styles and prints that were new to the market, and pairing them with unbelievably affordable pricing.

The great thing about Fabletics is that it’s a mostly online service in which a new user can sign up and get their first outfit for only $25. Talk about fitness motivation! After the initial sign up, Fabletics works like a subscription, so the gorgeous outfits continue coming monthly (unless the user chooses to skip a month, which is totally okay) all for under $50 for a full workout outfit which generally includes a top and bottom.

What could be better than getting new clothes sent to your door each month? With this new Fabletics swimwear line, the constantly dreaded swimsuit shopping will be a thing of the past!

An article on Bustle says that the new Fabletics swimwear line was designed with comfort and style in mind, with most of the pieces being inspired by tropical, nautical, and tribal influences. The designs are bright and bold, and will definitely turn heads on the beach or by the pool this summer. To ensure this line reaches the masses, the styles will be sold in sizes XXS to XXL, catering to a wide audience of all shapes and sizes. Fabletics swimwear will be the best way to look and feel sexy this summer.

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