Month: November 2015

Kyle Bass: Beyond Hedge Funds

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In 2008, Kyle Bass successfully predicted the sub-prime lending crisis that eventually led to an economic downturn which has proven historic. This prediction put him on the financial world stage and got him his own Wikipedia page, and the Argentine hedge-fund manager has since become an authority of sorts on financial matters. There are many…

One Life To Live Soap Opera

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One Life To Live is a soap opera that ran on ABC for over 40 years. It began airing on television in 1968 and ended its run on TV in 2012 after 43 years on television. In those 4 decades viewers have followed the lives and relationships of the Lord family as well as the…

Yeonmi Park’s Amazing Tale Detailed in New Book

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Yeonmi Park has become famous for her frightful story of how she escaped North Korea as a child. Now, she offers a more intimate look with all the harrowing details in her new book “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom”. Park was born into the oppressive Kim Dictatorship of North…

The 990 Company: Helping Buyers-Sellers and Real Estate Agents Unite

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Everybody knows that the real estate market can be fickle. When it comes to buying a home, buyers want to look at numerous homes at once. After all, they want to ensure they are getting the right home at the right price. When dealing with the sellers, they want to list their homes at the…

The Rising Cost of New York Real Estate

Posted by in New York Properties

The NYC real estate market has definitely bounced back since the crash of 2008. Houses and stocks within commercial real estate have hit a steady incline over the past few years, but New York real estate has climbed higher than it has in years. New York has always been known for its higher living cost,…

Feeding Your Dog – Things to remember

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Your dog deserves to receive only the best food and the best health. You need to be very careful with what you feed your dog in order for them or stay active and get the chance to have a longer life. Your dog is ultimately going to experience some kind of changes in their body…

Brad Reifler Helps Level Playing Field For Middle Investors

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When one thinks of the world of high finance, it is common to assume that high yield investing is a privilege reserved for those whose wealth places them in the top one percent. Innovative entrepreneur Brad Reifler, through his company Forefront Income Trust, helps those in the middle investor range category enjoy the same opportunities…

How Different Leadership Can Lead to Differences in Makeup

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Any given woman will probably have given quite a bit of thought to her makeup. This is as true for what she has on at any given time as it is for what types she has at home. But there’s one very important aspect to the process which people tend to forget about. There’s an…

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