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Small But Fierce, Yeon-mi Park is a Mighty Force for Change

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In November 2014, the UN released a report detailing a host of unspeakable crimes against humanity committed by the North Korean government. The crimes detailed included such atrocities as infanticide, forced labor, torture, rape and execution – most of which were committed in North Korea’s political prison camp system. The report recommended that North Korea…

The Prominent Hedge Fund Manager, Kenneth Griffin

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Kenneth Griffin is a Chicago-based hedge fund manager who is famously known as the founder and CEO of Citadel LLC, a worldwide investment firm. Citadel is among the world’s biggest alternative investment management firms with approximately $25 billion in investment capital as at March 2015. Citadel’s group of hedge funds is one of the most…

Managing Real Estate Transactions With Your Corporate Attorney

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Managing real estate transactions is an expensive business, and commercial businesses must hire commercial attorneys to helps with these deals. Purchasing land, developing land and building massive structures requires funding, time and commitment from several sources. A company that helps you fund a commercial real estate project must sign an iron-clad contract for the deal….

Chicago Hedge Fund Management Champions, Citadel Investment Group

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Citadel Investment Group is one of the most successful financial institutions in the world map. The Company operates two businesses: the Citadel, which is one of the Globe’s largest asset managers with over twenty-six billion dollars in assets under its management; and the Citadel Securities, which is one of the best market markers around the…

The Best Businesswoman Review

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A businesswoman basically stands for a lady or woman who has been employed in business or a woman who has an executive position in business, or even a woman who owns a business. Businesswomen are usually rare in most parts of the world, but there are a few women who have opted to move out…

Investment Banking 101

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In the financial world, investment banking is something that you will often heard said. However, many people across the country could not tell you exactly what an investment bank is, what they do, or how they operate in the financial world. This is something that is important to understand in order to understand or have…

Organo Gold Expanding to Turkey

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Organo Gold is moving into Turkey which will be the 39th country that CEO and founder Bernardo Chau has managed to conquer. The global gourmet coffee company is truly taking over the world market reaching success is almost every area it spreads too. Bernardo Chua announced the expansion by stating that the company views the…

Beneful and Your New Puppy

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When buying a puppy from an unfamiliar breeder, it is important to get your new puppy a health check immediately. Online reviews can be manipulated, so choosing a reputable breeder by those means can be tricky. Larger chains also have issues for many reasons, so the veterinarian is the best choice to assess and even…

Lime Crime Gives Women The Chance To Be Unique

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Too many women are afraid of being bold in the look that they put on with their cosmetics from day to day, and they are losing out everyday when they keep using a neutral palette. They do not realize all that they could do with cosmetics that are bold, glittery, and unique. Lime Crime offers…

Technology Facilitating Telecommuting

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Technology is improving fast, and people are online everywhere, easily communicating with their friends and work colleagues around the world. Without Internet-based technology, in particular, telecommuting would be impossible, but requires other things as well. According to Stan King, chief executive of Information Technology, working productively from a remote location such as home involves more…

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