Month: April 2016

Lime Crime Keeps Fans Interested in a Wave of Lipstick Shades

Posted by in Balance and Life

The Lime Crime brand is awesome, and a lot of people are seeing the way that this brand has transcended into a powerhouse company. This brand is getting a lot of recognition, and there is a lot of talk about these different shades. Lime Crime keeps it very interesting because there is so much buzz…

iFunding Boss Named as Member of Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders

Posted by in Business Career

William Skelley has been appointed as the member of the entirely ‘Next Generation of real Estate leaders’. His naming followed the extensive experience in crowdfunded project in real estate that paves the way for identifying investment opportunities by applying the structure of disruptive innovation. He was requested to feature in a dinner organized by Michael…

Thor Halvorssen Shows Support For Sanders In The White House

Posted by in Activism, Human Rights Leaders

Bernie Sanders is a man who wants to be the next President of the United States. However, he has a few socialist views that people like Thor Halvorssen doesn’t agree with. Halvorssen recently gave his views on a socialist government and Sanders during an interview on Fox News.   Halvorssen believes that socialism is a…

Fabletics Becoming Even More Fabulous

Posted by in Fabletics, Fashion News, Leaders

According to Elite Daily writer Emily Arata, Kate Hudson’s fabulous athletic line, Fabletics, is launching affordable swimwear in a range of sizes. The new line is not only beautiful, but it is made from recycled fabrics, making it an environmentally friendly option. In the article, it is also mentioned that JustFab, the online clothing retailer,…

Beneful Is Leading The Way In Healthy Dog Food Innovations

Posted by in Delicious Pet Meals

One of the biggest decisions that pet owners make is deciding the type of food that their pets will consume. This is because the type of food dictates everything else in an animals life, especially dogs. It will determine how much energy they will have, how they will look, and what their overall health will…

Claims About Soros Proven Wrong

Posted by in Politics

Politifact recently debunked a new ad from the pro-Cruz camp that includes ridiculous claims that George Soros is linked to Kasich by allegedly bankrolling Kasich’s presidential campaign with donations to his super PAC. Soros is a famous billionaire investor and philanthropist who is widely recognized as a supporter of liberal and progressive social and political…

How WEN by Chaz Helps Fine Hair

Posted by in Honest Review

Emily from set out to see how the WEN cleansing conditioner worked with fine hair after seeing the many commercials on QVC of thick, shiny, beautiful hair from use. After a very busy day, she decided to start her experiment. The brand recommends a minimum of 10 pumps of product for any length of…

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