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Raising its core business from being a butcher shop to becoming the trending and leading multinational food provider the OSI Group has set its trend mark. The OSI Company has 20,000 employees working in its 65 facilities located in 17 countries making it the largest providers of food products globally. It started from the humble beginning and embraced the challenges of business managing to create a robust corporate business and enjoying a slice of the American Economic History of the 20th century. The company brings out the beauty of evolving story of globalized and modern markets.

The OSI group has a long history that’s rooted to Otto Kolschowsky who immigrated to Chicago from Germany. The German descendants made half of the Illinois population, and the city grew with various businesses, and in 1909 Otto started a local retail meat shop with the sole purpose of serving his community. The industry blossomed, and it expanded to the Chicago suburb and in 1928 it rebranding to Otto and Sons, and decades later it became a robust and successful local business and an international business icon.

The Otto and Sons joined hands with McDonald becoming their main distributors of beef, and both made a transition from local markets to international markets. In 1975 the Otto and Sons Empire rebranded again becoming the notable OSI Industries marking a 75-year change from being a family butcher servicing local community to a technologically advanced international company operating in different levels of the manufacturer. In 1975 the sons of Otto were approaching the retirement age and hence the need to hand over the company to capable hands, and Sheldon Lavin joined as a partner. In 1980 Lavin took full control of the company becoming the new owner and bringing with him expertise and skills ranging from negotiation skills to sophisticated capitalization ideas making it a multination corporation.

Lavin Sheldon became the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of OSI Group in 1980 managing the company to high levels of growth and phases that centered to various companies apart from McDonald’s. According to Forbes, the OSI Group transition has led it to enormous increase ranking no 58 as the most significant and robust private company in 2016 and having revenue return of 6.1 billion dollars. It’s current boasts of being the vital providers of food products in different continents and has acquired various companies that believe in their core agenda of quality. OSI Group believes in consolidation, expansion, and diversification and hence receiving numerous awards for their dedication and output in the food industry.

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OSI Food Solutions is one of the top processors of meat products in the world. OSI is responsible for providing product to some of the biggest food service businesses on the planet. The company that started off as a local butcher shop in Chicago has quickly become one of the major forces in the foodservice industry.

OSI Food Solutions has been exploding recently. The business has been earning its spot on the Top 100 Food Companies, and certainly earns its spot on the Forbes list of most profitable private companies. OSI is seeing sales in excess of $7.1 billion, and it is using this money to make solid acquisitions and upgrade facilities across the board. OSI Food Solutions has grown and grown fast. Let’s take a look at its recent factory expansion alone.

To start, in 2010 OSI Food Solutions opened a production facility in Japan which would see it increase its ranks in Asia. Two years later, a facility opened in India with another one to follow in the same year. In 2013, another plant opened in China, which would become one of a few specialty dough lines that OSI uses to service the likes of Subway. The year before, they opened a facility in China for use of poultry.

In Europe factories are exploding in the same was as Asia. One opened in Ostroda, Poland in 2013. But, factories aren’t the interesting thing happen in Europe with OSI. That would be the acquisitions in Baho Foods, Flagship Europe, and Hynek Schlachthof. These three major acquisitions saw OSI grow their food portfolio in spades as well as helped them better adapt to a growing market.

The first of these, Baho Foods, is a Dutch manufacturer of deli meats and convenience snacks. The fact that Baho Foods is headquarters in the Netherlands, also helps OSI spread their reach across Europe. The acquisition of Flagship Europe — now Creative Foods — similarly helps OSI expand their reach in the United Kingdom as well as adding a ton of pies, poultry, sauces, and sandwich filling products. The last one, Hynek Schlaschthof, is a little different. Having access and connections to local butchers and farmers. Hynek has this in Germany. Being able to purchase these connections is vital to the success of a company wanting to expand globally.

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Igor Cornelsen is willing to provide advice for aspiring investors. He has spoken so much on the topic that it is easy to find some kind of topic to read on when it comes to investing. One piece of advice that he has stated is to start as soon as possible. This is actually obvious advice as well. No investor says that he wants to become rich in 20 years. They also do not want to get started in 20 years either. They want to get started as soon as possible. Therefore, this piece of advice is something that many investors would agree with.

One thing that people understand is that life is always moving forward, and people are always getting older. This is one of the reasons that Igor Cornelsen’s advice to start as soon as possible is one of the best pieces of advice. Another reason to get started as soon as possible is that it takes a lot of time to get used to investing. Then it takes a lot of time to know what signs to look for in order to make the right choices in investments. This of course depends on what is being invested in.

Another thing to go along with getting started as soon as possible is education. One of the best things about education is that it can help people learn all they can about the markets available for investing and trading. Among the different topics that people can learn about when it comes to investing is money management. This is a very important factor in that people need to learn to keep track of their money so that they don’t lose too much. Emotional management is also good as well.

People who are masters of money management are going to be the ones that succeed at investing. The way to master investing and money management is by studying and practicing. People need to figure out many different aspects of their finances so that they can determine what they can afford to invest. This can take some of the pressure off of the investor when he attempts to make profits.

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In March 1990, an idea was born. NewsWatch TV which, by then, was a monthly show. Initially, its prime centre of attention was financial matters. Over the years the business has expanded to ensure that trends and the general public have been satisfied by the services offered. The show has evolved from a monthly show to a weekly show that has air rights in AMC and Ion Television. It airs about a wide variety of issues including technology, entertainment, and mobile app reviews. It also helps non-profit organizations to create awareness with the aim of assisting the non-profits to achieve their objectives.

One client who has worked with us previously is the Avanca group for their Indiegogo campaign. Their target was to fundraise from the public an amount of $10,000 in a month. NewsWatch TV worked with the client by a one-minute ad both on air and online platform. The project was highly successful as it raised 26 fold the target.

So what exactly does the client say about working with NewsWatch TV? It was the first time they worked with us, but they came back again for the launch of a particular kind of headphones they launched. Nathalie van Wijkvliet, Avianca’s marketing director, one of the reasons the Indiegogo campaign was a huge success was because of the highly motivated team at NewsWatch TV. Moreover, she acknowledges the quality of the interview was top class and was able to reach close to over 96 million persons across the US. With the client coming again to work with NewsWatch TV it’s a significant vote of confidence for us. In her own words, she goes on to say she direct anyone who has a product or service to promote to the NewsWatch TV team as success is guaranteed.

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Richard Dwayne Blair is a business man who is known for his intelligence and competence in the area of financial education. He has brought to the people a massive amount of value and has done much to acquire his goals all while staying happy along the way. He is a definitive example of hard work ethic and has truly earned his special place in the world. His mother taught him the importance and the discipline of studying and researching for himself what was true to find the gems of education which in his mind produced measurable sums of confidence and knowledge about what was actually going on in the financial industry. On top of his influences at the house he found within himself the desire to reach the peaks of achievements regarding the money business. He set up shop after going to college for more education on finances at the school in Houston Texas. This store that he made is actually an internationally famed and regarded sector called Wealthy Solutions, and it is where the wealthy classes which comprise of individual people and whole corporations go to often to invest their money to make cash work for more cash. The Wealth Solutions Incorporated was built by Richard Dwayne Blair and as the boss now of several employees he made a formula that the whole company abides by to this very day. The formula is the basis at which to approach the customer and what to do to provide the service so critically acclaimed across the world. Firstly, there is the process of actually meeting the customer in person and shaking hand on an agreed direction that the investor want to take on with their money. The second hoop to jump through is the actual construction of the scheme at hand. This is when things get real interesting because the whole purpose of getting an investment in Wealthy Solutions is to invest money, and this is the step where that happens. Here the strategy is implemented and the customer then becomes an onlooker as their money multiplies due to compound interest and gain. The last and final request of Richard Dwayne Blair himself is that all persons working must keep up to date with all investments to ensure the quality of their service.

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The Academy of Art University has become a staple in American society. This phenomenal school for the arts offer an abundance of undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees and certificates. Many of its former-graduates have gone on to successful careers in entertainment and in design. Being such a well-rounded institution, some of its former-graduates have presented clothing attire at the prestigious New York Fashion Week. You won’t find a more productive school than this. For 2018, Academy of Art University has begun to work with its community more often. By doing so, this dynamic duo will make San Francisco a much safer place to live.

Tech student of this institution has brought a brilliant plan to the table. The plan is an actual concept, which will use some of the most advanced technologies. These technologies will come in the form of an application that can be used on smartphones. The Tenderloin District of San Francisco is no joke. In all honesty, this part of town has a very high-crime rate as well as a high-poverty rate. The good inhabitants of the city seems to be suffering in silence.

Academy of Art University’s tech students will use this smartphone app to clean-up the city because the app will display actual moods. The moods will be similar to emojis. Thanks to augmented reality, the moods will be placed on top of certain elements in Tenderloin. The moods will also represent actual emotions like “joy,” “anger,” “happiness” and “disgusted.”

This type of project has never been done before. These students are breaking-down barriers, which could result in creating a much safer environment. One of the best features of this project is that the information will be presented in real-time. What more could you ever ask for? The Academy of Art University is a revolutionary in a sense. The school truly cares about its community, and it is leading by example.


Malcolm CasSelle is the President of the company WAX and currently maintains the position of CIO at OPSkins, which is well known for being one of the top sellers of virtual items and assets, such as video games, skins, and more. Today, the company is becoming known as one of the biggest merchants of bitcoin in the entire world. According to the leaders of the company, including Malcolm, they operate on a centralized system which is actually a limitation for the company. Instead, they are attempting to switch over to a decentralized system that will allow the format and the world of virtual currency to truly take off.

WAX is the company that is going to make this all possible with the blockchain technology and decentralized system they are putting in place for trading virtual assets. WAX is currently allowing users to take their virtual assets and turn them into tokens so they may sell them to other players without ever needing a middleman or needing to leave the transaction in the first place. This allows them to be much safer and more efficient for users. Without the need for intermediaries, there will be a much lower chance of fraud and money will be saved for both the buyers and sellers.

With the world of eSports steadily building a bigger appearance and following, virtual assets are going to become more profitable than ever and the WAX technology will make it possible for everyone to use in a safe manner. Malcolm has a great deal of experience in crypto and the technology industry. Not only has he held various different position at technology companies in the past as an executive, but he graduated from MIT and earned his degree in computer science. He Later earned his masters degree from the University of Stanford.

Over the course of his career, Malcolm CasSelle has pushed forward the startups of notable companies such as MediaPass and Xfire. He has also invested in various companies over the years, including social media giant, Facebook. Today, Malcolm CasSelle spends his time leading WAX and OPSkins from his home in Los Angeles.


What in the world is happening to retail?

The past few years have seen some tragedies in the retail sector. Companies are falling off one side and getting swallowed up on the other, and those that stand in the middle are getting crushed or narrowly escaping fate’s clutches as retail giant Amazon charges through multiple industries, throwing businesses of every sort off a cliff or assimilating them into its own infrastructure a la Borg. However, the colossus isn’t done cutting its historical swaths through companies both old and famous; the recent collapse of Toys “R” Us and Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods has proven that they’re not done. In fact, they’re only getting warmed up.

Where It’s Headed Next

The newest problem that’s been introduced to the retail scene is Amazon’s advancement into a totally new industry: the medical field. They’re not currently able to sell prescription medications yet, but they did recently succeed at obtaining licenses to permit the delivery of medically focused equipment in several states. This equipment can be sold to establishments or individuals; it doesn’t matter who needs it. The fact is, Amazon is now a provider of such resources, and that’s a problem for retailers such as Rite Aid and Walgreen’s.

It’s only getting worse. Amazon’s sights are set next on the licenses that are required to legally distribute prescriptions although there’s no telling whether they’ll be able to do so via drone. For now, CVS is firing off their own salvo with their advances on major medical insurer Aetna, a company that already covers a significant chunk of the country. Of course, if CVS were to take the helm here, that would instantly make them an insurer of millions of Americans, and better yet, they could sell this service right inside their own stores.

Why Drew Madden Matters

There’s an IT side to all of this that shouldn’t be ignored. Drew Madden has been rising in media prominence recently because of Amazon’s influence on the medical industry, and this man’s expertise in health care IT will be essential for CVS to entrench themselves in an effective health care solution that can push Amazon back. For the time being, Amazon can’t really provide insurance; they’re strictly retail at the moment. For CVS’ sake, this is probably a good thing, and Drew Madden can ensure that companies of this sort can maintain their traction for years to come.

Phoenix New Times is one of the most famous newspapers in the United States. Its co-founders Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have been working for many years to lure the success and the existence of this paper in the society. They faced a lot of challenges before making a real and successful establishment of this paper and their website among the citizens of the United States.

One of the most famous challenges that Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin faced was the accusations and arrest because of taking the confidence to make the public aware of some of the injustices and the abuse of the United States Constitution by the County Sheriffs. There was a long-run feud between The New Times with one of the county Sheriffs known as Joe Arpaio. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin:

The County Sheriffs had a grand jury secret about this feud and they wanted to cover their fellow Sheriff for his crimes. Sheriff Joe Arpaio had been using aggressive law tactics since he was inaugurated. He had many orders against women and inmates especially those who held status as immigrants.

He used to detain the immigrants due to suspicions and he had no evidence that they had or they did not have the proper status. This was against the United States Constitution and he had been warned for several times.

He had tried to be corrected by other colleagues about the things that are supposed to be done and the ones that are not supposed to be done but he could not hear them. There had been even a lot of publications before that we’re talking about his actions that were unpleasing to the citizens.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio ordered the subpoena of all the documents published in the New Times website and also those that had been printed. He also ordered for identification of all the readers who had read the publications about him in The New Times.

When Michael and Jim exposed this to the public, they were arrested from their homes at night and taken to jail although they did not know that the issue of the sheriff and the New Times was under investigation.

The United States has a democratic form of government where the majority wins. Following the public’s cry for Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin’s justice, they were released after the court hearings where the judge declined to take the charges against them. The charges were dropped and Sheriff Joe Arpaio had to pay a settlement fee to them.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey had continued support for the fellow citizens and they did anything they could to see that they help them tackle their grievances in one way or the other. The settlement money that arose as a result of their arrest, they used it to support the groups that advocate for human rights, civic participation and freedom of speech and the rights of immigrants among the Arizona residents.

They have continued to consistency in their support for the people and this has enabled their Phoenix New Times paper to become famous and a must read to most of the people worldwide.


General health is a big part of humans as it is. Dieting is just but one way to keep healthy. Exercising to get fit is another way of combating future repercussions of living an unhealthy lifestyle. Exercise helps tremendously in boosting ones mood, controlling appetite and improving sleep. Many long term effects of a poor and unhealthy life style like heart disease, stroke, dementia, depression, stroke and many cancers can easily be tackled simply through exercise. Boosting your diet fuels the body with necessary nutrients meant to combat certain individual interests. People have targets on what they want to achieve when they work out or boost their body intake. Science has gifted us with a shortcut to burning fat, increasing performance and building muscles. Adding additives to an everyday diet might just require training .Enhanced Athlete offers solutions for people seeking to boost their body systems by offering a range of products, videos, guides and training. Enhanced athletes products have benefits that stimulate various body functions.

A rival nutrition company, Nutrition Distribution through their attorney Tauler has filed claims that Enhanced Athlete, through Charles Anthony Hughes also known as Dr. Tony Huge has been marketing in a misleading way. Due to the failure of Anthony Hughes to appear for a January 19, 2018 deposition, Attorney Tauler’s office stated that the court ruled in the hearing that Hughes must be available for a deposition within the next 60 days. However Dr. Tony Huge is currently traveling and not available in the United States of America. Tauler has referenced Enhanced Athlete’s marketing materials listing Hughes as the CEO and founder and stated that their marketing is false, hence the reason as to why Nutritional Distribution is losing its sales. Cavell, the CEO and founder of Enhanced Athlete clearly states that Hughes is simply his brands ambassador. Evidence submitted by the rival company has failed to hold up in court hence Enhanced Athlete has won its case by managing to convince the Judge in the district court of California to reject the injunction plea of Nutrition Distribution.

Working hand in hand with Enhanced Coaching and Enhanced Gear success of athletes has been realized. Experts that have been hired by the three companies which actually use one logo have ensured customer satisfaction. While Enhanced Gear provides suitable sports gear for its customers, Enhanced Coaching equips individuals with necessary training that can be personalized to par with an athlete.

Many of you have been asking me how I use Enhanced Athletes HydroGene (Swell and Swole) so I decided to make a quick video. I cover the main body areas where I personally use it and where it's helped me. HydroGene is for topical use only and is not intended for any other use besides this. I have taken it upon myself to experiment and relay my findings. This is not medical or any other type of advice, this is simply how I choose to use HydroGene. For more info visit or click the link in bio, For more videos go to #enhancedathlete #pioneeringhumanevolution #pioneeringhumanperformance #siteenhancement #freedom #drtonyhuge #tonyhuge

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