Connecting Success with Business: The Missing Key

The road to success is sometimes long and daunting. Individuals seeking to obtain a level of success have taken 20 years or more to attain their goals. But one thing that is rarely talked about is the spiritual connection between success and business.

It’s not a surprise that it’s not talked about more. When the concept of being spiritually attuned aligned with business success is brought up, it’s met with apathy and apprehension. After all, isn’t business predicated on working really hard, completing goals, meeting them and beating everyone else?That does seem to be the prevalent attitude regarding business. But perhaps, more businessmen don’t attain the success they desire because they lack the spiritual awareness to attain that success. Perhaps there is more to business than just executing a plan, raising capital or finding the right people to do the job.

In fact, when you truly consider the connection between business and spirituality, it is not hard to ascertain that every day functions of business can be affected and heightened by an acknowledgement and/or emphasis on spirituality. In many cases, some of the largest and most successful businessmen and organizations in the world were founded on an understanding and utilizing the principles of higher powers.

Nowhere is this truer than in the United States. The very country was founded on the concept of religious freedom, and some of the largest universities and business institutions in the country at the beginning of the country’s founding were based on spiritual principles.

Joseph Bismark, a successful business owner and entrepreneur understands firsthand how the connection between spirituality and business can positively affect how a corporation is run and thrives. When he was nine years old, he left behind a comfortable existence in the Philippines to commune with monks in one of the countries remote mountain areas. He stayed with the monks for years, and returned to the city at the age of 17. When he came back, he understood that the key to success in life and business was based in spirituality, and not the constant quest for material and financial gain.

The lessons that he learned on life and spiritual fulfillment found its way into his business career. He took what he learned from the monks and applied it to his business practices, with great success.

Bismark is now the Managing Director for the QI Group of companies, as well as one of the founders of the RHYTHM Foundation, QI’s corporate social responsibility division. Bismark understands the connection between spirituality and business. It has enhanced his knowledge, allowing him to grow a company that makes others aware of the connection and helping them with a more filling personal and professional life.

There are many advantages to understanding and utilizing the connection linking business and personal harmony. Through the work of individuals like Bismark, the door has been opened for infinite possibilities, not only in personal achievement, but the attainment of radical business success.

Joseph Bismark was born in 1922. He took two years in high school where he took two professions, semiskilled welder and flame cutter. This was a good start because he had a brief knowledge of business. He later joined military service in April 27 1943. He was not assigned to any branch because he was selected for private service.
He was enlisted to be among the military people who were supposed to work in case of war or any emergency that may occur in the country. He was therefore made one of presidential escorts. He served as a presidential escort for six months. He later decided to quit military service and all he wanted was to become a businessman.
Joseph Bismark is co-founder of QI Group alongside Vijay Eswaran. He was the main core in the foundation of QI Group. He inspired the growth of the company from the talent, versatile and dynamic leadership qualities. He is a good example when it comes to advocating a healthy living. Most of the times, he is so concerned with service to humankind which makes him devote most of his time to take active responsibility in social works.Joseph Bismark believes that everyone has the capability of doing extra ordinary work. Due to his social nature, Mr. Bismark trains yoga, martial arts and he is a Vedic philosopher who believes that good education should be the pride of every individual. Joseph Bismark is a role model to many students because he is a very humble and a spiritual tycoon. At the tender age of ten, he was already exploring his spiritual self and he lived in Philippine mountains till he turned seventeen years.

Joseph Bismark is a well known man in the multi level marketing industry. His marketing skills are known all over and he is a great motivator because he encourages young people to pursue their dreams. In 2008, Bismark had a great vision for his company. He wanted QI Group to elevate its image and become one of the best marketing agencies in the region. By doing this, he incorporated the knowledge he had learnt in Philippine.
Joseph Bismark is a founder of a charity arm which is one of QI Group. The charity arm is called RYTHM and it is used to help the less privileged people in the society. This is a good indication that Mr. Bismark is a spiritual man because he is also concerned about the less fortunate people in the community.
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    He has also helped a lot of young people who wish to be entrepreneurs in achieving their dreams. Mr. Bismark has also helped many people realize their worth and he believes that happiness is attained. I do believe that could make these things come to the fore and I know for sure that all these things must come to pass to ensure that everything works really well.

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