Month: February 2016

Yeonmi Park’s hunger led her to escape North Korea

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Yeonmi Park said she didn’t know what freedom was, must less understand the concept. Still even at age 13 she felt she had to escape the oppressive North Koren regime. She left in the dead of night in 2007 with her mother as they crossed a frozen over river and made their way into China….

Total Makeover: Dog Food Edition

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If you asked your pet what they wanted for dinner and they were able to answer you would likely hear, “I’ll have what you’re having!” They absolutely love people food and people treats and it is no wonder why. Traditional dog food dinner is a mix of corn-meal and meat-parts lumped together into a brown,…

FreedomPop Offering International Services at a Discount

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For anyone who has done any kind of international traveling before, they know just how difficult it is to communicate with friends and family back home. It is expensive and the service isn’t always great. Upon returning home, they find their mobile phone bill is out of this world and possibly even more expensive than…

Pet Foods With Delicious Gravy For Your Best Friend

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Pet food is one of those grocery items we never expect to be in the refrigerator. The new concept of “fresh” ingredients is taking off. People are ready to give their pets the best. Facebook recently put out an article about pet food changes. In the article, the manufacturing chief, ate dog food. He was…

Doe Deere And Lime Crime On Mythical Fashion/Beauty Rules

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At the beginning and end of every season, fashion and beauty magazines are full of the hits and raves of the season. Fashion and beauty “rules” always get mentioned because beauty experts believe that there are some commandments set in stone that should always be followed. However, the owner of Lime Crime – Doe Deere…

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