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When it comes to mergers and acquisitions, Jeremy Goldstein is the most sought-after lawyer in the United States. He was able to establish a reliable network of clients who are among the top companies in the United States. Through the years, he was able to acquire a lot of experiences by practicing his profession, and he felt a little pressure as he represents some of the biggest companies in the world. He became a chairman for one of the committees under the American Bar Association, and he was recognized for his contributions in the legal industry. He graduated from the Cornell University, the University of Chicago, and the New York University where he received his Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, and Juris Doctor Degree.


Jeremy Goldstein stated that most lawyers are facing issues when it comes to dealing with their clients. He highlighted the importance of taking care of the clients by providing them with updates about their cases and doing his best in providing a satisfying resolution to their problems. In the long run, he was able to establish an extensive network of clients because of how the positive reviews that his law firm receives from his previous clients. Jeremy Goldstein was able to amass a huge amount of profit, thanks to his clients who are ready to pay him large sums of money for representing them in court. He is also earning money by being a legal consultant.


Despite the success that he is currently experiencing, Jeremy Goldstein admitted that he is still doubting himself. He is trying his best to keep his composure when he is inside the court, and he is showing his clients that he is confident in defending them. Jeremy Goldstein stated that he managed to get his first client through referrals, and since then, he keeps on taking more clients who are asking for legal assistance. However, he is making sure that all of the cases that he handles are within his knowledge. It is difficult for him to resolve the cases that are far from his specialization, but occasionally, he tries taking them in to increase his knowledge about these cases.


Jeremy Goldstein demonstrated how success looks like, and he is happy knowing that many people are still trusting his expertise. When he is not busy working as a lawyer, he sponsors exquisite dinners for affluent people and raising funds for his chosen organization. Jeremy Goldstein recently hosted a charity dinner which will benefit the Fountain House, an organization that is looking after mentally-disabled people. Jeremy Goldstein stated that he chose the Fountain House because he has compassion with people who are mentally incapacitated, and he assured the foundation that he will be doing his best to support them with their goals.


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Luke Lazarus has become one of the most well-known and identifiable business consultants in Australia today, and his track record of successes has made him one of the most sought-after consultants as well. Luke Lazarus is known for helping his clients build businesses with a solid foundation and give the competition a tough run for their money.

The business guidance provided by Luke Lazarus is known to be very effective, and many failing or stagnant businesses have been able to get back on the path of recovery and growth after his business inputs were implemented. One of the major reasons why Luke Lazarus has achieved success in the field of business consulting is that he is a successful businessman and entrepreneur himself and was a millionaire himself by the time he turned 33.

Getting the experience of running a business successfully and the many challenges that he had to overcome to achieve success have provided him with comprehensive knowledge of how to manage a business. It is this knowledge and experience that he shares with his clients today, who are unable to face a growing competition or build a brand that they had in mind.

There are often points of influence in any target market that many new businesses and start-ups fail to notice, due to lack of perspective, business maturity, or experience and it is what Luke Lazarus identifies immediately.

Luke Lazarus has worked with businesses in numerous sectors over the years, which has helped him understand how to find the pain points in business that is causing the company to let the competition take over. Read more:Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO andLuke Lazarus | Business

Luke Lazarus streamlines the business operation and management, redesigns the marketing and sales strategies, implements efficient cost-cutting and budgeting measures, and defines short-term and long-term goals for the businesses after thorough consultation with the business management.

One of the reasons why all his clients trust Luke Lazarus with his decisions is because he has years of experience and a track record of successes backing him. The inputs that he has provided his clients over the years has proven to create history for his clients, who were otherwise on the brink of closure at times.

He understands how consumers think and allow his clients to tell a story that people will be able to connect to. When people connect to the story, they will be more willing to purchase from them. He also helps his clients to present their story to potential investors so that they can invest in it.

Thus, whether it is a start-up or a big brand, Luke Lazarus can customize his services to provide their customers with everything they need to be profitable. It is best to consult with him sooner than later.

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Serge Belamant is not a name many people know today. However, it can be accurately predicted that in the near future, he will be as famous as some of the biggest names in the online sector today such as Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos. This is because he is the founder of the biggest technology of the future which has the capability of disrupting the current economic system; blockchain technology. Initially, the purpose of blockchain technology was to provide aid in the financial services sector. The purpose behind it was to increase the level of transparency, accuracy and the security of the providers of the services as well as those who are at the receiving end of the services.

Read more: Serge Belamant Is Leading the Charge in Disruptive Technology

The monetary transactions which take place all over the world each year can number of figures as high as $100 trillion. On top of it, the financial transactions which take place all over the globe are valued at 150 million per second. One of the most important aspects here, in this case, is to verify the identification of the parties on both sides. There are multiple measures which are designed for this. There is also an independent party at the place here in order to verify the identification of both sides. The brainchild of Serge Belamant can prove to be a revolutionary aspect here in this case. However, the utility of the creation of Serge Belamant does not end here. It can prove to be very promising in many other areas. The blockchain technology can prove to be highly efficient in the area of increasing the speed as well as the efficiency of the global markets. It can also help incredibly in the area of cost reduction, smart contracts and so on. Serge Belamant can be called the founder of the blockchain technology is due to the fact that he was the one who filed a patent for the rights of the blockchain technology. Supply Chain Management (SCM) of many companies can also be enhanced in multiple manners as a result of blockchain technology. All in all, blockchain technology has various useful potentials for the future.

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It should come as no surprise to anyone in our current society that there is a huge issue with student loan debt in the United States of America. Although the average education level of individual citizen is tentatively rising, the average per person student debt has unequivocally never been higher. Television and film producer Bennett Graebner has worked on many successful projects including, most notably, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette (Mylife). 

He is most well-known in his production style for the manner in which he presents stories and creates a flow of the narrative that draws viewers in. While at least two of his shows follow a generally set protocol and sequence of events, Graebner has to draw on his inner creativity and that of those working with him to showcase real life events in the most enticing manner possible. Educated at Vassar College, Graebner pledged Phi Beta Kappa and earned an undergraduate degree in English. 

Realizing that the English degree was not going to entirely fulfill his creative drive, Graebner continued on his educational journey by enrolling in the University of Southern California to earn his MFA. During his tenure at the school, he was able to maximize his time by meeting film professionals, endeavoring in creative collaborations with other film students, and honing his craft from a learning perspective. As a demonstration of gratitude for all that he learned while studying at the prestigious cinematic institute, Graebner has remained an active member in USC alumni network

Bennett Graebner is a native of Buffalo, New York. As a husband and father of two who now resides in Los Angeles, Graebner is devoted to his two flagship shows while also perpetuating the growth and development of other television projects. Recently when interviewed about how his average day begins and remains productive, Bennett Graebner detailed how he begins the day with a 4-mile run somewhere around 6 am. Post-exercise and shower, there are copious amounts of coffee to ensure he is bright-eyed to begin a day that is sure to be filled with problem solving triage. As the day continues, Graebner is consistently on the lookout for ideas. 

He completely opens his mind to the sources they may come from, as well. He credits a huge range of people and things, from the New York Times to NPR to friends and even characters on various television shows to sparking ideas within him.
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When you need to conduct transactions online, Allied Wallet is a leader in the e-commerce industry. When merchants need an international, reputable company for credit card processing and mobile payments, Allied Wallet has their back. The idea for the company came about in 2002, and it was officially established in 2005 by CEO Andy Khawaja, and was initially operating from its first location in California. Since its inception, Allied Wallet has various offices in London, Macau, and Hong Kong (Financeyahoo). 

Over 150 million customers utilize the services of this digital payment processing pioneer, which offers programs for prepaid cards, digital wallets, and secure payments. In addition to running Allied, CEO Andy Khawaja is committed to consulting for global banking, making appearances at conferences, and philanthropy. Allied Wallet along with Mr. Khawaja is a supporter of esteemed foundations and organizations like the Wounded Warrior Project and Brent Shapiro Foundation. Andy Khawaja is a leader, competent motivational speaker, and innovator who earned his Doctorate of Philosophy from Lebanese American University.

Allied Wallet continues to stand out among the competition for being forward thinking and integrating its services with other platforms. Currently, Allied Wallet serves over 196 countries, and has even added the popular WeChat Pay to its platform. Companies like China are showing explosive growth and demand in the market for making and receiving online payments. Instead of losing customers, Allied Wallet makes itself valuable for its digital e-wallet. 

Using a secure, trusted platform to shop online, protect sensitive information, and send money to friends or family seamlessly is highly attractive. Customers don’t juggle between platforms, as Allied Wallet has developed itself to work with similar, popular online services. As countless people around the world move away from cash and utilize digital online payment services, Allied Wallet looks forward to a future integrating and expanding alongside various platforms to connect sellers and buyers worldwide.


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When it comes to neurology and health, Neurocore is a company that exists to address specific issues on this milieu. Indeed, Neurocore, which was founded in 2004, has opened its Neurocore Brain Performance Centers.


These centers, which are located in Michigan and Florida, have brain-focused assessments as well as training programs for adults and children. Neurocore is one of the top authorities in the neuroscience milieu. The two centers that Neurocore runs has allowed for the use of EEG, neurofeedback and qEEG. Neurocore helps to work to fight sleep disorders and to boost mental acuity. Neurocore works many patients to manage their stress levels. Neurocore uses neurofeedback by directly melding it with something called heart rate variability (HRV) training. HRV is a form of biofeedback.


Indeed, Neurocore works with clients by retraining the brain in the subconscious section. It works by regulating the patient’s breathing patterns. A company like Neurocore uses these specific breathing practices as part of this retraining. The patients who visit the Neurocore centers can work to improve their minds and bodies. Neurocore taps into the latest technology to help its patients strengthen the many connections of the mind and body.


On the website,, an article was posted concerning Neurocore and the specific work they did with many ADHD patients, which is topical and relevant to the big issues of the day. Additionally, there have been thousands of children who have been noted to have had many fewer symptoms while using Neurocore. also noted that over 50 percent of children at Neurocore were reported to no longer have ADHD. Indeed, NeuroCore helps patients with assessing their brain performance as well as lessening sleep disorders that people who go to Neurocore may have.


For those who visit the Boca Raton, Florida or the Livonia, Michigan location, patients can work to really thrive with without drugs of any kind. There is also the Neurocore Thrive program, which is an at-home neurofeedback program. With Neurocore Thrive you can strengthen your brain anywhere, anytime, which is convenient in many ways.


Neurocore Thrive starts by doing an assessment to pinpoint the underlying causes for your lack of acuity and focus. This assessment also studies people’s stress levels, sleep issues and much more. By Neurocore analyzing the info that a clients brain gives them during for the Thrive program, Neurocore can develop a unique Thrive training program that’s personalized.

One of the most brilliant tech minds of the past 20 years is Andrey Andreev. The Russian has made a fortune creating a variety of websites that are focused on dating. He has found great success doing this. In fact, he is now worth well over $2 billion. He started to make money online when he was just a teenager. He founded a company called Virus that sold various computers and parts. The business exploded and two years later he was offered a lot of money to sell it (Crunchbase). 

Andreev went on to be the driving force behind Wamba. The dating site now has more than eight million people using it. That is more than all of the other dating sites that are currently operating in Russia. Also, Andrey Andreev is Badoo´s founder. This site has become wildly popular in many different countries. It can be said that Wamba and Badoo are two of the biggest dating sites in the world. 

However, he was not finished yet. There are a whole lot other interests and business projects ahead: he also had an idea for yet another dating site that would be aimed at women. He decided to call it Bumble. Andrey Andreev soon had another hit on his hands. Few people in the tech world have had the enormous amount of success that Andreev has been able to enjoy. He has shown that hard work does indeed pay off. One of the reasons that he has been able to become so successful is by hiring many top people to work for him. 

He believes that surrounding yourself with talent is very important when you are starting a new site. This is why Andrey was always seeking out executives and creative people who would enhance his various business ventures. This strategy has paid off in a very big way. Andrey Andreev got interested in computers as a very young boy. He had no idea that this would transform his life and make him one of the richest men in the world. He has remained very humble despite his massive success. He treats his employees well.


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Flavio Maluf’s family founded the prominent company Eucatex in 1951. Eucatex had become the fore-runners in their industry by uniquely creating a recycling plant meshed with their production of building supplies. They creatively took advantage of the readily available supply of Eucalyptus native to the Brazilian region, used those resources to manufacture environmentally friendly building supplies, setting Eucatex 10 steps ahead of their competitors and dominating the industry. Read more about Flavio at

Flavio was born December 2, 1961, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Eventually, Flavio became president of his family’s company however, it was not just given to him. Flavio Maluf rightfully navigated through the ranks of his family’s company with hard work, determination and drive. Maluf graduated from an esteemed local University in Brazil, FAAF as a mechanical engineer. He furthered his education by studying administration here in the states at NYU then Maluf started working within his family’s company in 1987. Despite the extensive education he secured. Maluf started out at a very low-level job position. Nearly 10 years later his uncle approved Maluf’s involvement as an executive of the Eucatex Group.

This advancement subsequently lead to Malufs position as president in 1997 only after Maluf showed and proved how he could be an asset to the company. Eucatex was started by Flavio’s family nonetheless, it was Flavio Maluf with his trendy, modern and innovative ideas that resulted in Eucatex soaring leaps and bounds above their competitors. Maluf’s strategic business plans such as his fire prevention program, community employment program and proper forest management just to name a few have all attributed to Maluf’s ability to expand Eucatex from one facility to two. Eucatex continues to be ahead of the game and with Maluf’s mastermind who knows where they will be 10 years from now. Connect:

Gustavo Martinez career history



Gustavo Martinez began his career in 1986 at Henkel Iberica. He was the product manager of the household products division. He has been in the marketing and advertising arena for the past 35 years.



In 1991 he worked with Price Water house as an administrator. Gustavo Martinez joined McCann in 1994. He worked with the organization for five years dealing with advertising, marketing, and healthcare.



In 1999 he was employed by Ogilvy & Mather as the commander in chief. His passion for working and getting more experience did not end there, he moved to JWT as the administrator, and in 2015 he becomes the Chief Executive Officer to J. Walter Thompson institution.



Gustavo Martinez apart from being a dedicated team member, he loves sports. The main game he is passionate about is golf and ski. He plays together with his family.



Interview review



At the start of his interview, he gave the meaning to the word consultant. He said that a consultant refers to a liberated advisor who offers high-end facilities at planned and operational levels.



He said that people from other industries need to know in regards to marketing business is creativity when it comes to marketing the agency.



His typical day involves waking up at 7.00 am, have breakfast with his family, read through emails and flick through the day’s news concerning the business. He works from 9 AM to 7 pm.



Gustavo Martinez, during an interview, said that he brings his ideas into life through being creative. His team members are so diverse and offer solutions to issues. He is designated to keep people inspired by doing so he keeps fit people in position. Recognizing people’s effort when they do something useful is a motivator to the people.



One of the trends that make Gustavo fascinated is the internet of things. The Internet has helped traders advertise what they are selling online for consumers to access quickly.



Gustavo Martinez habit that makes him a productive investor is his listening skills. He is an active listener. Generosity is also a key element to success. Making everyone you are with feel they are essential.



His advice to the young would be patience and always be willing to learn from other successful individuals.



Gustavo advocates for charity. Charity should not be done to be viewed as the right person, it should not be advertised, and names should not be written when donating. Being liberal is always the key to success.



His business has always grown because they employ top talents in the organization. They pay top dollar to get the best employees. Recruitment for new employees in his organization can be termed as ruthless, but all they need is to be with the best talent in the team.


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Ted Bauman has been working within the finance and investment sectors for most of his career. He was born in the United States in Washington, D.C. but moved to South Africa when he was younger. He received undergraduate degrees in economics and history while attending the University of Cape Town. After this, he began to serve with various nonprofits in the nation as a fund manager. His work with Slum Dwellers International has helped to improve the lives of millions of people, and he has helped many other people in other ways during his time working in the nonprofit sector.

Ted Bauman later began to work with the governments of various countries, including the South African government. He also served as a consultant for the United Nations. Over the years, he has had many opportunities to see the world of economics and politics in a way that not many people get a chance to. After working overseas for many years, he moved back to the USA where he went to work with Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013. He now serves as the editor of The Bauman Letter, Plan B Club, and Alpha Stock Alert and has thousands of subscribers. Read more about Ted Bauman at

Ted Bauman does a lot of research during any given day, and he pays close attention to the news also. As a finance and investing writer, he needs to know how the stock market is doing and any other news related to the financial sector. He has learned that he needs to make his articles interesting so people will want to read more about mundane topics. A couple of his specialties include asset protection and low-risk investing strategies, and helps people to understand these concepts by putting together content that is practical and understandable.

Ted Bauman was recently asked how he got started in the business he is in and what inspired him to do so. He commented that he has always wanted to help other people in any way he can and that he is glad that he knows so much about the world of finance. Over the years, he has become more interested in helping people to protect their rights from large corporations and governments, and this is exactly what he continues to do to this very day.

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