Month: March 2016

Yeonmi Park Rises to Occasion, Releases New Book.

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North Korea has become something of a caricature in the world of modern global politics. The country is uniquely recognized across the planet as one of the most oppressive, critical, and dangerous regimes that there is. The people of North Korea are bludgeoned into acceptance and forced to live the lie their dictator forces upon…

Fabletics plan to make a Major Development Move

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After designing a subscription-based model that has been quite promising, the Instagram page of‘ Kate Hudson plans to work even harder in the future. The system has improved business substantially for the activewear company over the past few months. According to the Forbes, this company has projections of starting up to 100 new stores to…

Solo Capital Sanjay Shah

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Solo Capital started in September 2011 and was founded by Sanjay Shah. It is a proprietary trading and consulting firm that also specializes in professional sports consulting. It operates primarily out of London, but has offices in Dubai as well. There are approximately 39 offices surrounding the areas, but the headquarters are in London. The…

Sam Tabar Supports Investments in Africa

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Africa is home to millions of people. Many Africans face serious challenges each day including lack of access to nutritious food, safe water and good medical care. Attorney and investment professional understands this problem and wants to do his best to help. This is one of many reasons why Tabar has been involved in efforts…

Premium Dog Foods are Changing the Market

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  We all know of the powerful and very lucrative pet food business. American’s love their dogs and are increasingly aware of what they are feeding their animals and how it affects their moods, body composition, and lifespan. The internet is full of useful information about the health of animals and this influx of knowledge…

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