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Investors have no doubt heard about Freedom Checks this year, whether on the internet or from a friend. Most investors stay away from new investment opportunities to invest because there are too many scams out there nowadays. A lot of people think Freedom Checks were a scam as well but as it turns out that is anything but the case. They really do offer impressive invest returns and you’re putting your money into American companies.Matt Badiali, a geologist and financial writer, introduced investors to Freedom Checks. He gave them this name but they have been known as Master Limited Partnerships since they were created by an act of Congress in 1987.

Trying to wean the United States off Middle Eastern oil, the Representatives and Senators wanted to encourage the exploration of oil and gas within the borders of the U.S.To do so, they allowed an investment company to start organizing themselves as MLPs. They could do so only if they derive 90 percent of their income from drilling for oil in the U.S., transporting it, refining it, or keeping it in storage. They pass all of their profits on to their shareholders who don’t have to treat it as income on their federal tax returns as it is instead considered a return on investment.According to Checks, or MLPs, have been known about by savvy wealthy investors for decades who didn’t want others to make the kinds of returns they do on this sort of investment.

Once Matt Badiali heard of them he knew he had to share this secret with his readers and which oil and gas companies are organized as an MLP. Since he revealed an investment information his readers who took advantage have made amazing returns. Some have gotten monthly checks as large as $10,000, or even $58,000. The money is deposited into the investor’s online brokerage account where it can simply be transferred to a bank account for spending.This type of investment is no riskier than investing in regular stocks. However, the potential for larger returns is definitely the big draw. They can easily return more money than any stock dividend ever would.


What is Organo Gold

Organo Gold is a company that was founded by Bernardo Chua and Shane Morand in 2008. This is a company that specializes in supplements, teas, and speciality coffee. Organo Gold is based in Canada, and the founders of this company have been able to create an amazing product that has become world famous. Around the world, coffee is a preferred drink. Organo Gold capitalized on that world preference by enhancing this popular drink. Their coffee has antioxidants and other immune boosting properties. Organo Gold uses a special Asian herb that is able to enhance the health properties of the coffee.

What is Unique about Organo Gold

Organo Gold is unique because it is a network marketing company. Organo Gold works with direct sales and individual distributors. Individual distributors are able to use products themselves, and they also get amazing benefits as Organo sell products to other customers, friends, and family. Organo Gold has the mission to help other individuals to get well-being and balance in their life through their products and also through company benefits.

More About the Founders

Bernardo Chua and Shane Moran are the founders of Organo Gold. Bernardo Chua worked in network marketing for several years, and he later collaborated with Shane Morand it order to find Organo Gold in 2008. Shane Morand was able to create an amazing compensation plan for the company. Apart from that, he created training for independent contractors; Shane Morand has helped Organo Gold to thrive and to grow. Now, Organo Gold is sold in the majority of the world, and its distributors have been able to make huge strides in their financial and personal life through the use of the company products and the through the implementation of Organo success strategies in their lives.

OSI Group is the biggest food company in the world. It is also one of the biggest businesses in the United States. Forbes ranks it at number #58 out of the top 100 private businesses in the country.

The company is currently operating in 17 countries. On top of that, they have built 65 production plants and employed over 20,000. This is a company on the rise. It is trying as much as possible to make a difference in the industry as it focuses on growing its operations further to many countries. This organization is keen on taking the operations of the food industry to another level.

The history of OSI Group goes back to 1909. Otto Koslschowsky, a German immigrant living in Chicago started a butcher shop two years after moving into the country. The butcher shop grew over time to become the company we have today. The transformation of the company is huge. It first developed into a regional supplier of meat products before it turned to the global market. The growth of the McDonald’s influenced the growth of the company. OSI Group, then called, Otto & Sons were among the first suppliers to the McDonald’s. The restaurants’ franchise did very well over time, and it became a top company in the world.

As McDonald’s developed, demand for food products kept on rising. It got to a point where the growth was so huge that OSI had to build a food production plant to supply to the McDonald’s. The partnership between the two businesses kept on getting better over time. The business was growing very fast, and the demand for food products kept on growing. To meet the huge demand that was taking place in the industry, OSI Group kept on growing its production muscle. It increased its production capacity until such a time when they went independent. They stopped relying on McDonald’s only.

The success story of OSI Group would however never be complete without the impact of CEO Sheldon Lavin. It is after he joined the company that the operations changed and the company started doing better than before.

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Throughout the past decade, Ryan Seacrest has become quite a force within the community of media, television production, and talk show hosting. It seems since his time hosting American Idol, Seacrest has risen further in his fame every consecutive year that has followed. Now as a producer of several shows, the host of a long-running national talk show, Ryan Seacrest has added daily TV show host to his repertoire as he joined Kelly Ripa on “Live With Kelly Ripa.” His recent inclusion in the show has required that he move to New York in order to be closer to the show’s set, the move has provided a big change for him to which he admits he is still adjusting.

Being involved in so many projects, Ryan Seacrest has had his hands full when it comes to the balancing act that is required of him to complete his daily tasks. One thing that has remained at the forefront of his mind is ensuring that he still takes proper care of himself, which is not always easy with so many responsibilities and requirements for his time. According to Ryan Seacrest, in order to be successful, he finds it important to be the best he can be. To ensure this, Seacrest has a very structured daily order he follows, beginning every morning in the same way. His daily routine includes tea, his daily ablutions, perusing overnight news stories as he makes his commute to work and his work-out routine with his coach which, for the time being, has been focused upon boxing. It has become a very important aspect for Ryan Seacrest to carry out this routine on a daily basis regardless of other commitments, as he believes it to make him function at a higher level than he would without adhering to a such a strict routine. Visit to know more about Ryan’s charity.

Ryan Seacrest Distinction:

Papa John’s New CEO Steve Richie, is committed to building a better brand has optimism for a fresh start for the pizza giant. His mission is to spread the word that the people who run our restaurants are the the core of our business. Without them, we wouldn’t exist.

Mr. Richie traveled cross country visiting with several franchise owners to address their concerns and to regain trust in the community. He listed to the worries, criticism, hopes and fears. Although, some of the conversations were difficult, Steve Richie remains passionate about building a better company.

Throughout his travels, Mr. Richie recognizes that we will always be bigger than one person. Many of the franchises he had spoken with, consider their staff an extension of their family. Also, many of them shared stories of local schools and charities they were able to help because they themselves are community members.

Steve Richie will leave no stone unturned and is determined to push forward and become a better brand. There is a saying at Papa Johns, P.A.P.A (People Are Priority Always). and Mr. Richie is committed to doing just that.

The store managers, drivers, and pizza makers are all representative of the community they serve. Steve Richie believes that fulling acknowledging feedback be it good or bad, is the cornerstone to building a brand built on trust and quality. Steve Richie is fully grounded in rebuilding the brand. He is also committed in restructuring Papa John’s.

Steve Ritchie Papa Johns is assuring everyone that their voice will be heard, be it negative or positive. His commitment to moving forward is unparalleled. With his positive outlook, passion, and determination, Steve Richie insists the company’s mission of purpose, passion, and commitment to the quality will not stray.

People Are Priority Always. They want to hear your thoughts, comments, questions, concerns. Without them, we wouldn’t exist.

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Investing in alternative assets has always been a problem for a significant number of investment companies operating in the United States and other parts of the world. Some companies believe that investing in such assets would lead to devastating financial challenges because they do not guarantee income both in short and long term. However, Fortress Investment Group has created its significant wealth by investing in some alternative assets that some organizations would never have considered.

During the 2008 financial crisis that hit the financial market in the United States and other parts of the world, Fortress Investment Group was still operational and had reserved enough cash that would enable it to take advantage of the market and buy some assets. Some companies were experiencing extreme financial difficulties as they had lost their cash while their stocks in the money market had lost value.

The struggling companies did not have any other option rather than to sell some of their most valuable assets such as land and buildings located in prime areas, furniture, machines, tools, and equipment among other valuable properties. The entities were not generating any cash and as such, they needed to remain operational with the hope that the market turbulence would subsidize and enable the entities to recover their investments. Fortress Investment Group took this advantage and used the cash that it had stored in its reserves to acquire some of these assets. To know more about the company click here.

The benefit was that Fortress Investment Group was acquiring these assets at reduced prices because there were no other companies that were willing to purchase the same assets as they were fearing that the financial problems would remain for some few years. The company acquired so much assets at reduced prices with the hope that the market would change and give an opportunity to sell these assets.

It only took one year for the financial market to drastically change and all the assets that were trading at discounted prices changed and their value skyrocketed. This gave an opportunity to Fortress Group to dispose its assets some of which were at a higher demand than what the market had witnessed prior to the market challenges. The entity acquired much wealth by selling these assets to other financial entities.


Ever since its inception two decades ago, Fortress Investment group has always been and still is a pacesetter. For instance, it was the first private equity company to go public during a public offering in 2007, and it’s also the first firm to go private again as it recently signed a $3.3 billion deal with Softbank.It is, however, vital to note that even though Softbank has made numerous acquisitions in the past, the Softbank-Fortress deal is somewhat unique. This is because unlike most of the startups it has invested in or acquired in the past, it has no control of Fortress’s assets management, which are estimated to be worth over forty billion. What makes this acquisition, even more, special is that despite paying such a hefty price, Softbank still had to invest approximately $100 million into the United States, as well as pay a 39% premium to Fortress’s share price.

It also had to wait for a while until some of its transactions were settled for the deal to see the light of the day.So why would a prominent company such as Softbank go to such lengths? According to experts, the move by the Japanese giant is not just for prestige, but is all about enhancing in-house operations, and as such to create a single business giant with arms in tech, communication, and finance.With that said and done, how will Fortress Investment group benefit from acquisition? Well, before the acquisition, Fortress Investment group had been suffering from undervalued shares in the public markets for quite a while and as such, wanted to shift back to the private arena. By accepting the acquisition deal, Fortress was not only able to go private again but was also able to get a string of partners from Asia through Softbank.

About Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group was established in 1998. Ever since its inception, the firm has been doing tremendously well and this can be attributed to the fact that its principals were all working in the finance sector before setting up the firm. Today, it oversees assets worth over $40.3 billion, and has a client base of over 1700 investors

Carlos Alberto de Oliveria Andrade was spoken about by journalist Boris Feldman on his show called “Car Talk,” which talks about cars in general. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade is a businessman and the founder of CAOA, which is one of the car manufacturers and distributors in Latin America. CAOA was founded in the year 1979 and has become the leading company in the Brazilian automotive business. It also owns other kinds of cars like Ford, Hyundai, and Subaru and has been a frequent importer for vehicles of Hyundai and Subaru in Brazil. CAOA does produce it’s own line of cars though and has its own factory, and has risen over the years.

The company under leadership by Carlos Alberto de Oliveria Andrade has been very successful in selling many different vehicles. The journalist has produced TV programs and editor of car magazines. Aside from all of this, Feldman conducted an interview with the businessman that was published years ago, who references Carlos Alberto de Oliveria Andrade as a doctor. The interview goes into stating how much of an impact the doctor has made to the automobile industry by creating new cars and setting up factories. Dr. Carlos has been proud of his accomplishments and is taking some pages out of other books to revolutionize the automobile industry and create his own kind of vehicles. He also started to do business with other partners but produces his own kind of cars. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade has been able to do it easily and truly change the market of cars in Brazil. According to the journalist, Boris Feldman, Dr. Carlos is truly a special individual as he has a vast amount of experience in the industry on all levels of producing and marketing vehicles and has represented other prominent brands before then.

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Alastair Borthwick was born on 17 February 1913 at Rutherglen. He served as a reporter, newscaster and a writer who is still recalled for the two novels. Furthermore, he went to pursue the education at Glasgow High School where he dropped at 16 years to operate for Glasgow Herald. During 1935, he got work at the Daily Mirror in Fleet Street which boosted him professionally.Later, he returned to Glasgow and operated with the BBC as the radio communicator.

In 1939, he came across a book comprising of a variety of the writings he had done for Glasgow Herald. The editor was not certain concerning the strategy the book took at that duration as it was considered as a wealthy sports game. One executive in the organization persuaded the team to produce the novel which was on demand. It remains the greatest book in the history to be edited concerning the elements of outdoor operations in Scotland. While he was writing, he recognized rock climbing, which was considered an exercise for the rich.

Alastair Borthwick was appointed as the 5th Battalion where he was able to lead 600 soldiers behind rival lines in the dim. He was able to utilize his conscience on the way to go since the map they used was improper. After the conflicts ended, he was permitted to write about the experience and Battalion past which was later printed in 1946. The book received a lot of positive sentiments from the readers and high public figures across the nation.

After the war concluded, Alastair Borthwick together with his wife left to Jura where he was able to go fishing and also air the BBC. Before transferring to Islay in 1952, they assisted the institution of Scotland’s funding to the 1951 Festival of Britain. Moreover, he was selected as a law enforcer of the command of the British Empire in 1952 New Year Honors for his participation in establishing an engineering trade fair. During the 1960s, he altered to television and created 150 half hour curriculums for Grampian TV. The show comprised of a variety of topics.

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Paul Mampilly, finance, and Investment guru has over 25 years’ experience in the investment industry. He began his career in 1991, and got an masters of business administration from Fordham University in New York in 1996. Paul has an impressive career record, rising from an assistant manager in charge of the portfolio at Bankers Trust to a senior position at Deutsche Bank and ING, Paul Mampilly is an accomplished American investor. He worked for various companies including, Kinetics Asset Management, a hedge fund. Under his leadership, the firm’s assets quickly rose from $6 billion to $25 billion and named the world’s best hedge fund. The average return on investment was 26 percent during that time.

Paul Mampilly has been an investor at Wall Street and during the 2008 and 2009 financial crisis managed to turn $50 million to $88 million in a just two-year period. That made him win in a prestigious competition held by the Templeton Foundation reflecting his prowess in the industry. After working for the extra rich, Mampilly retired from Wall Street at the age of 42, to help everyday people make money on their investments.

Banyan Hill publishing,helps over 90,000 followers in America invest in stocks market, technology related ventures, and unique opportunities. Paul Mampilly believes that technology is the springboard for investment in future. Paul has focused on technology-related shares, which he believes will grow steadily shortly. For instance, he points out that blockchain technology will solve many problems in private businesses as well as governments. Therefore, he advised investors to invest in companies that embrace the technology in operations.

Paul has appeared in television interviews on leading business news like, CNBC, Bloomberg TV,among others. He also publishes newsletters like Profits unlimited, advising investors on their wealth through his insightful information on the latest investment opportunities.

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