FreedomPop Offering International Services at a Discount

For anyone who has done any kind of international traveling before, they know just how difficult it is to communicate with friends and family back home. It is expensive and the service isn’t always great. Upon returning home, they find their mobile phone bill is out of this world and possibly even more expensive than the flight. However, that is set to change. With the help of FreedomPop, the company is looking at offering inexpensive phone services to customers around the world.

With the new global hotspot service, for $49.99 customers can receive mobile phone access in 25 different countries. These locations are mostly in Europe and North America, although the company is looking at expanding the service to 40 countries by the end of the year (the price will increase to $99.99 in order to pay for the increase in service for those who have not yet signed up).

With the service, customers receive an international SIM card that works in all of these different locations. They also receive up to 200 MB worth of data every single month. For those individuals who are looking to use more than the 200 MB worth of data, they are able to purchase more for $10 per 500 MB. With this, individuals are able to text, make phone calls and also access the Internet. It doesn’t just have to be through a phone either. Individuals are able to use their tablets as well. This way, it is possible for everyone to locate the very best service wherever they are going.

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