Month: December 2015

The DeVos Family Is Giving Millions to the Kennedy Center

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There are many opportunities to give donations to charity and fundraisers. Among one of the fundraisers that have reached and surpassed its goals is the expansion project fundraiser for the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. The people who ran the campaign has set a goal and it has blown past the goal…

What You May Want to Know About Ricardo Guimarães And BMG

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  There are many challenges that happen in the business world that have changed the way people handle challenges. Business is an area that is current and requires someone with a mind that can quickly learn about changes that often happen. These changes shape many things including the way people do business and should not…

Yeonmi Park Continues To Tell Her Harrowing Escape From North Korea

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Yeonmi Park had no choice at 13 years old to be brave and push through hardships many couldn’t even fathom. Yeonmi Park was born in North Korea a country that makes it extremely hard for any citizen to leave without reprisal. However, at 13 years old on March 31, 2007 she and her mother crossed…

Lacrosse Star Urbana Now a CrowdRise Fundraiser Extraordinaire

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In today’s technological era where social media networking is the rage-of-the-age, Crowdrise is acclaimed as one of the most innovative and easiest fundraising vehicles in the world. Currently ranked #1, it is possible to create a website in a less than a minute. Since Crowdrise is a not-for-profit entity, 100 percent of funds raised actually go…

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