Month: January 2016

Steelers Launch New Fashion Line for Fans

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Not only did the Pittsburgh Steelers approach the 2015 season with hopes of contending for an AFC title, they presented their fans with an innovative new line of fashion on the newly created website . With Susan McGalla at the helm as the new Director of Strategic Planning and Growth, Steeler fans are sure to…

Parents Must Be Educated On Teen Dating Apps

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Parents must educated themselves about the dating apps their teens are using, but not apps are created equal. Parents may believe that certain apps are not safe for their children, but there are other apps that are moderated perfectly by their owners. Skout is moderated as a wholesome environment where teens may meet romantic partners,…

George Soros Can’t be Wrong

Posted by in Business Practices

It is one thing to be right and an entirely different thing for people to say you are right. When needed most, George Soros predictions on have always come out true and its not therefore a heresy that he foresees a situation in 2016 that looks similar or worse to the happenings in 2008…

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