Sam Tabar Supports Investments in Africa

Africa is home to millions of people. Many Africans face serious challenges each day including lack of access to nutritious food, safe water and good medical care. Attorney and investment professional understands this problem and wants to do his best to help. This is one of many reasons why Tabar has been involved in efforts to provide Africans with much needed resources including proper medical care. Tabar has rushed to use his training in the fields of law and money management to assist some of the world’s neediest people.

The Africa Wellness Initiative

Tabar has long been involved in many kinds of charitable activities. His latest effort has been to help raise funds for an important project called The Africa Wellness Initiative. As many people know, many areas of the continent have been very hard hit by the AIDS virus. The sad result of this problem has been that many young Africans in particular have been taken ill. The Wellness Initiative aims to help provide residents with medications and other treatment against AIDS that can help them live longer, fuller lives. The initiative provides services for some of the region’s hardest hit places, places where help has been slow to arrive at best.

Raising Funds

As a lawyer and a fund manager, Sam Tabar knows the importance of fund raising. He knows that money directed to the right place can help accomplish amazing things. This is why he has started a Go Fund Me site to aid this cause. From the Twitter it’s clear Tabar is well aware how to use funding to achieve important goals. He hopes that he can use the funds he raises to provide assistance for as many people as possible via the African Wellness Initiative. His goal is to help raise a few thousand dollars, money that he knows can be utterly life saving for many of the continent’s most vulnerable residents.

A Well Trained Lawyer

Sam Tabar is one of the nation’s most respected legal and financial experts. He graduated from one of the most prestigious universities in the United Kingdom. After earning his undergraduate degree, Tabar entered the United States to complete his education. He earned a law degree from Columbia University in New York City. Since his graduation from law school, he has worked hard in many areas of the law including corporate law. Sam has also devoted his time to many charitable causes all across the globe.

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