Doe Deere And Lime Crime On Mythical Fashion/Beauty Rules

At the beginning and end of every season, fashion and beauty magazines are full of the hits and raves of the season. Fashion and beauty “rules” always get mentioned because beauty experts believe that there are some commandments set in stone that should always be followed. However, the owner of Lime Crime – Doe Deere – believes otherwise.

Doe Deere is known for her amazing range of bright and heavily pigmented makeup that focuses on one thing alone – breaking the rules of the game. She has defied expectations of what makeup “should” look like, instead catering to those who love their makeup to be fun. She is also a huge supporter of wearing makeup that makes one happy. As such, in the following points, Doe Deere reveals some makeup rules that she loves to break –

Bold Up The Eye And Amp Up The Lip – Doe Deere has proven time and time again that with color coordination, people can wear bold eye and bold lip together and pull it off pretty well.

Colorful Clashes Are Trendy – Instead of avoiding too many colors, Doe Deere advises people to look for colors that coordinate effortlessly. For her, there is nothing called ‘too many colors’.

Let Patterns Mingle – Patterns can work well on top of each other when the color scheme is the same, says Doe Deere. She also loves monochrome pattern on pattern looks.
Socks And Heels Walk Feet In Feet – The trend of wearing socks with heels has now also been adopted by Prada for the recent line, and this trend is definitely comfortable and cute.

Bright Hair And Bright Clothes Are Fun – Doe Deere implores people not to dim the effects of bright hair with neutral clothes and instead, embrace their colorful appearance.

Age and Occasion Appropriate Dressing Is Passe – Finally, Doe Deere adds that she scoffs at the idea of age appropriate dressing and same goes for keeping clothes for a “special occasion”. She wants people to wear what they want.

To sum up, Doe Deere loves makeup for what it is – a way to make people feel good about themselves. She wants people to just follow this one rule when they think about fashion and beauty – does it spread joy? The rest is opinion like most of the fashion and beauty rules. People can choose to follow them but they don’t “have” to follow these rules if the opposite makes them happy.

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