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Solo Capital started in September 2011 and was founded by Sanjay Shah. It is a proprietary trading and consulting firm that also specializes in professional sports consulting. It operates primarily out of London, but has offices in Dubai as well. There are approximately 39 offices surrounding the areas, but the headquarters are in London. The company was founded after Shah decided to quit his job in accounting. The commute that he endured everyday along with the long hours he was finding himself putting in at the office was enough for him to decide to start his own brokerage firm. After five years of running the business successfully, he has an estimated net worth of $280 million. He has other businesses that he has started as well, but Solo Capital was the investment business that really took off. He has founded and started over 3 dozen business throughout his career. Many of the businesses he has started directly affect the other business and benefit them as well. It’s a smart career move for Sanjay Shah as he’s figured out how to interlink them together to benefit one another.

He wanted to become a doctor, but soon decided it wasn’t for him. That is when his accounting career started. He graduated from college and began working at an accounting firm, and that is where the foundation for his knowledge truly developed. After founding Solo Capital and all of the other companies he has successfully ran, he decided that it was time to retire, or at least semi-retire.

In 2014 Shah launched his very first charity business called Autism Rocks. His son was diagnosed with autism in 2011 when he was only two years old. However, they were able to catch it early and get him the necessary help that was needed. Shah wanted to be able to help him the best that he possibly could, and realized there is no cure for the condition. That’s when he came up with the idea to launch a charity that will help raise donations and aid in the research and development of the condition. It’s a neurological condition that affects many people in many ways. Some people don’t have the necessary means to get the help they need, and Autism Rocks donations will help with that very purpose. Shah has been able to donate some funds to universities to assist in their research programs and has also recently hired on two new people to help with the financial part as well as the music part. He is looking forward to the future outcome of Autism Rocks, and hopes to continue with the success.

  1. Carey Johnson

    Shah hasn’t generally been engaged with the speculation and monetary industry. Truth be told, he began considering drug at King’s College in Central London subsequent to relocating from Kenya. It is very outstanding that they assignment right now because I’d be writing more about his relocation to Kenya very soon.

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