An Acquisition For The Improvement of Spine Treatment Services

North American Spine, the parent company of AccuraScope procedure was recently acquired by Nobilis Health. Now they are proud to offer even more spine treatment services than before. North American Spine has an even larger team of board-certified surgeons now on staff as a result of the acquisition.

Although there is no one procedure for all neck and spine injuries, with the growth of family CuraSpine and AccuraScope, patients receive minimally invasive decompression procedures to relieve pressure on spinal nerves. SecuraSpine provides stabilization through minimally invasive small incisions for patients whose spine has stability issues. AccuraScope has performed more than 8,000 procedures with a success rate of 82%, saving patients an average of $23,190 in out-of-pocket expenses over a five-year period in medication and doctor’s visits. This added to the success of the surgery brings to patients a more active and healthy lifestyle.

Reviews of the North American Spine surgery say that it generally lasts approximately 45 minutes, is minimally invasive spine surgery and is an exclusive procedure provided by AccuraScope. Most patients are able to return home for recovery the same day of surgery.

Nobilis Health has locations throughout the United States sharing the same commitment to patients health with improving mobility with minimally invasive procedures. Nobilis adds a holistic continuum of care, assisting patients to gain mobility from chronic back pain, spinal stenosis, sciatica and other diagnoses that interrupt activities.

A new study recently published examined lower back pain and the risk factors for chronic widespread pain.

With minimally invasive surgery to relieve the pressure of bulging discs, improve the stability of the spine, relieve patients of pain and improve chronic pain patient’s lives improved dramatically in very short periods of time. The AccuraScope procedure treats bulging discs, herniated discs, spinal stenosis, sciatica, annular tears, arthritis, scar tissue and other conditions.

With the added technology and strength that Nobilis brings to the already highly technical team of surgeons, patients can only look forward to less invasive, advanced procedures, better techniques which is only good news for back and neck pain suffers.

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    Patients will see a more pain-free life and increased ability for normal activities. This minimally invasive surgery has helped patients with cerebral palsy experiencing constant ongoing pain from their illness. It has to be what has already penned down.

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