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Upwork recently wrote a blog that teaches the readers how to accomplish more on their to-do list with 10 simple steps in their article “10 Powerful Tips for Sailing Through your To-Do List”.

The blog begins with an easy but important way to improve your to-do list situation, write it all down! The reason why this is such an important way to fix your to-do list is because of a psychological phenomenon called the Zeigernik Effect. This occurs when you continue to think about the tasks you haven’t accomplished yet. It makes it difficult for you to focus on one task at a time because your mind is constantly reminding you of all the tasks you haven’t accomplished. It can also cause a lot of stress. David Allen, the world renowned expert on productivity, suggest that the simple way to solve this issue is by writing down every task. This allows your brain to relax and focus your attention on the task you are trying to get done.

Upwork also suggests you prepare your to-do list the night before. Many of us waste precious time in the morning, the time when we should be getting our most important tasks done, by checking emails and trying to decide on our priorities for the day. If you create your to-do list the night before you will be ready to hit the ground running the next day.

Another suggestion is to assign energy levels to each task. Some tasks require more energy and more focus than others which is why you can’t simply do them whenever you want. Instead, you need to focus your time, particularly the time when you are the most productive, on accomplishing the tasks that require the most focus. Mike Vardy, another productivity expert suggests each task should have a high, medium, or low energy assignment so you can plan your day according to your energy levels.

Upwork began nearly a decade ago when two friends decided to create a company that would bring a pool of talented freelancers together with the businesses who needed their talent. The freelancers could find flexibility and freedom from the jobs online while the businesses could get their creative work done even if they didn’t have a team dedicated to it.


Sometimes, when people talk about following their passions, they are met with scoffs from people. One thing that a lot of people believe is that everyone should settle for mediocrity. Some people believe that the only way to work is to stick with some job that makes them miserable. However, one thing that people don’t seem to realize is that if no one has taken the initiative and the risk to go out and start some kind of business, then there would be no jobs. One thing that people also need to realize is that one of the ways that problems are solved is through the pursuit of passion.

One example of a company that has solved problems is Waiakea. This company has been developed as a result of looking at the quality of water throughout the world compared to the water that is filtered through the volcanic mountains. One thing that the founder of the company has realized is that this particular water has helped him maintain his health. Therefore, he had a desire of bringing these health benefits to people throughout the world. They get to experience the benefits of Hawaii volcanic water and then live an even happier life.

Waiakea water has all of the benefits of water and even better because it is clean and alkaline with electrolytes. Therefore, people can drink more without washing out all of the sodium. They can also drink water and feel confident that they are not consuming any contaminants. While contaminants and acidic factors of water are a real concern, Waiakea makes sure that it is taken care of. The best thing about this type of company is that it is brought forth in a natural way. No extra artificial filtering has been done in order to make the water alkaline.

Graeme Holm is the Director and co-founder of the Infinity Group Australia, a NSW brokerage firm. Seeing the plight of Australian families who are struggling to make ends meet, he knew that acquiring a loan would normally be out of reach. Infinity is designed to help families and individuals to lessen their debt responsibilities, to help create a wealth portfolio for a better future and a retirement that is safe and secure.


According to the 2015 to 2016 ABS Household Income and Wealth statistics, almost one-third of Australian households were in debt. Individuals and families who held a mortgage were higher in debt on the scale. Sydney and Melbourne citizens held the highest ranked indebted households statistic.


Graeme created Infinity to educate their clients and assist them in how to manage weekly budgets before they are approved for a loan. A monthly review and a six-month review is instituted by Infinity Group Australia to make sure that each client is committed to reducing their mortgage payments and other financial essentials.


Mr. Holm is an experienced and accredited leader in the financial services industry having worked for more than 15 years in the banking industry. Graeme Holm’s successful financial expertise covers the following:


  • Debt consolidation
  • Debt reduction
  • Financial planning
  • Mortgage broker
  • Property investor


Under the aegis of Mr. Holm, Infinity monitors their client’s assets and investments to make sure that they are on a good financial track. Graeme states that Infinity considers their clients as financial family members.


Infinity customizes a ‘Wealth Creation’ program which identifies how each client’s wealth goals can be achieved and how to pursue those targeted objectives. Infinity educates their clients in why it is better to pay cash for something rather than using a credit card.


Infinity states that they train their clients on identifying your buying habits by asking yourself if what you are buying is a ‘want’ or a ‘need.’ Even a debit card which is connected to personal accounts is better than a credit card which carries high interest rates and does not help people reach their financial targets.


Does every financially strapped Aussie follow the Infinity method. Infinity says that most families do prosper by following the principles established for their financial success. Is curtailing spending a challenge – yes it is! However, Graeme says that by sticking to the Infinity spending and saving principles, in about three months many clients have paid off much of their debt and they see the obvious results.


Like all businesses no matter how philanthropic in their endeavors they are, they still need to make money to continue to help people. So how does Infinity make money? First, there is an open 10% fee-for-service compensation derived from the Infinity client’s annual debt reduction. It also covers a personal banker that is assigned to each client. This fee also covers their regular step-by-step freedom from debt process.


Graeme Holm and the Infinity concept is growing throughout Australia. Infinity Group Australia was recognized with the 2017 Optus Business Award and Graeme Holm was recognized as one of the top 100 MPA Brokers. Learn more:



Heal-N-Soothe is a health supplement to assist people with taking on their joint pain. The Heal-N-Soothe supplement uses Systemic Enzyme Therapy to treat the inflammation in the joints. Treating the inflammation in the body with enzymes helps to alleviate joint pain. The ingredients are anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants.


Heal N Soothe isn’t your standard painkiller. This product is made from a natural source instead of being made in a laboratory with chemical fillers. Heal N Soothe is strictly organic in nature as its ingredients grow straight from the earth.


Learn more about How Heal-n-Soothe Has Changed the Supplement Industry


Here are accounts from some customers who have tried Heal-N-Soothe to treat their joint pain.


One woman stated that she wasn’t able to do any of the simple chores that she was used to do doing due to pain. She wasn’t capable of doing yard work or of walking her dogs. After using the health supplement, she was able to once again fix up her yard. She wasn’t capable of walking her dogs when her pain was at its worst. She was able to start walking her dogs again after using this health supplement. She can even walk them up to a mile.


A sixty-year-old man had severe back pain that made him feel like he was eighty years old. He tried the Heal-N-Soothe health supplement once and his back pain went away in the morning. The Systemic Enzyme Therapy helped his fungal issue with his nails as well.


Another woman said that with her pain she could hardly get out of bed in the morning. She was barely able to get up to walk to the printer at her job. After using the Heal-N-Soothe for a few weeks her quality of life vastly improved.


A woman recovering from major surgery in her knees said that Heal-N-Soothe helped her out. The surgery she was recovering from was a knee surgery that involved surgeons removing bone fragments from her knees. Post-surgery she had terrible pain in her knees. The health supplement eased up that pain. It made her recovery far smoother.


A female customer who was suffering from pain so bad that she was missing work tried Heal-N-Soothe. Because of Heal-N-Soothe she could go back to work. The enzymes within the product also cleared up her eczema.


Refer to This Page for more information on how to order Heal N Soothe


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Paul Herdsman is the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of NICE global. NICE Global is a company that opened its doors in 2014. They are located in Montego Bay, Jamaica.


The company was founded by Paul Herdsman who resides in Florida. He was born in Kingston, Jamaica. The company creates a culture for work family. NICE Global cares about its employees and their growth. NICE Global puts family first. Because Paul Herdsman puts his family first and believes that his employees should be able to put their families first.


They reward employees at NICE Global for performing well. Nobody gets to the top at NICE global for just sending emails and giving presentations. Everyone in the company should understand the other person’s position. It is important to Paul Herdsman that everybody knows what everybody else does in the company.


Paul Herdsman finds the best people and trains the best people. He believes that recruiting the best people are going to help boom his business. At NICE Global they have a referral bonus. Everyone should feel at home while working at NICE Global. Find More Information on Crunchbase about Paul Herdsman.


Paul Herdsman thinks that the best company should solve problems for their clients. He stresses when recruiting problem-solving. He thinks recruiting problem solvers is an opportunity of a lifetime. Becoming a better problem solver is his life’s mission. He stresses to his employees that they should become better problem solvers.


According to his LinkedIn profile he is a Florida Atlantic University alumnus. He is the co-founder of ATS Digital. He is also the Chief Operating Officer for ATS Digital. After graduating from the Florida Atlantic University he took his first job and his employer asked him to go around all the departments and learn what they do. This is how he came to the idea that staff at his company should walk around on day one and get to know what goes on in departments other than their own. He lives life by two rules-see his kids off to school and see them off to bed. He thinks everything in between is a mass of chaos and gets through it moment by moment.


Throughout a successful career Paul Herdsman has developed aa plethora of corporate wisdom that he expresses in the article “12 Successful Tips for Entrepreneurs”.


Read more about Herdsman in his interview with Ideamensch on



Rodrigo Terpins is known to the world as the entrepreneur who offers quality solutions to various clients. However, Rodrigo Terpins is also the man behind the Bull Sertoes Rally Team, which he himself organized to compete in the Sertoes Rally races in Brazil. This is not where his career started, though.



Rodrigo Terpins began his professional career immediately after he graduated from Saint Hilaire College, where he got a Business Management degree. Wanting to make himself a name in the world of business, he held leadership positions for big companies, and one of them is Lojas Marisa, a clothing store brand for women. From 1991 to 2006, he held a position at this company before getting the courage to start a company of his own, which is now called T5 Participacoes. He was the Senior Director of his own company since last 2008. Check out to see more.




However, what Rodrigo Terpins is most known for today is the fact that he joins off-road racings in the Sertoes Rally, which is his country’s largest annual off-road racing event that has captured so many racers and fans. Having been a fan of cars and fixing their parts and tinkering with them, Terpins finally realized his dream when he joined a professional racing team that ended up winning a lot of races. The racing team he’s in, the Bull Sertoes Rally team, turned out to be one of the most award-winning teams in the entire history of Sertoes Rally. You can just visit Rodrigo’s LinkedIn account to know more details about this.



With all the series of victories that Rodrigo Terpins’ earned, his Bull Sertoes Rally Team has easily been considered one of the top speed racing teams today and it will continue to be so with the level of dedication and skills that Rodrigo Terpins displays. For more details visit LinkedIn.



It will also continue to be so because of the quality vehicle that Rodrigo Terpins’ team assembled, which is the T-Rex. It’s the vehicle used by Terpins’ team to push through the 7-stage and 2600-kilometer-wide race that has now defined the Sertoes Rally to date. The team’s victory for the 24th edition of the Sertoes Rally Race could not have been possible without the T-rex car.


Canadian businessperson Louis Chenevert has profoundly affected each business association that he has been a part of, Presently semi-resigned, Chenevert fundamentally invests his energy as a restrictive counsel for Goldman Sachs, and also seeking after individual premiums and investing time with his family. Be that as it may, what was this business virtuoso doing before he resigned from the aeroplane business, he was changing the way organisations took care of generation, all the more notable, he changed the way the aeronautic trade worked until the end of time.

Louis Chenevert’s work in making Pratt and Whitney gainful and useful in its efficiency stopped people in their tracks in 2006, at UTC and, chosen as the Chairman of the enterprise, and immediately climbed to the part of CEO. While the market economy was in a genuine downturn, Chenevert made a progression of changes to his association as a way to protect them from the benefit misfortunes that most organisations were supporting. One unique technique that Chenevert attempted was disregarding the tried and true method of thinking encompassing outsourcing.

While most organisations at the time were furiously cutting expenses by outsourcing their labourers, moving creation to nations that were ready to work for shabby, Chenevert picked somewhat to move generation into the United States. The thinking was that most shoddy work would deliver modest items, so all things considered, UTC made an offer to move designers and specialists into a concentrated area, driving them to their home territory of Connecticut. The reason for this activity was to put the majority of the best personalities and labourers in a single region where they could centre around taking care of issues together.

These were much more productive than having different divisions scattered the nation over. Chenevert is an unpretentious scholar saturated with the elements of his organisations. In any case, in conversing with him, a couple of centre statutes developed that assistance to clarify UTC’s prosperity. Most importantly, United Technologies isn’t generally an aggregate in the feeling of being a gathering of disengaged organisations. It is engaged in two large markets, building innovations and aviation, where it is always looking for useful and budgetary collaborations.

Raising its core business from being a butcher shop to becoming the trending and leading multinational food provider the OSI Group has set its trend mark. The OSI Company has 20,000 employees working in its 65 facilities located in 17 countries making it the largest providers of food products globally. It started from the humble beginning and embraced the challenges of business managing to create a robust corporate business and enjoying a slice of the American Economic History of the 20th century. The company brings out the beauty of evolving story of globalized and modern markets.

The OSI group has a long history that’s rooted to Otto Kolschowsky who immigrated to Chicago from Germany. The German descendants made half of the Illinois population, and the city grew with various businesses, and in 1909 Otto started a local retail meat shop with the sole purpose of serving his community. The industry blossomed, and it expanded to the Chicago suburb and in 1928 it rebranding to Otto and Sons, and decades later it became a robust and successful local business and an international business icon.

The Otto and Sons joined hands with McDonald becoming their main distributors of beef, and both made a transition from local markets to international markets. In 1975 the Otto and Sons Empire rebranded again becoming the notable OSI Industries marking a 75-year change from being a family butcher servicing local community to a technologically advanced international company operating in different levels of the manufacturer. In 1975 the sons of Otto were approaching the retirement age and hence the need to hand over the company to capable hands, and Sheldon Lavin joined as a partner. In 1980 Lavin took full control of the company becoming the new owner and bringing with him expertise and skills ranging from negotiation skills to sophisticated capitalization ideas making it a multination corporation.

Lavin Sheldon became the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of OSI Group in 1980 managing the company to high levels of growth and phases that centered to various companies apart from McDonald’s. According to Forbes, the OSI Group transition has led it to enormous increase ranking no 58 as the most significant and robust private company in 2016 and having revenue return of 6.1 billion dollars. It’s current boasts of being the vital providers of food products in different continents and has acquired various companies that believe in their core agenda of quality. OSI Group believes in consolidation, expansion, and diversification and hence receiving numerous awards for their dedication and output in the food industry.

OSI Group info:

OSI Food Solutions is one of the top processors of meat products in the world. OSI is responsible for providing product to some of the biggest food service businesses on the planet. The company that started off as a local butcher shop in Chicago has quickly become one of the major forces in the foodservice industry.

OSI Food Solutions has been exploding recently. The business has been earning its spot on the Top 100 Food Companies, and certainly earns its spot on the Forbes list of most profitable private companies. OSI is seeing sales in excess of $7.1 billion, and it is using this money to make solid acquisitions and upgrade facilities across the board. OSI Food Solutions has grown and grown fast. Let’s take a look at its recent factory expansion alone.

To start, in 2010 OSI Food Solutions opened a production facility in Japan which would see it increase its ranks in Asia. Two years later, a facility opened in India with another one to follow in the same year. In 2013, another plant opened in China, which would become one of a few specialty dough lines that OSI uses to service the likes of Subway. The year before, they opened a facility in China for use of poultry.

In Europe factories are exploding in the same was as Asia. One opened in Ostroda, Poland in 2013. But, factories aren’t the interesting thing happen in Europe with OSI. That would be the acquisitions in Baho Foods, Flagship Europe, and Hynek Schlachthof. These three major acquisitions saw OSI grow their food portfolio in spades as well as helped them better adapt to a growing market.

The first of these, Baho Foods, is a Dutch manufacturer of deli meats and convenience snacks. The fact that Baho Foods is headquarters in the Netherlands, also helps OSI spread their reach across Europe. The acquisition of Flagship Europe — now Creative Foods — similarly helps OSI expand their reach in the United Kingdom as well as adding a ton of pies, poultry, sauces, and sandwich filling products. The last one, Hynek Schlaschthof, is a little different. Having access and connections to local butchers and farmers. Hynek has this in Germany. Being able to purchase these connections is vital to the success of a company wanting to expand globally.

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Igor Cornelsen is willing to provide advice for aspiring investors. He has spoken so much on the topic that it is easy to find some kind of topic to read on when it comes to investing. One piece of advice that he has stated is to start as soon as possible. This is actually obvious advice as well. No investor says that he wants to become rich in 20 years. They also do not want to get started in 20 years either. They want to get started as soon as possible. Therefore, this piece of advice is something that many investors would agree with.

One thing that people understand is that life is always moving forward, and people are always getting older. This is one of the reasons that Igor Cornelsen’s advice to start as soon as possible is one of the best pieces of advice. Another reason to get started as soon as possible is that it takes a lot of time to get used to investing. Then it takes a lot of time to know what signs to look for in order to make the right choices in investments. This of course depends on what is being invested in.

Another thing to go along with getting started as soon as possible is education. One of the best things about education is that it can help people learn all they can about the markets available for investing and trading. Among the different topics that people can learn about when it comes to investing is money management. This is a very important factor in that people need to learn to keep track of their money so that they don’t lose too much. Emotional management is also good as well.

People who are masters of money management are going to be the ones that succeed at investing. The way to master investing and money management is by studying and practicing. People need to figure out many different aspects of their finances so that they can determine what they can afford to invest. This can take some of the pressure off of the investor when he attempts to make profits.

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