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General health is a big part of humans as it is. Dieting is just but one way to keep healthy. Exercising to get fit is another way of combating future repercussions of living an unhealthy lifestyle. Exercise helps tremendously in boosting ones mood, controlling appetite and improving sleep. Many long term effects of a poor and unhealthy life style like heart disease, stroke, dementia, depression, stroke and many cancers can easily be tackled simply through exercise. Boosting your diet fuels the body with necessary nutrients meant to combat certain individual interests. People have targets on what they want to achieve when they work out or boost their body intake. Science has gifted us with a shortcut to burning fat, increasing performance and building muscles. Adding additives to an everyday diet might just require training .Enhanced Athlete offers solutions for people seeking to boost their body systems by offering a range of products, videos, guides and training. Enhanced athletes products have benefits that stimulate various body functions.

A rival nutrition company, Nutrition Distribution through their attorney Tauler has filed claims that Enhanced Athlete, through Charles Anthony Hughes also known as Dr. Tony Huge has been marketing in a misleading way. Due to the failure of Anthony Hughes to appear for a January 19, 2018 deposition, Attorney Tauler’s office stated that the court ruled in the hearing that Hughes must be available for a deposition within the next 60 days. However Dr. Tony Huge is currently traveling and not available in the United States of America. Tauler has referenced Enhanced Athlete’s marketing materials listing Hughes as the CEO and founder and stated that their marketing is false, hence the reason as to why Nutritional Distribution is losing its sales. Cavell, the CEO and founder of Enhanced Athlete clearly states that Hughes is simply his brands ambassador. Evidence submitted by the rival company has failed to hold up in court hence Enhanced Athlete has won its case by managing to convince the Judge in the district court of California to reject the injunction plea of Nutrition Distribution.

Working hand in hand with Enhanced Coaching and Enhanced Gear success of athletes has been realized. Experts that have been hired by the three companies which actually use one logo have ensured customer satisfaction. While Enhanced Gear provides suitable sports gear for its customers, Enhanced Coaching equips individuals with necessary training that can be personalized to par with an athlete.

Many of you have been asking me how I use Enhanced Athletes HydroGene (Swell and Swole) so I decided to make a quick video. I cover the main body areas where I personally use it and where it's helped me. HydroGene is for topical use only and is not intended for any other use besides this. I have taken it upon myself to experiment and relay my findings. This is not medical or any other type of advice, this is simply how I choose to use HydroGene. For more info visit or click the link in bio, For more videos go to #enhancedathlete #pioneeringhumanevolution #pioneeringhumanperformance #siteenhancement #freedom #drtonyhuge #tonyhuge

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Jordan Lindsey has played an important role in the world of cryptocurrency trading. Most people who have heard of Jordan Lindsey will know him as the founder and creator of JCL Capital. Since establishing this successful firm in 2005, he and his team have constantly worked to evolve their methods for trading and stay up to date with what is currently going on in the market. JCL Capital today is taking an approach to trading Bitcoin that is rather unique.

Bitcoin’s skyrocket in value in recent years has been making headlines throughout the financial world. It has become quite well-known that a number of early investors in Bitcoin and other digital currencies have several years ago are now sitting on a great amount of wealth, as their initial investments have increased by breathtaking margins.

If anyone who has tried to get into trading digital currencies is reading this, then they can certainly attest to the fact that there are some fairly significant obstacles that must be overcome in order to find success, which can exact a great amount of stress and frustration on an aspiring Bitcoin trader. By far the most common obstacle that new Bitcoin traders face is allowing their emotions to take over, which results in panicking and poor decisions in the face of price fluctuations.

For traders who are currently experiencing this problem whilst attempting to trade Bitcoin, JCL Capital may have the solution. JCL Capital has launched a brand new trading bot for Bitcoin, which is based on an algorithm that was developed by Jordan Lindsey himself. JCL Capital’s Bitcoin trading bot makes its trading decisions based solely on this sophisticated algorithm, which eliminates the issue of a trader’s emotions getting in the way of turning a profit. By using a trading bot, users can avoid sticky situations in which they are tempted to sell their position too quickly.

Women in leadership are one of the highly discussed topics in the world, more women are embracing leadership positions, and they have not disappointed, research showed that companies with diversity in leadership are likely to have better outcomes since the line of thought and the ideas brought to the table are diversified.

One woman who has taken the business world with a storm is Susan McGalla, Susan is a renowned businessperson, she has also worked in several organizations as the president and has been detrimental in the companies achieving their goals. Susan’s career kicked off in 1986 where she worked in the marketing department. This opportunity gave her a stable platform and has played a vital part in her success today. In this organisation, Susan worked for almost nine years.

While in school Susan did a degree in business and marketing, this helped her understand financial trends and it her landed her a job as a financial advisor, Susan McGalla has helped many companies rise to greater height and has managed to become one of the most sorts after leaders in the marketing industry.

However, Susan’s journey has not always been a walk in the park, at some point in her career she was dismissed due to weak sales when she worked remotely while she was pregnant. Soon after Susan stood back on her feet, proving that setbacks should not define you. One of the things that have also influenced Susan’s confidence is her upbringing she was taught that one could achieve what they set their mind into doing whether the society deemed it as a male task or female task and this has tremendously helped her rise in any difficult task.

Despite Susan McGalla being on the spotlight and encouraging more women to take up leadership positions, it has been noted that at times this opportunity is limited to women, thus encouraging women in leadership or influential posts to come up with initiatives that allow networking. Networking will expose more women to opportunities increasing their presence in the market.

Susan’s story is an inspiration, and more women should take up the task and step up into the business world when opportunities arise.

You don’t hear so often about general health and wellness companies these days that have a functional and attractive plan to tackle your wellness woes, but they’re out there. Today, we’re focusing on Jeunesse, a wonder company in its own right with an interesting path of travel from its point of inception to this very day, and it all began with the duo that founded it in 2009: Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray.

Jeunesse was originally formed by these experienced entrepreneurs when they developed their respective businesses into successful enterprises. The funds and experience gained from this undertaking were pooled as the two put their minds together toward a vision of a world where everyone could restore their youthful potential and hold on to it for longer. The problem, they saw, was that while we survive longer in this day and age, we don’t necessarily live longer than we once did.

In seeing the cause of this with the many unnatural influences of today’s lifestyles, Randy and Wendy decided the time would never be right if they waited for opportunity to knock on their door, so they seized the moment and invested into the research and development that would create the Youth Enhancement System: the nine product lines that would elevate Jeunesse into international acclaim. Today, Jeunesse is listed as one of the 500 fastest developing sales platforms in the world, and they’ve gathered a great following in their wake.

What They Offer

The theory is that the human body is the most potent healing technology that’s available to humanity, and no drug or surgical laser can ever reproduce what the body’s very own self-corrective processes can achieve with the proper care. The issue is that we don’t actually take care of ourselves; we’re inundated in radiation, dietary deficiencies and sedentary inactivity that ultimately results in breakdown and accelerated aging.

The Youth Enhancement System aims to remedy this by promoting the following:

  • Restful sleep
  • Energy during the day
  • Mental sharpness on the job
  • Moderated appetite in tandem with accelerated fat-burning and muscle-building
  • Improved skin consistency and glow
  • Boosted immune function and cellular integrity
  • Improved mood

Shervin Pishevar seems to always be one step ahead of the investment world, and since his initial foray into entrepreneurship, after graduating from the University of California, Berkeley, he has steadily outpaced the competition. To date, co-founder of the venture capital firm, Sherpa Capital, has added a wide variety of companies into his portfolio – many of which were identified during their initial phases, later becoming brand names. Social media is one of the most utilized tools in Shervin Pishevar’s arsenal, and after being noticeably quiet on the medium for the majority of the year, he reemerged in magnificent fashion, posting a number of successive tweets concerning the future of American amidst these changing times.

The man with the uncanny ability to handpick bonafide companies has noticed a major change throughout Silicon Valley. Once known as the world capital of all things innovation, the ideologies that catapulted it into the technological stratosphere, have since been adopted by countries all over the world. Today, in Shervin Pishevar’s estimation, Silicon Valley is present in every major center of the world, having transcended its physical space. The “American way,” as Shervin Pishevar describes it, which has been geared toward the entrepreneurial spirit, is no longer unique to America, and has since evolved into the “global way.” Competitive zones of innovation are now topping the United States in many sectors, as innovation has become borderless. We are finding that countries are now harvesting their own homegrown talent, which, in doing so, increases the technological footprint of the United States’ entrepreneurial rivals, while decreasing the power, as well as the aura, of Silicon Valley.

Shervin Pishevar also discussed the presence of stateless digital currencies, which are slowly but surely creating a world in which traditional governmental and financial institutions are becoming obsolete. According to Mr. Pishevar, this change is representative of the “once in a 1000 year shift” that is currently underway. The rise of stateless digital currencies seems to represent a positive for proponents of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, which he believes will see a return to prominence over the next several years.

Despite being a huge company and a major player in the dating app world, Tinder still feels the need to attack smaller companies that are doing things similar to them. Even though there are many other companies in the dating app world that have directly copied them, Tinder chose to go after Bumble. They wanted what Bumble has and they didn’t want to stop at anything to get to that point. They made it hard on people who were doing their best and made things worse for everyone who was trying to continue helping people.

Tinder knew that Bumble was going to grow and be really successful. For them, though, it was personal. They didn’t like Whitney Wolfe because she used to work for them. She had a lot of great ideas and actually helped the app grow to where it is now. She knew what she was doing and was successful. It was something the company liked when she worked for them, but they didn’t like it once she left the company and became one of their competitors. They saw her as a threat and that’s what made them want to change things for the people who were in the company.

Read more: Bumble founder feared she’d be blacklisted after Tinder lawsuit

While Whitney Wolfe did everything she could to battle the advances of Tinder, they still pushed her. They were a lot like the men who used their dating app. They didn’t know how to take no for an answer and Whitney Wolfe struggled with them bullying her. Even though she wasn’t ready to give up her company, they wanted her to. They knew it would be great to add to their portfolio. If they could make Bumble part of Tinder, they wouldn’t have to worry about competing against Whitney Wolfe according to Since she was so good, they knew they’d lose if it came to competing against her.

Even though she said no and they still continued pushing to buy the company, they wanted to do something even worse. They decided to accuse her of stealing their ideas. She was the one who came up with most of those ideas and it made it hard for Whitney Wolfe to do things the right way. It also made it hard for people to realize there were things that could change depending on what she did with it. The company saw that Whitney Wolfe as CEO was successful and they wanted to bring her down so they did whatever it took.

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Education is more important than ever before with the increasing competition found in all professions and corners of the world. The leaders of tomorrow will be the students receiving their education today. Class Dojo is a communication platform developed by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don to help provide students a better educational experience. So far, Class Dojo has done an amazing job spreading across schools around the United States and even around the world today. Students in different classrooms around the world using Class Dojo’s app to see videos of each other and ask questions. This helps students see various cultures as well as the various similarities and differences between themselves and students in other parts of the world.

What truly makes Class Dojo unique to the majority of other educational platforms out there is that they are focused on breaking barriers and driving communication forward for students, teachers and especially parents. There is no doubt that a healthy interest from parents helps a students education tremendously, giving them more confidence and determination to succeed. With Class Dojo’s app, even parents with the busiest schedule are able to keep up with their child’s progress in the classroom as well as communicate with their teacher if needed.

In less than a decade, Class Dojo has managed to work their way into nearly all classrooms within the United States in elementary grades, and their influence is growing quickly internationally. Part of their mission to improve education for students is allowing all students and parents to participate in a completely free program. Nearly all devices today can run the Class Dojo app with an internet connection, so all that is required is an invitation from a classroom teacher and to download the app itself. Class Dojo is able to do this through funding and donations from various sponsors that are interested in helping their cause. There are also various extra features that the Class Dojo program offers to help build revenue, but these are not required to benefit from Class Dojo’s main features.

Developing custom foods is easier said than done. These unique items differ, especially when being compared to standard foods. There is a lot of work that goes into these specific items in order to get the desired taste. OSI Group is at the forefront of custom-food solutions. This company has the expertise and the experience to create high-quality foods. Ever since it started as a meat market, this company has always been able to separate itself from the pack. OSI has a make-it-happen mentality, and it has all of the tools for the trade. Test kitchens, culinary-innovation centers and pilot plants is where the magic begins.

One of the greatest attributes of extraordinary company is that it has over 60 facilities worldwide. These facilities are very state-of-the-art, and each one of them has R&D specialists on-deck. Germany, China and the United States are home to these fine facilities. The R&D specialists are highly trained in custom-food creations and are well-educated in global cuisines. What ever a client can think of, OSI Group can probably turn it into a reality. OSI Group’s supply chain is very extensive as it can handle processing, handle distribution, handle management and handle development. Beside the custom foods, check out the standard food below:

• Cookies

• Panini

• Chicken Nuggets

• Bacon Bits

• Tofu

• Chicken Fried Steak

• Desserts

• Pot Roast

• Poultry Products

• Turkey Products

• Beef Patties

• Hotdogs

• And more

Getting the food products from the conceptual stage to the market place is the name of the game. When dealing with OSI Group, clients will receive their products in the shortest amount of time. This doesn’t mean that the actual products are watered-down, it shows just how efficient the company truly is. OSI Group has simply changed the game, and it will continue its dominance in the future.

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It is always very inspiring how Bob Reina is able to rise to the top in whatever he sets his mind to, whether it’s being a police officer, sales, or now being the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion. It always makes people wonder what Bob Reina is up to next and what is up his sleeve. Bob Reina is not one that is going to reveal all of his cards just yet. He likes to keep people guessing and he likes to keep people on their toes. He wants them to know they can do anything they want with their life as well. They just have to bet on themselves.


It is a bet that is going to pay off in so many ways. So often in their lives, people have doubted them and told them to take a safe job. They wanted them to have an easy job with an easy paycheck. After all, they told them it was all about money. Money was the motivating factor behind every single thing they did. They never really stopped and asked themselves if it was making them happy or if it meant anything to them. Did it inspire them? Did it excite them? After all, if they were just doing it to do it, what was the point? Learn more:


That is where people fall in trouble is when they lose sight of themselves and they have allowed other people to tell them what to do and why to do it. No one knows you better than yourself. In most instances, if something smells funny or seems funny, it probably is funny and it probably should be avoided. However, if someone’s gut is screaming for him or her to do something and screaming for them to go after it, they should do it. There is a reason their gut is rumbling as loud as it is. It is because there is something there.


It is the same as when someone’s stomach is telling him or her to eat. They need to eat and in this case, they need to do what is best for their future.

Since 2015, The Chainsmokers, an EDM-crossover pop duo, have been a mainstay on the top music charts. They’ve had 12 singles chart on Billboard’s Hot 100, with their song “Closer” snagging the top spot for twelve weeks. The Chainsmokers are currently in the midst of a three-year residency at the Wynn Nightlife’s Las Vegas nightclubs until 2019. A large part of The Chainsmokers’ success can be ascribed to the duo’s ability to humanize electronic dance music, a genre often devoid of emotion and associated with faceless artists. Even though The Chainsmokers are now one of the biggest EDM/pop acts in the world, member Alex Pall’s career began humbly as hobby DJ around New York City.

Pall was a regular DJ at New York art gallery when he met music manager Adam Alpert. Through Alpert, Pall connected with The Chainsmokers’ other member Andrew Taggart. Pall knew he would be able to work with Taggart after initial conversations. When discussing their first meetings, Pall said, “When we talked, it was mostly about what we liked musically and what we were into growing up. Then it became a chat about how driven and ambitious we were and how badly we wanted this.”

When asked about The Chainsmokers unique decision to sing on their own tracks (a rarity in EDM), Pall explained that even though the duo uses songwriters, they’re always in sessions and always giving input. When describing their songs, Pall said, “They’re about us.” This personal connection to the lyrical content sets the duo apart from their EDM peers, who often enlist the help of today’s top pop stars to add lyrics and sing on tracks. By personalizing EDM music, The Chainsmokers have been able to expand their fan following into an audience of diverse individuals. When asked about whom their audience is, Pall said, “From what I see on social media, it’s becoming more international.” Pall remarked that he’s even caught his mom humming the duo’s single “Roses” around the house.

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