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Bruce Levenson, the UCG founder and former owner of the NBA basketball team, the Atlanta Hawks, is leading the AHBE LLC. lawsuit against the New Hampshire Insurance Company. The AHBE or Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC. is suing the New Hampshire Insurance Company in Fulton County Supreme Court for breaching its contract that it had with the AHBE and for bad insurance faith. According to ESPN, this pending lawsuit does not involve the current owner of the Atlanta Hawks, which is Tony Ressler. His ownership group has declined to comment on the incident, since it does not involve him or his ownership in any way.

The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC., claim that the New Hampshire Insurance Company have failed to pay compensation to the ownership group when then manager Danny Ferry’s employment contract was terminated. Ferry was involved in an incident where he was accused of racism. The incident was a false accusation and Danny’s ferry charges of racism towards players were cleared and dismissed.

At the time that this incident was happening with Danny Ferry, the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC. was in negotiations with another group to sell and transfer ownership of the team. Due to the fact that Danny Ferry was accused of racist behavior and actions,, the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC, had to buy out his contract in order for the deal to go through. Ferry had a multiyear contract worth tens of millions of dollars.

The attorney representing the AHBE LLC. and Bruce Levenson argue that Danny’s Ferry’s termination of employment was covered under the wrongful termination and workplace torts with the insurance policy the ownership company had with the New Hampshire Insurance Company. Despite being made aware of a claim being filed by the AHBE LLC., the New Hampshire Insurance Company never confirmed receipt of the claim and has not responded. The lawsuit is seeking a confidential amount from the New Hampshire Insurance Company for the termination of Danny Ferry as well as a 50% penalty for the losses and attorney’s fees.



Shia Labeouf

In his youth he was known for classics like Even Stevens and Transformers, but Labeouf has changed as a figure in ways many people simply find odd. He’s become much more aggressive and he has a strong tendency to speak out against various political figures. His recent rants against Donald Trump have led many to believe he may have been influenced by something sinister. MK Ultra celebrities have been around before such as the Unabomber. Shia Labeouf might just be a modern case of this old experiment coming back to haunt us.



Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus was once the poster child for wholesome entertainment and family values. However, her squeaky clean Disney image changed overnight after she became an adult. Now, people now Miley Cyrus as a rebellious, pot smoking, diva. Some would chalk this up to adolescent rebellion, but so many people believe there is so much more involved. It is believed that there are covert forces using Miley Cyrus to rally support for unsavory values represented in her recent musical entries and her new aesthetic. This might seem insane to some but the difference between the old Miley and the new Miley are far to obvious to ignore.  It’s hard to tell if there are other controlled people, or celebrity clones out there, but keep your eyes open.

Susan McGalla is an Executive Consultant as well serving the Pittsburg Steelers as the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development. She has been in executive leadership for most of her career at some very well-known retail brands. McGalla grew up in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania along with her two brothers and a father who was a football coach. She graduated from Mount Union College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Marketing.

In 1986 Susan McGalla started her professional career at Joseph Horne Company. She worked in a variety of roles in her 8 years with the company including managerial positions as well as marketing. McGalla saw an opportunity to advance her career at American Eagle Outfitters where she started out as a women’s clothing merchandise buyer. Through hard work she eventually attained the position of President and Chief Merchandising Officer at the company.

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In 2009 she left the American Eagle Outfitters in order to found her own consulting business for retail and financial investment companies. In that same year she was named to the Board of Directors for HFF Inc., which is a commercial real estate investor. In January 2011 she was named as the new Chief Executive Officer of Wet Seal Inc. and in the following year decided to depart the company and instead found her own consulting business, P3 Executive Consulting. Check additional article on

McGalla has talked to conferences and companies around the United States about how, as a woman, to get ahead in the world of business. She says that women don’t want to hear buzzwords surrounding the issue and be targeted as a woman but instead be treated as professionals. She says that she never carried a chip on her shoulder about being a woman advancing her career or felt entitled to anything. For more,  click

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Adam Milstein knows a lot about real estate investing and his company, Hager Pacific Properties has quite a portfolio he can point to. Hager Pacific Properties was basically built from the ground up by Milstein and his friend, David Hager after they both spent some time in commercial real estate brokering. Today it owns many million-dollar commercial and residential properties across California, Texas, Illinois and now Wisconsin. Adam Milstein has taken quite a different approach to investing and real estate management than most other entrepreneurs, and Ideamensch decided to interview him to find out about it.

Milstein made it clear that he will do all the work it takes to become successful even if it means going out on his own to do it. He co-founded Hager Pacific Properties at the time because he believed he could do much better than any of the current jobs he found. He’s said that one of the most intriguing aspects of his job is the ups and downs in real estate, and he likes the challenges of working in spontaneous situations that come with the profession. He also takes the position that setting too many goals can be limiting to what he wants to accomplish. He’ also said that philanthropy is important to bringing structure to his day.

Adam Milstein grew up in Israel and is a veteran of the 1973 Yom Kippur War. He started his business career out working with his father in the building framing trade, and while attending the Technion – Israeli Institute of Technology he ran a small business selling art to the temples. He also married Gila Elgrably and has three daughters and several grandchildren. Several years after relocating to the US, he and Gila founded the Milstein Family Foundation to become actively involved in the Jewish American community and to promote the welfare of Israel. Adam Milstein helped found the Israeli-American Council where he is currently Chairman, and also is on the boards of Birthright Israel, Jerusalem U, AIPAC, Students Supporting Israel, StandWithUs, and Hillel International. He was named to the Jerusalem Post’s Top 50 Most Influential Jews list in 2016.


Beginning earlier this week, the Donald Trump administration overturned a bill that gave every transgender student some protections in schools. While this has been a battle among the states and country lately, it has become news again due to an unlikely champion standing and opposing the bill: Betsy Devos. From an official letter to a meeting with your President, Devos has been outspoken against overturning the bill.

Devos has been in the spotlight lately as a controversial selection for the Secretary of Education; her advocates praising her for her position on school choice, while naysayers voice their concerns about a lack of experience. What should matter though is this: She opposed a bill that was introduced by the same administration determined to have her sitting as the head of education.

What this should tell you is that Betsy Devos is on the side of education. Her position here, fighting against inequality, shows that she is not willing to condemn her morals in a desperate search of Presidential praise. She is here, determined to protect not just the well-being of transgender students in the United States, but all students.

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Before the bill was overturned, it offered protection to students who felt as though they identify as a member of the opposite sex, or were about to start the process of transforming into members of the opposite sex. What the law did exactly was allow a choice to the students about which restroom they felt most comfortable occupying. This has become popularly known as the “bathroom bill”.

When in conversations with party members, Betsy Devos expressed concerns that, with the bill overturned, there would be no protections in place for transgender students and they would be immediately open to discrimination by schools.

Even though her selection was controversial, we can see now that Devos has every intention of treating the office with the respect and professionalism it deserves. It also seems that, while tensions in the country run high over equality, Devos will not give in to the debate. Devos stands for the students, the districts and the country. Hopefully, we will continue seeing her fight for what’s right.

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For every bad hair product out there, there is a great one as well. For every cheap hair product that causes more damage than helps, there are expensive ones that do what they are intended to do. And the intent of any beauty products is to beautify your look and enhance your style.

Sure you can buy any old conditioner and hope that it does something for you. In all likelihood it will do something for you, but that could mean more damage to your hair, more split ends, or just dry frizzy hair. If you want full shiny hair, you need to find hair products that actually do what they are supposed to do.

A revolutionary product that helps beautify and manage your hair is Wen by Chaz. This 5-in in-1 cleansing conditioner will help you eliminate multiple needless and expensive haircare products. Because you have all of your shampoos and conditioner in one product it will also save you time as you style your hair.

The Wen by Chaz cleaning conditioner has shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave in conditioner. With all of these agents in one unique blend your hair will look and feel the best it ever has. Wen by Chaz will certainly help you achieve your beauty dreams, but what about cost? You can find the Wen by Chaz conditioner for under $40 on most websites. That is a lot less expensive than if you had to buy all those cleansing conditioners separately.

You can go out and try and mix and match multiple variations of cleansing conditioners and hope you find the right mix, and you may spend a lot of money doing it. Or you can keep it simple and affordable by trying the Wen by Chaz haircare system and see results immediately.

Eric Lefkofsky is an American entrepreneur. Eric is also the co-founder and CEO of Tempus. Eric is from Detroit. His father was an engineer, while his mother was a school teacher. He went to Southfield-Lathrup High School in 1987. He also attended the University of Michigan and graduated with honors in 1991 and received his Juris Doctor in 1993 from the University of Michigan Law School. He started selling carpet while in college. After he finished law school, he and a friend bought an apparel company with the money they borrowed from a relative. Eric also created an internet company and became a chief operation officer.  Click for more info.


Tempus, which is a ‘technology company that built an operating system in fighting cancer’ . Although Eric Lefkofsky‘s involvement with Tempus isn’t clear, he still identifies as the president of the company.


What exactly does Tempus do? The data they collect from patients to assist the doctors in developing better treatment and care plan for the patient. After collecting genomic data and using statistical analysis, they can better assist a patients physician in providing a more precise and personalized medicine. The patients that they are currently working with the ones with with ‘breast, lung, and pancreatic cancer’ . In the future they so plan to see patients with other types of cancers.


Eric Lefkofsky is also active on social media platforms. His Facebook page portrays a lot of science inspiration. He also promotes Groupon, which is another company that Eric is a founder of. He also talks a lot about cancer on his page, which is something that he’s taking a smarter approach to find a cure for caner. On his twitter account Eric is very personal with his followers. He also post similar science are art influence from his Facebook page.


Eric Lefkofsky was number 374 in Forbes list in 2016 and number 1275 on the billionaires list,  based on files.

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OSI Group has a long-standing reputation in the food distribution industry. The company began in the early nineteen-hundreds and established itself as a leader in it’s field. It was founded by Otto Kolschowski as a meat market. He ran the company with his family. Otto later named his start up Otto and Sons. Otto and Sons quickly gained a reputation in the Oak Park, Illinois area.

The company grew from a meat market into a distributor for other businesses in the food service industry. Decades later Otto and Sons would enter into a lucrative business relationship with McDonalds. Ray Kroc was the CEO of McDonalds. Kroc was opening a restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois and needed a meat distributor that he could trust. He hired Otto and Sons to be his supplier. The company lived up to Ray Kroc’s expectations. They innovated their business in order to accommodate the growing McDonald’s organization. The patty cutting machine was a new concept. It allowed Otto and Sons to deliver the meat to McDonald’s in the form that they were prepared to use it. The distributor also embraced cryogenic freezing and liquid nitrogen tunnels in order to store large amounts of product without sacrificing freshness. Ray Kroc made Otto and Sons his exclusive provider of meat. The company reached international success as McDonald’s continued to blossom.

Read more: OSI Group Acquires Baho Food

Otto and Sons changed its name to OSI Industries in 1975. The company continues to grow and diversify. It has working relationships with several other notable fast food organizations. Pizza Hut, Papa John’s Pizza, Starbucks and Subway are all clients of OSI. The company operates in 17 different countries. It has plants in Riverside California, Wisconsin, Iowa, Geneva, West Jordan, Utah and Fort Atkinson.

OSI is one of the largest privately-owned companies in the United States. It recruits talent from areas such as Poland, the UK, Asia-Pacific, Germany, Hungary and the United States.

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Despite a U.S sales stagnation during the winter season, Ohio’s housing marked its busiest years from December 2005. Sales rose by 8% in Northeast Ohio based on data tied to formerly owned and newly built residences. According to the statewide trade group’s president and Pete Kopf, a Cincinnati-area Realtor, it was an outstanding year for the Ohio housing market, as they realised unmatched gains in sales. The December 2016 sales were higher by 2.8% than in 2015. The sale price in Ohio was around $159,531 last month up 4.8% from December 2015.

According to a report by the National Association of Realtors that studies the sales of existing homes, supply shortages and price growth were the headline news. Although nationwide sales went through their strongest year in a ten-years stint, a December slide tampered with their gains. The National Realtors said that the sales of formerly-owned homes ended the year with a 0.8% ahead compared to the 2015’s market performance.

The U.S. middle reported that the sales price for a new home was at $232,200 in December, up 4% from the previous year. The chief economist for the trade association, Mr Lawrence Yun said that the creation of new jobs in 2016 and low mortgages brought about a good financial year for the realtor market. But last month, the rising mortgages threatened their profits. He also said that the surge in rates caught prospective home buyers off guard and dimmed their ability to own a home nearing the end of 2016.

Freddie Mac who is a mortgage giant said that the rates surged after the United Stated presidential elections, but they are now slowly sinking as time elapses. Mrs Nela Richardson, the chief economist for Redfin which is real estate firm said that buyers are ready to acquire any new listings of homes for sale but their no houses to meet their demand. Svenja Gudell CEO of Zillow another realtor company echoed her by saying that she didn’t support Trump’s idea of stopping the cut on mortgage insurance premiums on loans disbursed by (FHA) Federal Housing Administration.

Based on last year’s numbers, U.S is going to face a shortage of homes for sale in 2017. Re/Max housing analysts say that a 6 months’ supply of houses for sale is a balanced market where neither sellers nor buyers have an upper hand.

About Tammy Mazzocco

Tammy Mazzocco ( first set foot in the real estate industry as a secretary to The Edwards Realty Company. Under the supervision of Mike Zelnik, Tammy Mazzocco worked with a nine-member team of commercial agents. Tammy did a stint of seven years at the condominium management at Scotland Yard during which she earned her real estate license in 1995 at the suggestion of Ken Cook who is the general manager of Scotland Yard and the owner of Cook Realty.

Later on, Tammy Mazzocco became a Licensed P.A for Joe Armeni in the summer of 1998. Joe Armeni owns a top real estate firm in Columbus, Victorian Village. While Tammy Mazzocco was working with Joe and observing the daily operations of a successful realtor agent, she got motivated to venture into the real estate business as a full- time career. Learn more about Tammy, check out her Facebook page.


Securus Technologies, a company, founded in 1986 provide technology services to prisons in the United States and Canada. It offers telephone services to inmates to ensure they stay connected to loved ones when in lock up. In the quest to expand their footprint Securus acquired JPay Inc., and with that, they could offer anything that is high-tech at a reasonable price. They got accredited by BBB in 2016 and were given a perfect score according to BBB standards; BBB also agrees that Securus is the largest facility and the only full-spectrum solutions provider, their team works hard to meet the vision of the company.

Securus Technologies challenged their number one competitor Global Tel Link to a competition to determine who is better in the market. Richard A. Smith, the CEO of Securus Technologies said only an independent judge would rule out the claim GTL have that they can be compared to them. He says that that will be an unfair comparison because they have put more in their company than GTL have. With the investments that Securus have put in, an independent judge will rank them top.

Customers who shift from GTL to Securus prefer Securus Technologies services more, and these are people who have tried for the both companies. GTL have outsourced their customer service and trained field technicians unlike Securus who have their own; hence, ensure they are top notch; Securus the largest Voice Over Internet Protocol Corrections calling platform worldwide and that puts them on top of GTL. In revenue between now and five years ago, Securus has collected four dollars from GTL as compared to one dollar they lost to them. The challenge is, however, necessary to put all the accusation to a halt because Securus see it fit that GTL acknowledges they come second to Securus Technology.


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