FreedomPop Reveals a Fantastic New Deal

A new deal is being offered by the fast growing mobile phone service FreedomPop. This provider of free service is launching a special deal with Motorola phones. Per Android Authority, anyone who buys a Moto E (2nd gen) for a mere $49.99 is to receive 100% free service.

What is FreedomPop? Why is it getting so much attention?

Again, FreedomPop likes to give its service away for free. The basic monthly service comes with a set amount of free talk, text, and GBs. Right now, the company is slowly growing a huge presence in the United States and the United Kingdom. In the U.S.A., FreedomPop has amassed about one million customers in a mere three-year period. In the U.K., the company has connected with 250,000 customers. The numbers in the United States are sure to increase thanks to the fantastic deal being presented with a solid Motorola phone.

The phone is a previously-owned model, but FreedomPop is vouching for its quality. A 30-day money back guarantee should make customers who buy the phone and acquire cancel-at-any-time service feel at ease.

With the purchase of the phone, customers receive 30 days of free, unlimited talk and text messaging and 1GB of wireless internet service. After the 30 days, customers can pay for unlimited service or go with the free plan that provides 200 minutes of free talk, 500 free text messages, and 500MBs of free data.

By the way, the phone really is a nice model packed with features including 8GB storage, a 4.3 inch display, and more.

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