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Eric Lefkofsky is an American entrepreneur. Eric is also the co-founder and CEO of Tempus. Eric is from Detroit. His father was an engineer, while his mother was a school teacher. He went to Southfield-Lathrup High School in 1987. He also attended the University of Michigan and graduated with honors in 1991 and received his Juris Doctor in 1993 from the University of Michigan Law School. He started selling carpet while in college. After he finished law school, he and a friend bought an apparel company with the money they borrowed from a relative. Eric also created an internet company and became a chief operation officer.  Click for more info.


Tempus, which is a ‘technology company that built an operating system in fighting cancer’ . Although Eric Lefkofsky‘s involvement with Tempus isn’t clear, he still identifies as the president of the company.


What exactly does Tempus do? The data they collect from patients to assist the doctors in developing better treatment and care plan for the patient. After collecting genomic data and using statistical analysis, they can better assist a patients physician in providing a more precise and personalized medicine. The patients that they are currently working with the ones with with ‘breast, lung, and pancreatic cancer’ . In the future they so plan to see patients with other types of cancers.


Eric Lefkofsky is also active on social media platforms. His Facebook page portrays a lot of science inspiration. He also promotes Groupon, which is another company that Eric is a founder of. He also talks a lot about cancer on his page, which is something that he’s taking a smarter approach to find a cure for caner. On his twitter account Eric is very personal with his followers. He also post similar science are art influence from his Facebook page.


Eric Lefkofsky was number 374 in Forbes list in 2016 and number 1275 on the billionaires list,  based on files.

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OSI Group has a long-standing reputation in the food distribution industry. The company began in the early nineteen-hundreds and established itself as a leader in it’s field. It was founded by Otto Kolschowski as a meat market. He ran the company with his family. Otto later named his start up Otto and Sons. Otto and Sons quickly gained a reputation in the Oak Park, Illinois area.

The company grew from a meat market into a distributor for other businesses in the food service industry. Decades later Otto and Sons would enter into a lucrative business relationship with McDonalds. Ray Kroc was the CEO of McDonalds. Kroc was opening a restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois and needed a meat distributor that he could trust. He hired Otto and Sons to be his supplier. The company lived up to Ray Kroc’s expectations. They innovated their business in order to accommodate the growing McDonald’s organization. The patty cutting machine was a new concept. It allowed Otto and Sons to deliver the meat to McDonald’s in the form that they were prepared to use it. The distributor also embraced cryogenic freezing and liquid nitrogen tunnels in order to store large amounts of product without sacrificing freshness. Ray Kroc made Otto and Sons his exclusive provider of meat. The company reached international success as McDonald’s continued to blossom.

Read more: OSI Group Acquires Baho Food

Otto and Sons changed its name to OSI Industries in 1975. The company continues to grow and diversify. It has working relationships with several other notable fast food organizations. Pizza Hut, Papa John’s Pizza, Starbucks and Subway are all clients of OSI. The company operates in 17 different countries. It has plants in Riverside California, Wisconsin, Iowa, Geneva, West Jordan, Utah and Fort Atkinson.

OSI is one of the largest privately-owned companies in the United States. It recruits talent from areas such as Poland, the UK, Asia-Pacific, Germany, Hungary and the United States.

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Despite a U.S sales stagnation during the winter season, Ohio’s housing marked its busiest years from December 2005. Sales rose by 8% in Northeast Ohio based on data tied to formerly owned and newly built residences. According to the statewide trade group’s president and Pete Kopf, a Cincinnati-area Realtor, it was an outstanding year for the Ohio housing market, as they realised unmatched gains in sales. The December 2016 sales were higher by 2.8% than in 2015. The sale price in Ohio was around $159,531 last month up 4.8% from December 2015.

According to a report by the National Association of Realtors that studies the sales of existing homes, supply shortages and price growth were the headline news. Although nationwide sales went through their strongest year in a ten-years stint, a December slide tampered with their gains. The National Realtors said that the sales of formerly-owned homes ended the year with a 0.8% ahead compared to the 2015’s market performance.

The U.S. middle reported that the sales price for a new home was at $232,200 in December, up 4% from the previous year. The chief economist for the trade association, Mr Lawrence Yun said that the creation of new jobs in 2016 and low mortgages brought about a good financial year for the realtor market. But last month, the rising mortgages threatened their profits. He also said that the surge in rates caught prospective home buyers off guard and dimmed their ability to own a home nearing the end of 2016.

Freddie Mac who is a mortgage giant said that the rates surged after the United Stated presidential elections, but they are now slowly sinking as time elapses. Mrs Nela Richardson, the chief economist for Redfin which is real estate firm said that buyers are ready to acquire any new listings of homes for sale but their no houses to meet their demand. Svenja Gudell CEO of Zillow another realtor company echoed her by saying that she didn’t support Trump’s idea of stopping the cut on mortgage insurance premiums on loans disbursed by (FHA) Federal Housing Administration.

Based on last year’s numbers, U.S is going to face a shortage of homes for sale in 2017. Re/Max housing analysts say that a 6 months’ supply of houses for sale is a balanced market where neither sellers nor buyers have an upper hand.

About Tammy Mazzocco

Tammy Mazzocco ( first set foot in the real estate industry as a secretary to The Edwards Realty Company. Under the supervision of Mike Zelnik, Tammy Mazzocco worked with a nine-member team of commercial agents. Tammy did a stint of seven years at the condominium management at Scotland Yard during which she earned her real estate license in 1995 at the suggestion of Ken Cook who is the general manager of Scotland Yard and the owner of Cook Realty.

Later on, Tammy Mazzocco became a Licensed P.A for Joe Armeni in the summer of 1998. Joe Armeni owns a top real estate firm in Columbus, Victorian Village. While Tammy Mazzocco was working with Joe and observing the daily operations of a successful realtor agent, she got motivated to venture into the real estate business as a full- time career. Learn more about Tammy, check out her Facebook page.


Securus Technologies, a company, founded in 1986 provide technology services to prisons in the United States and Canada. It offers telephone services to inmates to ensure they stay connected to loved ones when in lock up. In the quest to expand their footprint Securus acquired JPay Inc., and with that, they could offer anything that is high-tech at a reasonable price. They got accredited by BBB in 2016 and were given a perfect score according to BBB standards; BBB also agrees that Securus is the largest facility and the only full-spectrum solutions provider, their team works hard to meet the vision of the company.

Securus Technologies challenged their number one competitor Global Tel Link to a competition to determine who is better in the market. Richard A. Smith, the CEO of Securus Technologies said only an independent judge would rule out the claim GTL have that they can be compared to them. He says that that will be an unfair comparison because they have put more in their company than GTL have. With the investments that Securus have put in, an independent judge will rank them top.

Customers who shift from GTL to Securus prefer Securus Technologies services more, and these are people who have tried for the both companies. GTL have outsourced their customer service and trained field technicians unlike Securus who have their own; hence, ensure they are top notch; Securus the largest Voice Over Internet Protocol Corrections calling platform worldwide and that puts them on top of GTL. In revenue between now and five years ago, Securus has collected four dollars from GTL as compared to one dollar they lost to them. The challenge is, however, necessary to put all the accusation to a halt because Securus see it fit that GTL acknowledges they come second to Securus Technology.


Many people today are wanting to start a business in Brazil. With the recent economic growth in the country, many people are excited about all of the business opportunities in the area. Finding legal help is an essential part of the process in starting a company. Ricardo Tosto is one of the best business lawyers in Brazil, and he is growing his business rapidly with the current changes he is making.

Ricardo Tosto

Working to become a lawyer was not easy for Ricardo Tosto. He did not have parents with a lot of money, so he was forced to work his way through school. However, that great work ethic is something that helps him in business. He knows how to drive value for customers, and he is willing to work to help them in a variety of ways. Anyone who needs legal advice in Brazil should work with Ricardo Tosto in starting a company.

Future Plans

In the coming years, Ricardo Tosto wants to continue to expand his business. He has made a lot of investments of both time and money into his company. With all of the changes that he has made, he is hoping that customers use his online platform. This is a relatively new area of the legal profession where people can ask questions in an online format. Over the years, he believes that this will prove to be a lucrative part of his overall business model. Ricardo Tosto is a great example of someone making a positive impact in the lives of others through his work.

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New Brunswick, New Jersey is one of those East Coast cities that was infested with crime and decay during the 1970s and 80s. Retail businesses closed in downtown New Brunswick, Hoboken, Newark, Trenton, and Jersey City because it wasn’t safe to shop, even during the day. Northern New Jersey was a hub for gang and mob activity back then. Businesses left these decaying metro areas, and the people that migrated to those cities from other countries were scared to go out at night. New Jersey got a reputation for being a corrupt state, and those allegations are still thrown around from time to time.

But New Brunswick has a couple of things that Hoboken, Jersey City, Atlantic City, Trenton, and Newark didn’t have. Rutgers was founded in New Brunswick in 1766, and Johnson and Johnson started doing business in New Brunswick in 1886. The other plus that gave New Brunswick a leg up was Boraie Development LLC. Founder and developer, Sam Boraie lives in New Brunswick. Boraie had a vision for the city forty years ago and he is fulfilling it.

Seventy-three-year-old, Sam Boraie likes to share stories on about downtown New Brunswick in the 1970s. Before he started buying vacant buildings on Albany Street, downtown New Brunswick was a ghost town. The city looked like a third-world city that was ravaged by lack of funding and poor city management. In 1975, the New Jersey Economic Development Authority decided to do something about the situation. The Economic Development Authority started the New Brunswick Development Corporation (DevCo). Sam Boraie approached DevCo with an idea. By that time, Boraie owned 21 vacant buildings on Albany Street. He wanted to build the city’s first high-rise office building on that street. The city and DevCo approved the plan, and Sam went to work on Albany Street Plaza Tower One. Albany Street Plaza Tower One was the first 1980s, 25-story office building in downtown New Brunswick.

In a report by the NY Times, Boraie continued to buy property in the city, and in 2003, Albany Street Plaza Tower Two was completed. Then came the One Spring Street building. The 17-story One Spring Street building has 121 residential units, a 400-space parking garage, 40,000 square feet of office space and 10,000 square feet of retail space. But Boraie wasn’t done. New Brunswick’s downtown needed luxury condominiums, so he built the Aspire Building. The Aspire Building is a New York City inspired condo and office building for the doctors, lawyers and other professionals that work downtown.

The Boraie Development LLC projects in New Brunswick were so successful that Boraie was approached to help develop the One Riverview building in Newark. Sam teamed up with Newark native Shaq O’Neil on the Riverview project. Omar Boraie has also been involved with developments in Montgomery, and Atlantic City, New Jersey. He also helped with the fundraising for the New Brunswick State Theater. Sam is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Star Theater, and he is also a member of the Advisory Board for the nonprofit Elijah’s Promise.

In addition to property development, Boraie Development LLC handles property management and other marketing services in New Jersey.


A lot of people gets chances in life to do something really, really powerful. It is just a matter of if they are ready to rise to the occasion and if they take full advantage of it. That has never been a problem for Bob Reina of Talk Fusion.

When life gives him the chance to do something, he is going to run with it and not look back. That is why Talk Fusion is as successful as it is. They often say that a company is only as good as its leader, and Talk Fusion has a great leader in Bob Reina.

Bob Reina was born to lead, which is what separates him from other leaders. He does not back down from the chance. In fact, he embraces it to the fullest and leaves nothing to chance when he goes out and puts his mind to something.

With Talk Fusion, he wanted to create a product that would be life altering and life changing for people. That is what Talk Fusion has done and always will do with Bob Reina in charge. Between its video newsletters, video emails, video chats, and video conferences, it has everything and more that someone could want out of a product.

This product is made for people that need and want more out of life, and they have seen and had enough of what life has put on their table. They know they are worth more and they know they can do more. It is just a matter of having the chance.

Talk Fusion and Bob Reina give that chance. Bob Reina and his staff are very confident that once people get that chance, they will show no hesitation. Much like Bob Reina, they are ready and have been ready for a long time. When something builds and simmers like this, it is only a matter of time before it gets put into action.

Bob Reina sleeps easy at night because he knows what Talk Fusion is doing for people and he is very, very proud of that, as he should be. In fact, everyone at Talk Fusion should be proud.

Thor Halvorssen is an outstanding and dedicated advocate for human rights issues around the globe. He established the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) in 2005, a non-profit organization based in New York City with outreach programs globally. Thor Halvorssen is also the founder of Oslo Freedom Forum, an international organization formed in 1999 to unite human rights activists. He is fully committed to all aspects of HRF in his passionate concern for the betterment of human rights issues everywhere.

As an outstanding activist in these crucial concerns, Thor Halvorssen and HRF have sponsored numerous events to raise awareness, increase participation and knowledge of a shared vision for the future. One of the sponsored events includes a 2014 conference of Bay Area computer specialists, activists, and North Korean defectors, Hack North Korea, to find ideas for getting information to North Koreans. As an international hub, the San Francisco Freedom Forum in 2012 was also a sponsored HRF event in the Bay Area. These gatherings include dissidents and concerned activists who are dedicated to the human rights issues which impact the world today. Thor Halvorssen is the driving force behind HRF, working tirelessly for the cause of human rights and dignity. Human Rights Foundation continues to be an important organization in these endeavors, including the role of standing up to political regimes that are found to be in violation of human rights.

Thor Halvorssen is also making positive inroads through his role as film-maker and producer of several documentaries on the subject of human rights. To date, he has co-produced 10 documentary films that expose some of the most pressing issues of the day. His 2016 documentary, State of Control, covers the dangerous risks of Tibetan activism in India and Nepal, where a media blackout has been in effect since 2008.

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Certainly, it is important to know your hair type in order to provide the right type of hair care that keeps your hair healthy and strong. According toWikipedia, generally, if you have a dry scalp, you also have dry hair. Those with an oily scalp tend to have oily hair. Of course, other factors weigh in heavily too. For example, your general overall health, hormone production, stress, and even genetics. Once, you discover your hair type, it is easy to design a hair care program to keep your hair healthy.

What Causes Oily Hair

Oily hair is caused by over productive hormones or hormones that are out of balance. This might be due to certain conditions. For example, pregnant women have hormones that are out of balance as do teens in their formative years. Of course, oily hair might be due to genetic factors along with cleanliness issues too.

What Causes Dry Hair

Dull, dry hair might be due to over washing, overuse of hair styling tools, chemicals, genetics, or even the weather. Dry hair means that your scalp is not receiving enough natural oil to keep the hair looking supple and strong. The Wen hair By Chaz Cleansing Conditioner is one hair care formula that is very suitable for dull, dry hair and oily hair.

Wen By Chaz

Wen By Chaz is a new and very revolutionary hair care system that women across the country are raving about. The creator of the hair care system is Chaz Dean, A well known hair stylist to the stars in Hollywood. His personal clients were the first one’s introduced to this remarkable hair care system. Now, women across the country are able to cleanse their hair with the Wen By Chaz Cleansing Conditioner.

The Cleansing Conditioner contains a natural formula that nourishes and moisturizes the hair. This hair care system is suitable for all hair types. Simply find the formula for your hair type and you are on your way to great looking hair. Wen hair care products are available on Sephora.

For more product information, visit the WEN hair Facebook page.

The Capital Group’ Board of Director announced Timothy Armour as the newly elected chairman of Capital Group, an internationally acknowledged investment management company that harbors American Funds. Tim will work with the other top members of the Capital’s management committee, including Capital Group’s president, Phil de Toledo, and Capital Research and Management Company’s president, Rob Lovelace. Their responsibility will be to manage the day-to-day activities of Capital Group as well as to create and implement overall business strategies.

Who is Timothy “Tim” Armour?

Timothy Armour is an intelligent executive and wealth management professional. He served as an investment manager and consultant at Capital Group for over 33 years. Considering he joined the company as a trainee through the Associates Program and worked his way up to the top leadership position, Armour is admirably well spoken. His series of advancement started when he acquired an investment analyst position at Capital. Currently, Timothy Armour is a senior executive at Capital Group, serving as the chief executive and chairman. He also leads an affiliate of Capital Group called Capital Group Companies Management Committee as the CEO and chairperson. Armour is an accomplished equity portfolio manager.


Even as a boy, Timothy Armour had an unwavering passion for entrepreneurship. He pursued his high school education with a sole mission of pursuing a business-related program at the university level. He earned a slot at the Middlebury College and studied an economics degree.

Circumstances Surrounding the High Status Appointment

Capital Group had set up a leadership succession plan, which stayed in motion for a number of years. This plan was executed after Jim Rothenberg, who served as the company’s chairperson, passed on. Armour said that Rothenberg was a competent leader, who worked tirelessly to drive Capital Group to the top of the investment sector.

Armour Shares His Thoughts Concerning the Market Selloff

Following the increased investor worries concerning the sharp decline in China’s economic growth, the international stocks have significantly dropped. The sharp fall in Chinese stocks, coupled with currency devaluation have worsened the already bad scenario, and these events could hurt China’s global trading partners such as Europe, Japan, and the United States. Armour’s opinions concerning the China’s unfolding events include:

  • Economic decline in China will create an enormous impact on the global economy since the nation accounts for approximately15 percent of the world’s GDP.
  • China’s surprise decision to degrade its currency has served as a boost to the selloff.
  • Developed countries such as Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, and Europe that have major ties with China should prepare to deal with an imminent decrease in export activity.

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