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Virtual reality is among the famous subjects of the 20th-century fiction. The world today has dramatically changed and what we are experiencing today is a world that could only be imagined some years ago. The vision is starting, and there are greater thing to come. Virtual reality can be integrated in various aspects of our lives to make life better and easier. Virtual reality can be used in several industries. Alex Hern has been focusing on virtual reality since he started his career. He is interested in the advancement of technology because he believes this is the best way companies can offer their best services to customers. Alex has started several technology companies, and they have been successful. He has used them to generate money.

Tsunami VR is his latest venture, and the company has been successful since it was launched. The company is paving the way for companies to offer quality services to their customers. The success of Alex Hern with his companies did not happen without putting the necessary effort. He did not create Tsunami without the necessary effort. He has an excellent track record and the social proof for everyone who wants to know his great achievements. He is experienced in tech because he has been in the industry and has worked hard to start many companies. Alex is good when it comes to starting and selling companies. That is how he has made profits since he ventured into a technology career.

The tech firm has been attracting investors around the globe because they now realize the importance of virtual reality in their businesses. That means the entrepreneur is expected to achieve great things with the company. He starts companies from scratch and builds them to make them successful.When it comes to creating companies, Alex Hern is serious and is always concentrating, but this does not mean the talented entrepreneur does not have fun at times. Virtual reality is essential for communication and is expected to change the interaction between customers and businesses. It is a technology with potential, and that is noted by Alex.


Stuart Weisbrod and Jacob Gottlieb are back on the same floor after working in separate firms for the past two decades. The two have a good reputation for helping investors create wealth through the management of capital. They are considered titans and the market is going to feel the effect of these two working together. They have previously worked together at Merlin BioMed Group. They are now working from the same floor, and collaboration is likely to happen.

Merlin BioMed Group was created in 1998 by Stuart Weisbrod. He brought Gottlieb into the company so that he could help him manage the form. Gottlieb was made a portfolio manager, and he did an excellent job, he brought many worthy investors in the company due to the success he was getting. During the technology boom of the past decade, he helped the company to achieve a 100 percent return in one year. Although he later left to create his own company, he did a commendable job in this company, and now that he is back with Weisbrod, we are going to see more of him.

Weisbrod is a titan in the healthcare investments. He holds a degree in chemistry from Colgate University and another in finance from Columbia University. With this combination, he is able to deal with matters that need the application of both industries. It is also for this reason that he is in the industry to stay and has been committed to it ever since. On the other hand, Jacob Gottlieb is highly qualified; he was influenced by his parents who were professionals in economics and medicine. He decided to combine the two fields. He studied medicine at New York University and economics at Brown University.

It is clear that these two are qualified to be in this industry. Now adding the experience they have earned in the period they have been in the industry, it becomes even better for investors who would like to trust them with their finances. Gottlieb and Weisbrod are experts in healthcare investments and thy look for opportunities across the whole industry. Right now they are focusing on new technologies which are coming into the industry as a source of investment opportunities.

Dallas is an area that is known to possess all kind of professionals. Plastic surgeons are also numerous in the area, but one name stands out in this category. Sam Jejurikar is one of the most experienced plastic surgeons in Dallas, and his accomplishments in this field do not show signs of ending anytime soon. This is due to his continued efforts to bring improvements in plastic surgery. This has been primarily through the invention of safer ways of changing the body outlook without putting the health of the client at stake.

Recently, Dr. Jejurikar said in an interview that his passion to succeed has always been the primary driving force during his extensive career as a plastic surgeon. He says that although the country has numerous professionals in this field, very few practices it as passionately as he does. He derives pride from being able to influence the appearance of clients to the best of his abilities. He says that this opportunity of taking care of the most private needs of his clients is something that he cannot take for granted. Instead, he sees it as a privilege that he’s ever ready to grab with both hands and fulfill the client needs.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar works from his Dallas station where he serves clients in Texas as well as other parts of the country. His expertise is undoubtedly exceptional, and he is also a member of the highly rated Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. Before establishing his medical center, Dr. Sameer worked in other hospitals in Dallas. Some of these institutions include Baylor Medical Center and Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas.

Although he was not born here, Dr. Sameer considers Dallas as his home having stayed in this area for more than nine years. He says that he is proud to be among the numerous immigrants who have come to Dallas in search of investment opportunities. The cosmetic surgeon is optimistic that the future of plastic surgery is brighter than ever.

Many people lost faith in the real estate market when it crashed back in 2008. When the United States went through the recession, millions of people lost everything that they had for their retirement. Jim Toner doesn’t believe that it is any reason to give up hope for the future.

In the next 5 years, Jim Toner believes the United States will experience a great period of economic growth. With it may come enormous financial opportunities, one of these being real estate. With prices being low right now, investing soon could provide a fantastic return once the market starts to go up says Jim Toner.

According to, a lot of people blamed their losses on the real estate market itself. But the fact is, most of it can be attributed to bad decisions that were made by investors and homeowner. According to Jim Toner, people need to take some responsibility for the decisions that they made prior to the housing crisis. If investors obtain the proper knowledge and invest in the right property, the real estate market can still provide many great investments opportunities.

In order to become rich, it’s important to stop acting like you’re poor. This doesn’t mean going out and buying expensive things, it means placing value on one of the most important things that you have: time. It’s important to realize that you cannot get the time that you spent on something back, so don’t waste it. As an entrepreneur, Jim Toner knows that time is valuable and nobody can afford to just throw it away.

It’s important to not let failure bring you down. Instead, Jim Toner (@thejimtoner) thinks that you should use it as a learning experience so you don’t end up in the same situation again. Almost every successful person has failed at least once during their life and it wasn’t enough to stop them from trying again. Jim Toner himself has experienced failure, especially during the early stages of his real estate career. He did not let this stop him and refused to give up. Instead, he saw it as a learning experience to come back from.

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Since the early 90s, Ryan Seacrest has created a notable career in media. The voice, face, and work of Ryan Seacrest is found all throughout the entertainment industry as a popular television/radio personality and TV producer. After more than 30 years of working in the media, Seacrest has carried his talent and expertise across the entertainment industry. He has proven success in Hollywood as an entrepreneur; having produced some of America’s most popular TV shows through his media company Ryan Seacrest Productions. “Ryan Seacrest” an easily recognizable symbol in American pop culture.

The Atlanta native took an early interest in journalism and attended college at the University of Georgia to complete his degree in journalism in 1992. Since the start his career in 1993 at ESPN, Ryan has used his skills in various media-based arenas; maintaining consistent work as a sports commentator, game show host, and reality TV show host. Ryan Seacrest became a household name in 2002, as the upbeat the co-host of the highly-rated singing competition series, American Idol. Seacrest continued to co-host American Idol until the show’s cancellation in 2016, only to resume his co-host position when the show returned in 2018.

The brief ending of American Idol did not prove to be an unfortunate circumstance for Seacrest, as he has continued his Los Angeles based morning radio show On Air Wit Ryan Seacrest. Ryan Seacrest has been the voice of choice for popular networks, providing commentary for Red Carpet Events and other special events. In May 2017, after cycling through various other co-host, Seacrest became the perfect counterpart to Kelly Ripa in the long-time, morning talk show, now titled, Live with Kelly and Ryan.

With all of the fame & influence that Seacrest has built in Hollywood, the Polish-American star has paid it forward through the The Ryan Seacrest Foundation. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation has funded media studios in children’s hospitals across America & Canada. Improving the lives of families, sharing his passion for people and entertainment and possibly inspiring the next Ryan Seacrest!

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Madison Street Capital happens to be a global investment banking institution that specializes in merger and purchases proficiency, economic ideas and assessment services to private and public businesses and financial consultative services. The firm is dedicated to honesty and uprightness in their leadership considering that it is in a crucial field of finances that requires transparency. With such values, the firm earns their clients’ trust and confidence which helps in guiding them in the right direction in the international market. Due to the Madison Street Capital reputation, it has found it essential to expand to Austin to get closer to interested clients. Notably, Austin is a hub of all kind of businesses and Madison Street Capital is bound to thrive in the new location as those in these other industries will seek their services. The fact that the firm offers commercial financial consultation to both public and private businesses in the common market means that it will benefit a lot of people in Austin and vice versa. The Chief Executive Officer of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway lives in Austin, and he appreciates that the firm will become established closer to home. The kind of impact the firm is expected to bring in that location is massive especially with the type of technology that has been utilized considering that it is the next significant achievement in the global market. With the idea to expand to Austin, it is evident that Madison Street Capital is doing well in their current market and seeks to explore other locations.

With all the achievements in their business, Madison Street Capital finds it fit to give back to the community through charity. In that case, the firm offers support to foundations such as United Ways of the Midwest and South Disaster fund which provide aid mainly when disasters become experienced. These organizations provide food and shelter as well as schools and health facilities thanks to the financial support they get from Madison Street Capital and other similar institutions. As part of charity as well, the firm offers business expertise to the affected individuals to help them have long-term solutions and secure their financial future. With the firm’s expansion to Austin, the people there are as well likely to benefit from the charity when need be as Madison Street Capital is keen on giving back to the community they serve.


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Today, Ted Bauman works as the executive editor of several publications for Banyan Hill Publishing – an international network of financial experts. As the editor of The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert, and Plan B Club, Ted Bauman has amassed a significant audience due to his ability to convey mundane topics such as asset protection and finance, in an accessible manner using real-life examples. He is a native of Washington DC and was raised on the eastern shore of Maryland before leaving for South Africa as a young man. He attended the University of Cape Town, garnering postgraduate degrees in History, as well as Economics, after which, he began working in South Africa’s public sector, helping to secure affordable housing for a variety of low-income populations. Ted Bauman was also a key player in the development of Slum Dwellers International – an initiative that has gone on to help millions of people in countries throughout the world. After returning to the United States, he took several positions, including with Habitat for Humanity, before deciding to join Banyan Hill Publishing at the behest of his father, Robert Bauman. In switching careers, he found that he would be able to continue his passion regarding the study of finance, while also helping average people to live sovereign lives. He recently collaborated with his father, who is also an ex-United States Congressman, on a book called, “Where to Stash Your Cash (Legally).” Today, he is a resident of Atlanta, GA, where he works from his home office, and lives with his wife and daughter.

Ted Bauman generally begins his day around 6 am, taking his daughter to school, before returning home to begin working in his office. He begins by checking the news, searching for topics that might be of interest to his audience, while also taking note of upcoming trends that could possibly shake up the markets. This period of the day is of primary importance to Mr. Bauman, as he’s discovered over the years, that it is his most productive time of the day. In his estimation, time management is essential to his continued success, and because of this, he generally avoids unnecessary distractions at all costs. Despite spending the vast majority of his career working in South Africa, upon beginning his career as a financial write, he was able to generate income rather quickly; he credits this to his time abroad learning the intricacies of finance.

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OSI group opened its doors to the public over a century ago as an immigrant-run family business in downtown Chicago. Having started as a butcher shop, the meat processing and distribution business has evolved over the years into one of the largest meat companies in the world. It has survived a series of challenges threatening its sustainability by embracing innovative business operations that saw it cripple competition and make to the list of top ten meat industry players in the world. Innovativeness within the company was primarily centered on such areas as:

Business operations

In its seventh decade of operation, OSI group experienced one of its biggest losses after it missed to clinch a meat supply deal with McDonald. The inability to meet the fast-rising hotelier’s demands was occasioned by the use of outdated technologies at their processing plants that pushed up the cost of production. The management would respond to this by investing in cutting-edge factory processing technologies that not only helped streamline operations but also lowered the production costs.


The Aura based meat company would also face numerous challenges such as cash straps and stiff competition when it sought to implement its expansionary goals. OSI group started off its global meat industry dominance campaign by adopting several rudimental approaches. Key among these included deciding on a potential international market and mobilizing resources on how to set up new plants and instituting marketing campaigns.

The strategy would, however, prove quite expensive and time consuming forcing the company to get back to the drawing board severally. With time, OSI management under Sheldon Lavin abolished this process and resulted to the acquisition of functional brands within these territories.


Change in OSI group leadership as well as a constant adaptation of revolutionary leadership strategies also played a crucial role in helping the meat processor emerge top in the global industry. For instance, the change of leadership and assumption of the group CEO and chairman’s position by Sheldon Lavin proved revolutionary to the company. The finance and investment titan not only helped the meat company restructure its financial strategy as well as explore new international markets.

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Ryan Seacrest is now in his early 40s. He is the former host of American Idol, a show where talented singers used to battle it out for the public’s votes. Now, he has gone on to other pursuits in show business and beyond. As the host of “’Live’ With Kelly Rippa,” he sometimes has the privilege of traveling all over the world and going to great events. Millions of people all over America hear his voice on a syndicated radio station that broadcasts all over the country. He is also the founder of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation.

According to, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation is a charitable endeavor that helps to raise the morale of children in hospitals who are seriously ill. The organization helps to install places in children’s hospitals where children can be exposed to media such as radio and television. By creating this endeavor, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation has created an opportunity for students of journalism to oversee the media centers. As a result, three parties’ benefit—college students, children with illness and Ryan Seacrest.

At 43 years old, Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) looks pretty good. In fact, he looks better than many people in their 20s! This is because he puts a lot thought into what he eats. This is evident in the fact that he eats mostly plant-based foods. He is also a work-out enthusiast. Whenever his job takes him far away from home, he hires a personal trainer to come along with him. If everyone in America put as much thought into their bodies as Ryan Seacrest, Americans would probably be known for good health and looking hot—as opposed to the current reputation of Americans being fat and having health problems. Ryan Seacrest has been so gung ho about working out that, throughout the years, he spent breaks in workout rooms. Much of his daily schedule revolves around this interest. The latest update on Ryan’s radio show is here.


Milan Kordestani is one very busy man. He has several business ventures going for him and has found success in all of them. Milan Kordestani is the CEO and the founder of the Milan Farms. He is also a writer for the Huffington Post. In addition to all this Milan is a well-known equestrian and is still very involved in the competitions. He is doing all of this while attending college.

Milan Kordestani has enjoyed success as an equestrian. He ranked 3rdi n the World Championship and also showed well in the Under Park Division. He ranked 2nd in the Worlds Championship in 2015. He began to ride horses at the age of 10 and was thrown off the horse his first time. He did have the courage to get back on and dedicated himself to the challenge of riding horses. He was drawn to the horses and even began with riding lesion. Within a couple of years, he showed significant progress and quickly was considered a champion. He won the first leg of the triple crown race in 2015 with his horse CH His Supreme Reflection. The horse ended up placing 3rd during the last race of the triple crown.

When he is not riding horses, Milan Kordestani is working hard at Milan Farms. He started the firm when he was a sophomore in high school. This farm focuses on using organic and responsible practice. On the farm, poultry is raised as well as fresh eggs and saffron. The farm is the first place to grow saffron with hydroponic methods using microfiber sponges. Milan wants his customers to know his farming practices and feels that organic measures are the better for the poultry as well as the customers. He is committed to raising the poultry in a human manner and wants to offer the best possible products to the customers.

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