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Betsy DeVos isn’t being herself if she isn’t making people turn their heads. She has always been the kind of woman to march to the beat of her own drum and has been working to improve the educational system in the U.S.A. for many years. She recently made headlines when she made a surprise appearance with Armando Christian Pérez at a charter school he started up. Most people are more familiar with Pérez’s rap name, which is Pitbull. DeVos is a conservative Christian, but she decided to appear with Pitbull in order to help promote his charter school and charter schools in general.


Betsy DeVos believes that charter schools can offer educational options to those who are looking for more than the public school system is offering. She also believes that private schools and homeschooling are viable alternatives. In the past, she has been a part of many different organizations that have worked to change the minds of Americans and especially those who make laws. DeVos feels that the educational choice movement, which she has been a part of for most of her life, is making huge strides. In Florida, the movement has managed to help pass legislation that is allowing thousands of students to attend a school that their family picked out.


Betsy DeVos served on the boards of the American Education Reform Council and Children First America in the 1990s. These groups were focused on passing laws that allowed tax credits and vouchers to ease the burden of the costs of private and charter schools. Later on, she was involved with the Great Lakes Education Project, which was a political action committee that worked to reform the educational system by supporting charter schools. The committee did so well that DeVos was inspired to take the fight for educational freedom national, which has yielded many positive results.


Betsy DeVos was born in Holland, Michigan into a wealthy family. Her father, Edgar Prince, was a billionaire who ran an auto parts company, and she worked at her father’s stores when she was younger. DeVos attended a private Christian high school and went on to attend a private Christian college by the name of Calvin College. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in business economics while there, and she also became very interested in politics during this time.


Betsy DeVos now serves the United States as its secretary of education. She has already been working on creating better school system for every student in the nation. She has already worked with many states in the country to help pass educational choice legislation and has seen the greatest improvement in Florida. Looking into the future, she has the simple wish that one day every student in the country will be able to attend a school that their family chooses.


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Randal Nardone is the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group. The company was started in 1998. Under his leadership, Fortress has expanded to the asset management sector. Randal Nardone is commonly known as Randy J.D by his colleagues. He became the chief executive officer for the company in 2013. He is one of the principals at Fortress and oversees daily operations. He described as a humble person who interacts with employees. He is also the Chairman and President of Springleaf Financial Holdings. He was the secretary of Newcastle Investment Group from 2002 to 2016. He served as the managing director for UBS and principal for Blackrock Financial Management. Randal Nardone attended Boston University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in arts in English and biology. During his free time, he advises people on investment decisions. Employees working at Fortress Investment Group say good things about the firm. It is a good place to learn about the industry and develop your career.

Moreover, leaders are willing to help employees, and this helps them navigate the industry. The firm has smart employees who work as a team. You can grow your career and form great friendships at the same time. The pay is good, and employees share views freely. Fortress has an open communication network and encourages employees to express themselves without fear. The communication network allows the firm to get authentic feedback and knows areas that need improvement. The work ethic is phenomenal, and the management cultivates an environment where everyone is appreciated.

The firm understands that without employees they cannot do anything and puts effort to appreciate employees. They are given incentives and promotions when they perform well. Unlike other companies that claim victory for work done and abandon employees, Fortress is different. When Softbank bought Fortress Investment Group, Randal said that he was pleased with how things turned out. Randal , Wes Edens, and Peter Briger agreed to continue leading Fortress. Randal Nardone said that he wanted Fortress to retain control of daily operations. He is confident about a good future for Fortress. Randal Nardone works closely with other partners to run the affairs of the company.

Mike Nierenberg has worked with bear Stearns this began in 1994. He held positions at JP Morgan. Many positions help him acquire the knowledge needed to excel in the mortgage business. He also worked at Lehman Brothers to help build their mortgage business. He worked at Lehman Brothers for seven years. As of 2013, Mike Nierenberg became the CEO of New Residential Investment Corporation (NR). It is the company who is worth over $6 billion. As CEO, he has participated in a lot of earnings conference calls that would inform many financial news institutions regarding earnings made by NR. Mortgage servicing rights have been a staple in the NR portfolio.

Mike Nierenberg show confidence in his company in 2014 when he purchased 1 million shares of NR’s stocks that was worth at that time $6 million. For investors who noticed Nierenberg’s investment in his own company, it is normally a good sign to see a significant amount of stocks being purchased by a leader of the company, because it could translate to the company will do well. The stock may be considered undervalued, but it is a good sign that an individual investor might follow. Many people who follows the top leadership at a company such as Mike Nierenberg usually translates to making money, because top leaders are not investing large sums of money expecting to lose money.

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Paul Mampilly launched Profits Unlimited newsletter in an effort to help Americans to make money. The newsletter has attracted over 60,000 subscribers. He is now off Wall Street and he is at the main street providing his investment recommendations. People are always eager to read Paul Mampilly’s advice because of his success. In 2009, he emerged the winner of the Templeton Foundation’s investment competition. He had invested $50 million which yielded $88 million. That made him to attract the attention of many aspiring investors and industry experts. Paul Mampilly’s newsletter is detailed and useful. He breaks it down in a way that it is easily understandable. He writes it in a way that demonstrates his unique passion about helping others.

Profits Unlimited is published by Banyan Hill Publishing. Rather than doing everything for his newsletter subscribers, he prefers empowering them. He teaches them on how to be a smart investor and how to set up and use your own brokerage account. Another perk that keeps subscribers streaming in is the monthly briefings. His subscribers gets to know when they should trade, reasons to trade and instructions on what to do through the briefings. He keeps them updated on the latest stocks. The investment specialist posted an example of what to expect from Profits Unlimited on the Banyan Hill website. He keeps reminding everyone who gives a hearing ear that he leverages decades of experience and his financial knowledge to guide them through investments.

He made surprising investments that turned out to be very successful. He invested in Sarepta Therapeutics when it developed a pharmaceutical treatment for muscular dystrophy and the investment turned out to be highly rewarding. He is great in identifying companies with great potential. About Paul Mampilly hails from India. However, he has been living in the United States since he was a young boy. He has over 20 years of experience in the Wall Street. He started his career in 1991 working at Deutsche Bank. He also worked at the Royal Bank of Scotland where he was responsible for account management. He also served at Kinetics International Fund. Although he is retired, he continues to help Main Street Americans make money through his Profits Unlimited newsletter. He has won many awards and he has been featured in various television broadcasts as well as talk shows.


Agera Energy has many different plans available to its customers, including an all-wind plan for those who are concerned about the environment. And, it makes sure that it always gives its customers what they want by taking the time to listen to them. The company is not pushy, but it wants its customers to know that it is there for them and is always putting them first. And, it has gained nearly 2 million customers because of the way that it treats them and the transparent energy service that it provides for them.

Agera Energy was founded in 2014 when things were just right for an energy company to start, and that is why it has grown so much so quickly. It has acquired a few energy companies through the years and offers its customers energy from natural gas, wind, and more. Agera Energy tries to be valuable to its customers in all of its interactions with them and the services that it provides for them. Agera Energy knows that its customers want to make the right decisions in regard to how much they are paying for an energy service, and it offers each of them a plan that they can afford.

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Rick Cofer is an experienced attorney in matters dealing with crime. These include drunk driving, drug possession, sexual assault, robbery, murder and family violence. Rick Cofer is an active member of the Austin community. He has served in different non-profit and also government posts.

Rick Cofer, Plastic bag ban.

In the summer of 2018, residents of Austin were disappointed after a Texas Supreme Court made a highly controversial decision of quashing single use of plastic bags. Contrary to this decision, many Austin residents pledged to carry on with the highly popular plastic bag ban regardless. Rick Cofer was among these residents.

Rick spearheaded the movement of plastic ban movement in Austin. He is well conversant with the problems associated with the use of plastic bags. This is because he is in the board of Pease park conservancy and Austin Park Recreation. He has also served in the solid waste Advisory Commission. He understands well the challenges associated with plastic littering.

Good attorneys are helpful when trying to understand a matter that is complicated. Some matters need extreme brainstorming in order to come up with sober decisions. In this case, the plastic ban was a complicated matter. But with the guide, if Rick Cofer, who aided in the construction of a timeline made things less complicated. This indeed proved to be a beneficial tool.

Rick Cofer and the Kind Clinic.

Austin is a city known for many things. According to chronicleweek, among these are a welcoming nature and open-mindedness. It is the most popular place to reside for those who associate themselves with the LGBTQ movement. This movement has led to the need for affordable and comprehensive care within the city.

The population of Austin continues to grow. In the near future, the city will be bursting with population. Therefore, when it comes to sensitive matters like dealing with health, adequate preparations must be made to ensure Austines do not end up suffering. The population should receive all the essential amenities without a struggle. According to Rick Cofer, even minority communities like the LGBTQ should have easy access to proper healthcare services and amenities.

On October 27, 2018, sponsors of Kind Clinic and Rick Cofer Law office assisted in putting up a Halloween ball in order to benefit the LGBTQ health care needs and the community. This ball helped raise funds for the movement. These funds were to help the LGBTQ cater for their needs. These needs primarily were healthcare needs and other services.

The Kind clinic offers services to different people including lesbians, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or intersex. For more information, you can always Contact Kind when you need an empathetic and caring legal representation in a court of law contact, Rick Cofer Law Office.

One of the most significant parts of an economy, a country, and the world is the stock market. It plays a crucial and vital role when it comes to the growth of the economy and the rise of the industry. The economy of a country is greatly affected by the commerce of the country to a very high extent. In order to be able to keep a close watch of the stock market and how it affects the economy, the government, as well as the primary banks of a country, watch the stock market on a daily basis. In addition to this, an investor’s point of view is just as significant as the industry’s point of view. According to Mike Nierenberg, as the Chief Executive Officer and President of New Residential Investment Corp since November 2013, the company has been focusing on investments and other segments that also include investments and mortgage securities loans since the year of 2011.

Share, Rise, and Expand

The main source for a company when it comes to raising funds to expand their businesses or in setting up their new business venture, they would have to issue shares through the stock market or to take a loan from the bank or any financial organization. The stock market is known to provide funds since it issues shares which makes it part of the ownership of a certain company. Under the management of Mike Nierenberg, the company New Residential Investment Corp. has been one the leading and top management in the business world.

The managers and employees at New Residential Investment Corp. have sufficient background when it comes to business and when their clients invest and buys, they do it with full effort and ensures good returns. The main reason that a person invests and risks their hard-earned cash in purchasing stock in the open market that they expect that it will make more money out of it. About New Residential Investment Corp. has servicing related assets that incorporate servicer advances, MSRs, and more. The company is able to buy rated bonds that are secured through its servicer advances that are emerged by transacting and are funded by mortgage servicers. Click here.


Bhanu Choudhrie has achieved a lot of success in his career. He is the founder and chief executive officer of the famous C&C Alpha Group. He moved to the United Kingdom in 2000, and he quickly adopted the way of life of people in the country. The passion for business that the duo had led him towards launching his venture. He has continued to operate his business based on the morals and customs of the people of the country. Besides, he has also striven to exercise diversity in all his operations and he majorly focuses towards ensuring that he caters for the needs of people in various fields. As a result, he has brought diversity in his venture, which focuses on the real estate sector, agriculture, health, and banking.

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Through the vast knowledge that Choudhrie holds in the field of business, he has also taken the initiative of launching another different firm that focuses towards offering advisory services to banking institutions and every interested party. Through the firm, the successful entrepreneur seeks to identify the key issues that people in the industry go through, with the aim of coming up with better ways to handle them. Besides, the duo and his team also play a significant role in helping clients acquire knowledge on how they can spend cash that they borrow from banking intuitions. Bhanu Choudhrie seeks to bring development to the entire world through laying to the table the knowledge he has acquired since the beginning of his career.

Additionally, the Bhanu Choudhrie has also focused towards the personal growth of his workers as well as that of other people in the society. He seeks to help people meet their dream and live better lives regardless of their social backgrounds. The humble nature of the entrepreneur has also attracted many people towards doing business with him as it also creates way for them to gain more insight on the field of business. The efforts that the duo continues to put towards making his ventures better has also seen a large number of people opt to work together with him to acquire more business approaches.



Sometimes people face many misfortunes, but the best thing is to move on and try to view life in another dimension. Rebel Wilson has proven this theory through the film titled Isn’t It Romantic which has been written by Erin Cardillo, Dana Fox, and Katie Silberman.

The movie entails a story of Rebel Wilson as Natalie an architect living in New York. She is very determined in her professional work, but her hard work is not recognized at all by her boss; Natalie is sent to fetch coffee and bugger instead of being given the opportunity to draw the structure of the city as an architect.

Since at an early age Natalie has never had any luck in both her social and professional life. One day she encounters a mugger at the subway, and after fighting her way out, she hits her head by the head. In the morning she wakes up in the hospital where Tom Ellis was her doctor.

Natalie Moves back to her apartment only to find out that everything had been replaced with a new wardrobe and furniture. When Natalie moves across the Streets, she realizes that her life had taken a turn into a PG-13 fantasy movie. She has a gay friend and new lover William Hemsworth who was a client at the office. Other people in the film include Tom Ellis, Jennifer Saunders, Brandon Scott, and other key Hollywood stars.

The producers of the movie include Todd Garner, Grant Scharbo and Gina Mathews and the writers include Erin Cardillo, Dana Fox, Katie Silberman, and John Debney exclusively plays the music.

On 13th February 2019, Warner Bros Company took the initiative to release the movie on Netflix where people across the globe have the opportunity to access and watch. Isn’t It romantic have been edited by Andrew Marcus to ensure its fit for viewers. It is also full of comedy and entertainment to keep the viewer fascinated all through 89 minutes of the movie. Read more:Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair andIsn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour

Since at an early age Rebel Wilson wanted to join an acting career; she was inspired by another actor who has received an Oscar award. Rebel Wilson joined the Australian Theatre where she was fully trained on how to manage her acting career as well as write and produce many musical comedies.

Since 2002, Rebel Wilson has excelled in acting career receiving many awards in different categories including teens choice award, people choice award, MTV awards among others. She has proven to be the best female actress from Australia.

Rebel Wilson has participated in acting many movies which are a hit and favorite for many people including; Pitch Perfect musical series, few best men, how to be single, Bachelorette among another film where she is the starring.

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Oren Frank is a co-founder and the chief executive of the Talkspace, which is a leading therapy company. The company offers easily accessible and affordable therapy to people across the world. It helps people to improve their, mental health through video chats which are affordable and efficient. Through this company Oren Frank aim to overcome the stigma that comes with mental health and help people to openly speak out.

Oren Frank has offered exemplary leadership that has seen Talkspace help more than a million clients. This has been through making it easy for them to connect with professional therapists. He has a great belief in the power of innovation and technology to change the society for a better. For more information of Oren Frank, visit his crunchbase profile

Oren Frank has helped the company to come up with an unlimited messaging therapy that will eliminate all the barriers that prevent access to outpatient mental health services. He is seeing the firm make huge profits over time.

Oren Frank shows a great passion for providing treatment services for mental health. This has been revealed through his twitter timeline where he shares many articles relating to the field of medicine. He shows great commitment to helping people solve the mental problems they may be experiencing.

Talkspace has recently hired a chief medical officer. This will help to see the company advance its business venture and also begin to recommend medicines through the app where necessary. Oren Frank found it important to hire a chief medical officer so as to help in advertising to Talkspace employees.

Oren Frank holds conferences where he advises people to embrace therapy as a way to solve mental health problem and remove the stigma that come with it. He also advises other companies in the field of therapy and counsel to work in providing accessible and affordable healthcare.

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