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Ryan Seacrest is the type of guy that spends a large majority of his life trying to live healthy and be as fit as possible. In an interview with New York times he explains how he lives his day in full detail. For example, when he wakes up in the morning he makes sure he has his tea which is filled with certain herbs and vitamins that are essential to the human body. After that he will follow it with a coffee just to gain some extra energy before going to train.

The physical aspect of Ryan’s life has become a key essential throughout his life, He loves to do intense weight training, lots of running, and has recently picked up boxing as an extra hobby. Also, just to make sure he stays motivated and doesn’t stop going he’ll bring a trainer to the gym every day that he wants to train.

According to Forbes, Ryan also further explains that he’s become an expert at managing his work life to avoid stress yet still get a healthy amount of his tasks done day by day. Some of the strategies he uses is to balance his day. By that he means that he would do certain portions of work throughout the first half of the day, then the other half was saved after he would take a relaxing break. He used to think the right way was to try to cram everything in and not worry about structure. As long as he’s moving fast he believed he was getting things done the right way. WRONG!! The American Idol host now believes he lives a less stressful life and that he works more efficiently by spacing everything out and having a certain schedule.

TV host Ryan Seacrest has some iconic positions throughout his life, one of them being hosting American Idol. American idol went off the air for a little while but is actually coming back for 2018! Ryan will be hosting it once again and thinks it will be nothing but another amazing experience. On top of Ryan also has his own clothes and bring with many varieties of apparel to buy from. He calls it “Ryan Seacrest Distinction“. One more thing that’s extremely important to him is the “Ryan Seacrest Foundation”. It’s a nonprofit organization that is purely dedicated to inspiring our youth. It’s mainly based on motivation and encouragement and showing the youth how they can live healthy plus think outside of the box.

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There always comes a time when a small business enterprise emerges from becoming a small entity to a huge business enterprise. OSI Group is one such business entity. A company that started out as a small butcher is now a revered company operating globally. By dealing particularly in meat products, OSI Group has been able to dominate the food sector through quality products and guaranteed customer satisfaction. All in all, it is good to take into account that all this was not achieved in a short period. The streak of success has come about after many decades of operation. Moreover, with dedicated leaders such as Sheldon Lavin, the current chief executive officer of OSI Group, the company has been able to succeed in a magnificent manner.

Background Data

For a company that started out as a butcher shop founded by Otto Kolschowsky, the potential that lied in dealing in meat products surely lead to the expansion of the shop to operating globally. To start with, the growth of the butcher shop led to Otto launching a branch in Maywood back in the day. The butcher shop later transitioned into a family business that was renamed into Otto & Sons. At the time, the transition came about since Otto Kolschowsky decided to engage his sons in the business. Otto & Sons would later work with McDonald’s restaurant. The restaurant had a high demand for meat products, and Otto & Sons were in the capability to deliver. Since food is a fast moving commodity, the McDonald’s entity was growing very fast. AS McDonald’s grew, Otto & Sons would also grow since they had to expand their operations to meet the demand for meat products by the McDonald’s restaurant.

Additional Information

As Otto & Sons grew, they had to outsource funds to finance the building of more plants as they expanded their operations. Luckily, Sheldon Lavin was a finance expert, and he assisted Otto & Sons to get funds for their projects. Since the sons of Otto- Arthur and Henry were approaching their retirement years, one of the sons decided to sell his shares. Sheldon Lavin had initially seen the potential in Otto & Sons, with that as the case; he did not hesitate to acquire the shares. Later on, Sheldon Lavin’s expertise as a financial expert led to him being recruited as the chief executive of Otto & Sons which later transitioned to OSI Group in 1975.

OSI Food Group has grown, in part, through expansion by acquiring other food provider and food service entities. The greater part of their success can be attributed to excellence in products and service, as well as acquiring entities that compliment their current brand. A most complimentary acquisition of late was Baho Food. The company focuses on snacks, deli meats and a variety of convenience foods. The addition gave OSI food solutions with a much further presence and reach into Europe. The addition adds muscle and product line to both companies, as well as broadening the overall customer base. The acquisition also allows OSI food solutions as a whole broadens their capabilities, while maintaining their excellence in service to their customers.

In addition, Baho brings to the table five subsidiaries with processing plants in the Netherlands and Germany. This segment of Baho serves the needs of customers in more than 15 countries in Europe. The management team at Baho remained upon acquisition and was integrated into the OSI food solution management team. The two groups worked together to develop an overall management strategy to bring the two food service entities together into one cohesive and seamless unit. Both groups were very excited about the acquisition, realizing it was beneficial for both entities.

The success of OSI food solutions is dependent on one additional aspect and that is the strength of the team they assemble. It is important to OSI to seek out the best and brightest the world has to offer. The offer a working culture and environment of support and challenge and allow team members to grow and become the best they can be. OSI firmly believes that each person can make a difference, as they add their talent, as well as their experience to the workings of the company. It does not matter if potential candidates are fresh out of the gate or with experience under their belt; OSI has a place for team members to grow.

The philosophy of the company is to grow globally, but work locally. OSI food solutions works best when the team takes advantage of the local talent while being sensitive to local culture and the rules and regulations that govern such a venture. It is important to OSI to embrace the local population and always work to fill their needs.


The importance of creating a company with the right values start at the top and stays there. Dave Farbaky, CEO of Aloha Construction, understands the importance of being a leader in the community along with guiding his company.

The careers page at the Aloha Construction website offers individuals an opportunity to join a family. The construction company looks for team members with an entrepreneurial spirit. This type of long-term philosophy enables the company to cultivate a better employee. The company wants a worker who sees the significance of doing good for the people around them.

The mission statement for Aloha Construction conveys the DNA of the company precisely. Making money is a priority however, responsibility to their customers come first.

The BBB has given its prestigious Torch Award to Aloha Construction for 2017. The award honors companies which know how to do business the right way. Organizations who see the impact of community and employees on their bottom line, receive the esteemed award.

Several charitable organizations are the focus of Aloha Construction. Dave Farbaky considers youth sports an excellent choice to give back to his community.

  • Central Illinois Flying Aces USHL Hockey. The construction company is a corporate partner with the hockey team and more importantly a big fan. Aloha encourages the community to support the team by joining the Booster club. The mission is to provide opportunities to become successful.
  • Lake Zurich High School Football. Aloha Construction is an active sponsor for the local football team. The company urges anyone interested in helping the club to join the Bear Booster Club. Farbaky can see no better way to give back to his community, than by supporting the local teams.
  • Omni Youth Services. Farbaky and his construction company focus a large part of their efforts on the youth of their community. Omni Health Services is a behavioral health organization concentrating on children and adolescents on Chicago’s north side. Omni helps the members to learn life skills. Each year Farbaky gives four girls an exciting shopping spree. The children are allowed to grab as much as they can in ninety seconds from the shelves of Learning Express.

Aloha Construction is practicing what it preaches.

The former head of macro products Mike Bagguley has been promoted by Barclays to be the Chief Operation Officer for the investment bank. Mike comes in to replace Justin Bull. Mike Bagguley will start working immediately in his new role. Bagguley will directly report to Tom King, the chief of the investment bank. His central task will be to accelerate the delivery of the strategic overhaul of the bank that was established last year. The strategic reform was announced in 2014. The strategy made the bank to transfer 90 billion pounds of risk-weighted assets to a non-core unit. In addition to this, Barclays streamlined its leading investment banking operations and started a three-year program to cut short 7,000 jobs.

Bagguley started working with the Macro Products Group last year. His position at the macro products was after there was a division as part of the strategic overhaul. The company gathers distribution and trading across credit, rates, commodities, and foreign exchange in trying to rationalize operations in an organization that has been battered by a cyclical and structural decline. Bagguley assisted in steering a minor turnaround when he was in charge of the division. The revenues of the macro’s third quarter were up by 3% in 2014 levels at £485m, while the overall fixed returns were down by 2%.

Mike Bagguley is the Chief Operating Officer of Barclays PLC’s investment bank since November 2015. Besides, Mike works at Barclays Capital as the global head and Managing Director of U.S Dollar Derivatives trading/FX Trading. Since May 2013, Mr. Bagguley has served as the head of Foreign Exchange and commodities at Barclays PLC. Moreover, Mike Bagguley was accountable for strategic positioning including all aspects of risk of FX franchise internationally for Barclays Capital. Since 2001, Mike has been in different positions including head of Interest Rates as well as Head of FX Cash Trading in Fixed Income Division of Barclays Capital in New York. In this division, Mike was responsible for U.S Dollar interest rate swap and U.S Treasury. Mike Bagguley is a shareholder Representative Director at LCH, Clearnet Group Ltd since 2011. Mike graduated in 1988 from the University of Warwick with a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. All these information was extracted from Mike’s Crunchbase page.

Stream Energy has been working with the community in Texas for a long time, always playing their part to help out and donate to charities. When Harvey struck, Stream Energy was one of the first to chip in and start providing relief to the victims of the hurricane. Not only has the company’s efforts helped thousands of people, but it has brought them a lot of positive attention and new customers for their dedication to help the very people they serve. Stream has even started a more focused philanthropic effort known as Stream Cares in recent years.

According to Stream Energy, giving back to the community is part of what the company does and it will always be integral to their code. Even more than that, it is a smart move for any business to be supportive and helpful to their community and their customers. Even though they started up Stream Cares, it is just to create a more formal process for their philanthropic work, since Stream Energy has been active humanitarians for more than a decade. One of the biggest reasons Stream Energy is able to give so much back is the marketing techniques that have saved them a great deal of money, which go towards improving their services and helping the Texas community.

Stream is following a rather unique business model in terms of what most corporations do these days, but it is extremely effective for them. The philanthropy that they perform around the community helps build their image and their brand, building up their clientele base as well as giving them loyalty within the community. Stream Energy works with both residential spaces as well as commercial. Because the company operates through direct sales, they save a lot of money not having to advertise their brand, especially since they have such a strong reputation in the community already.

HCR Wealth Advisors calls Los Angeles, California home, although the company has clients across the country. For twenty-five years, the registered investment advisory firm has pushed itself to serve clients with the superior customer service. Because of this, the firm has earned a lot of customers that have developed working relationships with the firm of over ten years.

According to Whale Wisdom, customer service is what HCR Wealth Advisors specializes in. Whether a client is needing to rebuild their life after divorce or if a client is looking to sell some of their assets or even if a client is looking to pass down some of their assets, this company seeks to lead in customer service. Their service has kept them in business for three decades. The company has done really well with keeping communication open between advisor and client. The company established trust and transparency in all of their business dealings with clients. Education is a prime key. The company is well aware that educating the client on how to reach their financial goals is important if they are to reach those goals.

Confidentiality is another factor HCR Wealth Advisors does a good job at. They know the importance of protecting a client’s information and business. All of their work is kept secure to address potential hacking or cybersecurity threats. They protect clients against the risky ride of investments. They make sure to fully educate clients over the pros and cons of a certain investment.

HCR Wealth Advisors (@hcrwealth) has a bright future ahead of it as a company. They will continue to place the customer first. They will continue to build strong solid relationships with customers. They will continue to equip clients with the education to have a bright future. Mostly, they will continue managing and guiding customers to help them reach their ultimate financial goals with guided risks like investments.


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The education that Paul Mampilly got he has put it in good uses in financial firms, especially the MBA that he got from Fordham University. In 1991, he offered his services to the Bankers Trust as the portfolio manager. Through the firm, he made good use of it to gain the needed knowledge and experience when it comes to what takes place in investing that was of help in obtaining the position at Deutsche Bank and ING. After seeing that Paul Mampilly would be an investment to a company the billion-dollar corporations hired him. He later moved to Kinetics Assets Management, where he took the place of the Hedge funds. He was the reason why the company grew the assets to get the $25 billion.

Eventually, the idea of making other people rich didn’t go well with him and the time that he spent at home was less too. Today, he still offers his services to the people when it comes to their finances needs, and even he researches on the investment available. For the ordinary people, they will benefit from him because he can teach them how they can make money. With the cash that they have. Paul Mampilly will guide them on ways they can use just that to live a better life and secure their future. The newsletter that Paul Mampilly will write is all about offering the people with advice and tips they can use to invest that will be of help every day.

From the time he joined Banyan Hill in 2016 the number of people that have signed up for the newsletters increased to over 90,000. In the newsletter, they will be a particular investment opportunity every month. The other thing that he will be responsible for apart from the writing is taking care of the two elite trading services that include the Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum and weekly bases he will write a page that will talk about winning investors daily. The background that he got has been of help when it comes to the offering of advice to his readers because he knows very well how the finances take places.

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Ann Scango is an Austin Texas artist and sculptor who produces many different texturally complex creations that have become recognized all across the state of Texas. Ann Scango is very focused on the natural presence of things and how humans interact with nature and their environment. She has been producing art since she was very young, but it took time for her experiences and passions to culminate in her founding of the Scango Collection Austin, which houses a collection of all-female art pieces. In hopes of advancing human creativity as a whole, Ann Scango continuously searches for new, thoughtful and evocative pieces to add to her gallery.

Love part 2

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Aside from launching her own gallery, Ann Scango is particularly passionate about motherhood and its transformative nature and deep emotional impact on people, particularly women. In her view, there are few things that compare to the intimacy and sacrifice in the life and role of a mother and that makes it a font for creative energy. Motherhood in itself is a creative process and therefore naturally lends itself to art in all forms. Be it the joy of new life and bonding, the pain of losing a child, or simply its overpowering and physically transformative nature, motherhood is strongly represented in art throughout human history.

Image result for contemporary artAnn Scango’s view of these subjects of art is that the most intense pieces come from strong women who have experienced motherhood themselves and can add the depth an and d passion of their experiences into the art they create. In turn, these pieces while beautiful in their own right, cannot be fully appreciated in their complexity and depth unless one has personally experienced motherhood. Despite that, Ann Scango feels that artwork depicting motherhood needs to be displayed more often in our society, which played a part in her decision to found Scango Collection Austin.

What are the factors that one should consider when starting a business? Most people will say the returns of the products. As much as the aim of every business person is to accrue massive profits and make a name for themselves, there are other meaningful objectives that noble investors have. For instance, Guilherme Paulus aim has been to grow the state of Brazil through tourism. Today, he is among the Forbes Millionaires.

Guilherme Paulus is the Chairman and Co-founder of CVC. They began the firm with another business person, who quit business along the way. Nevertheless, Paulus continued with his passion, and he has been moving in the right path. CVC has multiple branches in the country. Thanks to their services and his determination, the firm has improved the Gross Domestic Product of Brazil. The living standards of the citizens have significantly improved. This is in relation to the many employment opportunities that they are enjoying from CVC.

Guilherme Paulus says that his primary objective is to ensure that he continues to boost the economy of Brazil and finish the unemployment problem. This factor has led to Paulus being listed among the influential men in Brazil. His efforts have also been recognized and awarded. For instance, he was named the entrepreneur of the year.

Guilherme Paulus has continued to invest in the hospitality sector by launching the GJP hotels. The GJP hotels are the most prestigious hotels in Brazil. They are all over the state. Paulus has opened multiple branches to ensure he reaches all customers in the nation. GJP is working closely with CVC. GJP has all the luxury facilities that tourists may need. This includes the gym facilities, shopping facilities, and other amenities.

In an interview, Paulus revealed that the secret of being successful in the hospitality sector is exceeding the expectations of the clients. It is providing quality goods and services to your clients and going the extra mile for them. This applies to all other ventures. He also advises the young investors to focus on doing what they love. Determination and diligence are also necessary tools for accomplishing goals.

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